Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfix 10/24 Notes + A Roadmap!

So not even going to mention the fact that several of Zane’s skills dont work properly.
also saying things like

while just recently nurfing several good synergy’s on multiple characters.
the much needed bank space is locked behind a DLC.
Adding more mayhem modes but not addressing the fact that TVHM is pointless when there is mayhem.
yes there are several good things in this patch. like, the stability improvements, bug fixes, and the other QOL improvements. but this does not make me want to come back to the game. so over all good patch, it just doesnt make up for massive let down the game, and the other patches/hot fixes have caused.


Yay finally some good hot fixes and acknowledgment of our many concerns for the future. Roadmap looks great! I’m excited to see these new fixes roll out in the coming month or so.


Hi @Noelle_GBX, thx a lot for the patch notes. A lot of great QoL changes are coming, I see. I just have a quick question about moze. Is the change in behavior of some grenades and their synergy with vampire/grenade regen intentional? I see nothing about it mentioned in the patch notes.
Thx again!


bank space locked behind DLC ? ahhhh maliwan takedown is a free DLC dude


I really appreciate the communication. Not alot games I previously invested into are this willing to talk. That being said in regards to the mayhem revamp will it address the issue and limitations that most multipliers bring to the table. It can make synergies and builds useless and encourages save quitting until you gets multipliers that make your build just as proportionally broken as it was useless.


A lot of action skills for amara are not working properly, hurting the gameplay variety. Nothing new regarding this issue?

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Is it me?I mean haven’t tested the PC version yet but seems on XBX the stutters are gone.
Can anyone confirm?Edit: I think it has improved but not sure lol.

Any way glad to see a road map,thank you…

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To be more clear-- Bank space will be separate from Maliwan Takedown, just part of the same patch. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it make sense that the ones they haven’t put out are the ones they haven’t figured out yet? They’ve been pushing out stability fixes this whole time they’re obviously not ignoring it, when they fix it they push it out, simple.

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So did they just lowkey completely avoid putting anything about Moze’s nade build right now? Are they that afraid of the controversy this will cause or is this actually unintentional? Either way doesn’t look good, but it would be nice to get confirmation.


Really really really appreciate the road map!
Thank you!

Could we please also get some idea of where the team is planning on adjusting the vault hunters moving forward (re: buffs, nerfs, reworks)?
Thank you again!

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Is Vertical Split Screen on the priority list somewhere? I’m looking forward to see what various split screen UI fixes were made and to see if they’ve had any effect on the readability of the text.


Thank you so much, that is what we needed, a clear roadmap as to where we are and where we are going. this game is amazing but has quite a few bugs and issues and by keeping the info flowing, hopefully it will keep most people positive. I just please need an Xbox One X fix that keeps my Xbox from powering down all the time while playing. I paid a lot of money for this and I hope and pray it does not break my machine from these


It appears the changes for Moze’s nade use (with her kit) didn’t make it into the patch notes. Is it a bug or intentional changes to her kit?


Love it!

That elusive 48th skill point will soon be mine. I’ve been waiting so long for it…I shall be stronger.


Behind free DLC, which is what the Maliwan Takedown is (unless I’m mistaken). Or in the accompanying compatibility patch which will no doubt contain other updates (Borderlands 2 did this to lock a few Hotfixes in with Gaige, Krieg and Season Pass campaign compatability patches I believe to not break multiplayer for people without DLC)

What is nerfed, can be buffed. Otherwise the Flakker wouldn’t have been brought from 5 ammo per shot to 1 per shot.

I believe that is part of what is being monitored by this event, see if the drop is too much at 3 or not so they can try to balance mayhem 4 right first time.

For the people asking about unlisted things, patch notes have been updated after posting before, or may not have made it into this particular wave and could appear in the following one.


@Noelle_GBX There’s going to be a lot of crying from Moze Xbox users soon. I’ll bring it up now.

Apparently the Xbox users have been able to play with the patch early. They’ve noticed that Moze’s grenade regeneration has changed, it no longer procs with Hex’s and a few others which brings up the theory that they no longer count as splash damage. Was this on purpose or is it an error?


Honestly thank you guys for all the hard work and for listening to the community. Increasing Bank space, dedicated drops, test dummy etc. are all excellent changes and will dramatically improve the gameplay experience in every imaginable way. I can’t wait!


Re: Moze’s grenades - Looking into this right now.