Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfix Notes [03/26/20]

No, I mainly play Amara and sometimes Zane. The crashes only happen when I’m fighting enemies. It seems to be whenever there is a lot of loot on the ground. Both Epic and Steam versions are crashing.

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Apparently the Skullmasher sniper is bugged to only appear in white/ portal chests when it should be a world drop in the new DLC. Seen it in a vid on youtube. Can anyone from Gearbox confirm if its is bugged?

I got mine from chest and it was the only one time it droped for me. All other world drops drop like crazy, so looks like bug.

Yeah, I literally found one in the first portal chest after I posted that hahaa Would like Gearbox to confirm if it is chest only though. But thanks for the reply.

I don’t know what you people thought you were fixing with this patch, but it broke other things in the process, to a level that nothing really seems fixed, and everything is arguably worse:

  • My client had never crashed even once (around 120h played time now --Steam version, PC) before this patch, now I’ve had multiple crashes in various situations.

  • The slideshow long load-in to new zones and some cutscenes (again, seemingly random) is manifestly worse now. Texture “pop-in” even on low settings is also worse and more frequent.

  • Random hiccups, micro-stutters, and not-so-micro-stutters are worse and more frequent

  • The “Kill KillaVolt” quest-objective named NPCs that you have to kill to progress the quest simply won’t spawn. At all. Even after multiple hard-restarts of the client.

  • No, I’m not playing on a beast-rig (well, by current-year standards, at least), but it’s not a potato, either. A bit aged, but above minimums/within specs, and as far as I know the hardware is sound.

Seriously, I’m ■■■■■■■ sick of this typical overpriced AAA ■■■■, is this even going to be acknowledged, or do I just give up on this increasingly broken turd that GBx has shat out, and just go back to BL2?

Oh wait: I can’t do really that either, even after 2400+ hours in that game, because you broke that too with your utterly disgusting forced-in adware invasion, and we all seem to be having a lot of the same problems with a now almost 10-year-old game, that yes, could run on what would be a potato today, and did so more-or-less just fine until recently.

So done with this…


You’re not alone on the crashing. Lots of people (myself included) across all platforms have been having the same issues since the latest patch and DLC were added:

PC: New patch causes major crashing
XBOX: Massive amount of crashes
PS4: Post 03/26/2020 Update Crashing Master Thread

I hope they have a patch ready soon.


“We’re aware of it”
“We’re looking into it”
“Submit trouble ticket”

wash, rinse, repeat


And if you report it they mark it as solved. WTF!

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That’s just 2K support ticket system short hand for “It’s with GBX and there’s nothing further the support desk can do to help you”. Which is true - this isn’t a support desk issue because there is no work-around or trouble-shooting steps that can change the situation.

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Dear forum members who own and have completed DLC2,

In case you missed it the DLC contains BL3’s first BL2 style raid boss! …

Emmm. I have another complaint.Eista doesn’t have BL2 ’s invincible boss mechanism like invincible boss in BL2 .Such as Gee ’s invincible shield, big sandworm will drill into the ground, and Hayboris ’s four guards provide the invincible shield. Wizard provide shields for hunting. If the wizard dies, the hunter will enter a state of rage. Or the fake invincibility caused by the four dragons flying in the sky (because you can hardly hit them).
He just has a lot of shields, armor and health. Of course, this is also the case for some BL2 invincible bosses. I just hope that the invincible boss can be better and more interesting.

He didn’t seem to be challenging. The attack is easy to evade, the movement speed is slow, and there does not seem to be a special drop, leaving me without motivation to kill him repeatedly.

Not that he’s a complete cake walk, but it feels like an “invincible” (in the raid sense) boss in name only.

He’s not quite a Pyro Pete the Invincible at first try (M1), but PPtI didn’t have an immunity phase (and I don’t think he was the only Invincible to lack one) so I’ll give him a pass.

Am I going crazy, or does the damage on the oldridian weapon card change over time?

For example, one of them will list 110% extra weapon damage, ,then later it will list 58%. I check to make sure the hotfixes are applied (other changes seem to be incorporated)). Are these like the Night Hawkin, where the weapon changes according to the time of day? Or is there a bug or something else going on?

I’ll find one with 1400 damage, then later when I check it in the vault, it’s only sporting 800 damage or so. Seems very odd. .

Just guessing here, but it may have something to do with the last element it was using (each reload changes the element). Just a guess though…
I do love this gun, at least on my Crit FL4K. Has done very well, even in M4.

I could understand if that just changed the amount of damage it did. For example, if it’s shock, shooting the Jack dummy would do less damage. But the item card damage listed should not be changing.

I’m starting the game and making sure the hotfix is applied before jumping in and looking at the gun.

Hm, I don’t get it. It’s almost as if the hotfix doesn’t get applied unless I log in with the weapon in my inventory.

Here’s what it looked like when I first logged in and pulled it from my vault:

Same weapon after I logged back in with it in my inventory:

Hotfix was enabled both times. Nothing else changed that I can think of. So weird.

+32% weapon damage jumps to +98% between being in the vault and being in your inventory? Anything else changing like that? Does it do it if you turn of Mayhem and Guardian Ranks? Maybe the boost from the hotfix isn’t being applied to items in the vault when you load into a session? So many questions, so few answers… going to do a little poking around here.

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The Oldiridian got a day one hotfix buff, that’s what it must’ve been. I know I’ve had hotfixes not apply a couple of times when I was sure they should’ve.

e:Did you make sure the hotfix was applied with another patched weapon? There’ve been other guns that don’t behave right even with the hotfix 100% certainly applied (like the Faisor losing its buff)

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Just did a quick check on a bunch of Oldridians, a Soulrender, and some Anarchies. Everything matched up both in the vault and in my backpack. So I’m going to assume some weird caching or transitory error? (Tested on XB1)

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