Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes [10/03/2019]

I’m excited to finally get the completion on Xbox. Been waiting for that patchnote since the 16th of September.


What about the missing items in the bank. All the pre - ordered and VIP stuffs were gone. I opened 2 tickets for it they said need to wait to fix it. I just want my VIP weapons and packs back.


Good to see some stuff being added today.

10 days until Day 30. Hopefully we have a beefy performance / optimization patch ready to go as well as some goodies for Moze’s bear and Zane.

Crit FL4K still feels powerful to me as of last night, haven’t been having issues shredding and collecting legendaries aplenty.

Now if you guys could Hotfix me a “The Flood” with 2 Bullet Regen and 2 Ricochet on Crit, that’d be great :wink:

Keep it up Gearbox.

P.S. Stuff is still coming guys, remember we have a Day 30ish patch still so just be patient a little longer.


I know they’re working on it! That has a bunch of moving parts and has to go through a bunch of testing, etc, before we can put that patch out.


I have the same issue :cry:

Zane’s drone and clone did receive some buffs in the last micropatch.


everytime you make a new character u get the vip stuff in the mail, could just power level a new one to 50 claim them and store them. If you join a already level 50 players game xp should go quickly?

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When you can eject out of the iron bear it draws aggro so it isn’t completely useless but damage wise, yea it’s garbage


nah the jabber is dope esp when he gets a smg and rocket launcher. i destroy with him even without the pet attack skill having anything added


day 30…I wish it was release date so we could get a polished AAA game of a generation. But nope I guess developers were pushed and released what they had - an awesome game untested on every level.


So you nerf Moze when her action skill is still completely useless … and you CONTINUE to backpedal Zane to where he was before you NERFED him before release for some reason… really questioning the competence of the balance team not gonna lie.


I switched to the shotgun/melee one and its even better IMO

Yeah im keeping up with the news trust me I want to love the heck out of this title so badly the buffs were nice but still need to be adjusted for mayhems levels, he def isn’t as bad as he was but still isn’t there yet. The minute I can get into mozes mech and feel like its consistent from normal to mayhem 3 you got me back neckbearding this game.


Nothing about the Legendary class mod rate?
Spending a lot of time farming Katagawa, but the drop rate seems very low, in fact I got more legendary class mods frrom the chest in the room after beating Katagawa than from killing Katagawa himself.


Leave no trace seems kinda dead now, i understand the change but 2 seconds feels huge
when used with the invisibility it could make your magazine lasts very long almost even infinite.
having 36%chance to get 1 ammo back every 2 seconds (at best) seems impactless


First of all, thanks for the fixes.

But if it continues at this pace, we will not be done fixing by year 2021.
Performance/optimization issues are a major concern. Skills are still buggy, same goes for interactions with weapons/gear. You fixed the black hole bank problem, thanks :smiley:
edit: no u didnt fix the bank issue…
We see nerfs and miniscule buffs that won’t make Fl4ks pets or Moze Iron Bear any better.
Zane still needs some love, Amaras skills are quite buggy (well so are Zanes I guess).

In context of everything that’s not working well, these patchnotes are very short tbh.
So my question is @Noelle_GBX, is this just part 1 of this weeks patchnotes?


tbh ive never tried that pet variation I like the master tree because of course id pick the broken bit, but im very fond of the pet in that tree.

Just remember Mechomancer and promises on making her Ultimate mode viable…after all those years she is still trash. They got the money and get even more, because we are the minority who see these issues: useless chars, bad performance everyone else are okay with it.


This does indeed work for the pre-order and deluxe editions items. But, unfortunately, not for the VIP Items. I’ve lost the three purple weapons bought with points, the signing up rewards (shield and grenade mod) and de COV Rocket Launcher of the early adapter pack.

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