Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix [09/10/2020] - Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC

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I see what you’re saying, it needs to be both/and. I just see so many pieces of gear that desperately need looking at and the list seems to grow faster than they deal with things.

As for Atlas, totally agree. The OPQ system really is their only good legendary (and to me it doesn’t even feel like an Atlas because it lacks the homing mechanic). I do think, however, that they’d achieve more by buffing the manufacturer overall and then taking an individual look at each of their legendaries. If the Carrier, Rebel’s Yell, Linc, Multi-Tap and Ruby’s Wrath felt like satisfying pieces of gear then I’d feel much more comfortable with them adding new ones to beef up the roster. What’s more, they wouldn’t even need to create new guns in order to do it, the work is already halfway there. Nor would we have to wait for the next DLC/event for them to do it, they could do it any time, anywhere. If next week they buffed Atlas as a manufacturer and then each week reworked one Atlas legendary then we’d be in a much better spot in no time.

On a side note, it frustrates me a little that they made the Plumage. That effect could have been given to beef up the Ruby’s Wrath. Instead we have two very similar guns and the Ruby’s Wrath remains in the same spot. If they had given the effect to the Ruby’s Wrath and made the Plumage something new and original then we would have had two different, fun guns to choose from.


Depuis le patch du 10/09, j’ai perdu tout mes DLC… J’ai fais un ticket à Gearbox et 2k pour expliquer que je suis sur Epic Game et j’ai le season pass. Je n’ai jamais eu de problème auparavant sur BD3 mais là, d’un coup je perd tout mes 3 DLc et je ne peux pas jouer au 4eme…
Je ne peux plus utiliser mes loots que j’ai mis du temps à farmer en lvl 60 chaos 10. Il apparaissent en rouge dans mon inventaire avec un écris un message d’erreur : "je dois posséder tel ou tel DLC en fonctionne de là où je l’ai farmé.

DSL sortie il y a maintenant 5 jours et je n’ai reçu aucune réponde… Je suis passé en mode Ignoré… Pfff
Service médiocre
C’est la 1ere et dernière fois avec Gearbox, c’est certain

NB : j’ai déjà laissé mon jeu sur l’écran principale pendant 1h, rien.
J’ai fais “vérifié” sur la page Epic game, rien.
J’ai désinstallé, réinstallé, rien.
Gearbox et 2k font les morts… C’est aussi simple que ça

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Still no news on the DLC-breaking bug in Riding to Ruin? I’m worried Gearbox will never fix this.

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Yeah, hate to say it but don’t get your hopes too high with GBX in fixing things, some of us are still waiting for them to fix the console crash since the games release.


Yep, ps4 here and had 3 blue screen crashes in dlc4 :sob:


I just finished the DLC and I think Galaxy Brain stops you being able to reach Valhalla. The Psychoreaver’s head was creating an invisible wall so that I could not reach the portal without save quitting.

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Here’s hoping that Tomorrow DLC4 gets a dedicated drops buff.

The sad thing is that one of their biggest features is often not used on guns. Secondary fire modes… They should expand them!


And now for all people?

My Spanish knowledge lets me believe that he’s saying that after the DLC4 patch he has lost all his DLC. Something something he submitted a ticket to 2k/Gbx. Something something he can’t even use the gear he has from the previous DLCs because it gives him the message that he needs to have purchased the DLCs in order to use gear from it.
Something Something mediocre service.

Yes, I did take a French class back in middle school about 21 years ago. How could you tell?

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On Ps4, had several crashes whenever I slid into/near the portals in the new dlc. I’m using a snowdrift relic, so it’s quicker than running, but it kept crashing the game, so I stopped doing it during the dlc, mostly.
I’d send a ticket to 2k, but the reply would be reinstall the game and try again, then gather evidence and send it to us, and we might think about doing something, so I’ll not bother.

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UPDATE sans vraiment en être une, suite à mon message un peu plus haut. Nous sommes le 20/09, 10 jours après la sortie du DLC 4. J’ai relancé Gearbox par ticket mais rien… J’ai essayé de les contacté via divers supports, mais ils font les morts. Ils ont pris mon argent avec plaisir quand j’ai payé le season pass et depuis le patch du 10/09, je n’ai plus aucun DLC… C’est un vrai scandale !

Mayhem modifiers are still being reset when using the matchmaking option to team up with people. This issue was supposed to be fixed but unfortunately it ain’t.

Found this out the hard way when I got to the first crystal stage in GTD only to get downed and immediately die (I only run post mortem or the invincibility drone).

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If you search the PC Tech Support section you will find several threads with a similar problem. In some cases, it was a result of playing in off-line having bought the gane through the Epic store - apparently, the Epic launcher blocks the DLC in off-line mode. There were some other causes as well, so you may want to search through that category.

You should have at least received an auto-reply from 2K support with a ticket number; you can reply to that email to ask for an update on your ticket.

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An extra like for you. :+1:

I really appreciate you make the effort to translate and help the French posters. Not the first time I see you do this. You’re doing an excellent job as a mod and don’t hesitate to go beyond the “call of duty”.
So again. Thumbs up.

@Jos-Oz Si tu as des difficulté de traduction. Tu peut m’envoyé un message. Pour les problèmes pc par contre je n’y connais pas grand choses puisque je suis sur PS4.
Bonjours du Québec.

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