Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes [10/03/2019]

Today we’ll release both a patch and a hotfix for Borderlands 3 on all platforms by or before 3:00 PM PDT, with the patch addressing a number of reported concerns and the hotfix focusing on player character balance changes and tuning of some enemies and bosses.

First up are the patch notes:


Addressed a reported issue where an infinite loop could occur when hitting the Guardian Rank experience ceiling

General Fixes and Improvements

  • The Hollow Point Guardian Rank skill no longer damages yourself or allies
  • Hollow Point Guardian Rank skill has been re-enabled
  • Addressed a reported issue where some players were unable to unlock the Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement on Xbox
  • Addressed a reported issue where mouse functionality may have been lost when hot joining a friend’s session on PC
  • Addressed a reported issue where some players’ inventory would not be saved in their bank

This week’s Borderlands 3 hotfixes, which will be live on all platforms by or before 3:00 PM PDT today, contain some player character balance changes and address some player reported concerns regarding enemy behavior.

Our goal is to make sure all three Action Skills for each Vault Hunter are viable, but we have noticed some skills have been outperforming others. To encourage more build diversity, we made some adjustments to FL4K and Moze this week.

We also looked at a few boss fights and made balance changes to make their combats more enjoyable. Finally, we went over some enemy behaviors that could have affected mission progression and adjusted some attacks to happen with more frequency.

Vault Hunter Adjustments


Rakk Attack! is great for constant damage output, especially when paired with Anointed gear. The base skill still seems to be lacking, so Rakk Attack! now has a guaranteed status effect on any enemy that it damages. Leave No Trace was returning much more ammo than intended, and we have added a re-trigger delay to keep its ammo return within expectation. Barbaric Yawp has an increased bonus, as we didn’t feel that the amount of investment had an equal payoff. In addition, we felt that FL4K’s pets were demanding too much attention, which was interfering with players trying to stand still for any length of time, so we disabled the ability for them to move you around.

  • Rakk Attack! status effect chance as been increased to 100%
  • Leave No Trace now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds
  • Barbaric Yawp stat bonus increased by 100%
  • Pets no longer push around player characters
  • “Touch Pet” prompt is now a lower priority and should no longer interfere with looting or vending machines


Infinite Grenades is not an intentional build for Moze—even if it is hilarious. To lower the power (and spam) of this build, a re-trigger delay has been added to the grenade portion of Means of Destruction.

  • Means of Destruction now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Adjusted the balance of Gigamind, Katagawa Ball, and Billy the Anointed
    • These three boss fights had concerns with their health and shields that made their combat loops more difficult than we intended. Gigamind had a little too much health, so that was reduced slightly. Katagawa Ball will no longer regenerate its shields; we found that while players contended with the adds during the fight, it would unfairly regenerate its shield, negating the players’ progress. Finally, Billy had 25% of his health removed; we agree that this fight often dragged on needlessly. We will be monitoring each of these bosses and may make further adjustments in the future.
  • Bloated Rakks no longer spawn so many Rakklesnakes
    • This change should make the Cistern of Slaughter in particular much more fun.
  • Adjusted the cooldown values when they are displayed for Zane’s skills
  • Amara’s Glamour will now turn enemies on each other, as described in the Action Skill.
  • Modified the loot spawn for Sera of Supremacy
  • Spiderant Emperors occasionally wouldn’t drill back out of the ground, which created a potential progression blocker in the Proving Ground of Survival; we have adjusted this and the issue has been addressed
  • Resolved an issue that could have prevented enemies from spawning while in Devil’s Razor
  • Lavender Crawly’s physics were adjusted to prevent them exiting the world like a popped balloon
  • Further safe guarded Apollo from being launched out of world as well
  • The Rampager will no longer enter an idle at state at inappropriate times
  • Saurain Slingers attacks were addressed
  • Guardians now use all their attacks in Playthrough 2
  • Guardian Wraiths now reliably use all their ranged attacks
  • NPCs in the Slaughter maps were reported to sometimes attempt to automatically revive players in the arena. Going forward they will no longer attempt to revive players
  • Minimized the glow effect when opening Eridian ammo chests, can more easily see the ammo inside when opened

Thanks guys glad you, are listening to the community and really working hard for the games longevity


no buffs to the pets or iron bear :frowning:


I think they need to do some more testing for the iron bear instead of just buffing it. Pets they got a buff atleast rakks did


Still having problems with split screen when playing with my kids any idea on when this will get fixed


please let us skip the dialogue and cutscenes, playing this game the second time is straight up torture


let me rephrase it, Fl4k’s permanent pets and Iron Bear remain utterly useless.


It’s probably been mentioned but on PC the FPS limit setting has to be reapplied each time the game starts up.


Thanks for the continued hard work ont this awesome game.


I understand the problem but rather testing then another Fl4k ability be busted as hell. And yeah iron bear does need a buff but in the right way. No one likes playing with a disgustingly overpowered character


I agree, Moze is def far worse then Fl4kk, they both need a hard pass and zanes drone and clone need love too still hopefully this update is the preamble to the big patch that buffs what needs buffs seems like this patch today is to nerf the rest of the OP stuff so that it can be on an even playing field prior.


rip moze :frowning:



Any sign of LAN coming to console? My wife and I have a copy each, PS+ each, and a network connection that does not allow us to host/join each other. Feeling pretty crummy having spent so much money on the game having seen LAN available in promo/leak pictures only to find out that LAN is PC only.


Will a time line for future large patches and fixes be available soon as you had mentioned in the past?


So Zane is still garbage, iron bear is still trash, FL4K pet build is dead on arrival…AND NO PERFORMANCE ISSUES OR EMPTY BANK BUG MENTIONED!!! Damn Gearbox, I get it when mofos like Bungie do this, but you are the chosen ones, those who can deliver THE looter-shooter. I don’t understand how couldn’t you persuade suits at board to give you more time for polishing.


We’ve heard the feedback and are looking into it.


I’m excited to finally get the completion on Xbox. Been waiting for that patchnote since the 16th of September.


What about the missing items in the bank. All the pre - ordered and VIP stuffs were gone. I opened 2 tickets for it they said need to wait to fix it. I just want my VIP weapons and packs back.


Good to see some stuff being added today.

10 days until Day 30. Hopefully we have a beefy performance / optimization patch ready to go as well as some goodies for Moze’s bear and Zane.

Crit FL4K still feels powerful to me as of last night, haven’t been having issues shredding and collecting legendaries aplenty.

Now if you guys could Hotfix me a “The Flood” with 2 Bullet Regen and 2 Ricochet on Crit, that’d be great :wink:

Keep it up Gearbox.

P.S. Stuff is still coming guys, remember we have a Day 30ish patch still so just be patient a little longer.


I know they’re working on it! That has a bunch of moving parts and has to go through a bunch of testing, etc, before we can put that patch out.