Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes [10/03/2019]

Nice. Just before I saw the patch was ready for download, returning from a little farming run from Skywell, I found out, that the game decided to erase my bank full of legendary weapons, artifacts and classmods into oblivion… Great job! The third iteration of a looter shooter, that always had severe issues regarding the amount of space to store items, but this time it was made special, because you can’t even use the offered bank space. I guess, it’s already time to uninstall the game from my Xbox and return to Warframe, BS like this in a AAA game rushed out too early without proper QA is simply unbearable…


I think a large majority of the playerbase is crutching on op builds right now.

You ain’t kidding. Last night it happened five times in a row when we were trying to farm a boss. I finally gave up and sat at home til they went to another location. Crazy thing is it’s happened to me solo. I was looking through challenges. Even after all the suggestions given (turn off friend notifications - which I thought were fun) and even put a fan right on my XBox just because… I really want to play with my friends.

I will also try something else. Im thinking of an hybrid pet gamma build with tons of regen. less dps but more survivability, could help with M3 mobbing.

I was going to try something similar with master stalker hybrid or hunter master. I mean theres no raids to do so we’re not at min maxing time of the game anyways

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Seems to have fixed this issue I was having

I always assume that at character creation your character gets a secret roll behind the scenes of the guardian ranks

Why do I believe this

Well on bl2 I have 12 characters in total some the exact same character yet they played very differently with the same set up … So something in the back ground must be making them different

Now imagine on one character you got a high percentage of luck you’re going to see legendaries drop a lot and on one with a low luck percentage not many

Now on B2 I always used the same character to fame legendaries, because that character seem to have better luck, in fact I had one character that was op aim was steady and did more damage than the other build I had runinning the same gear (I duped my gear) but that poor fella never earned a legendary in all the time i played him

Rescan the one in Sanctuary and it will pop.

Excatly my mind set, we are at begining of many great things and challenges to come. Lets just have fun with the game. Keep me posted if you find something that works for you.

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Well, they are planning raids. They obviously do not want you to clear that solo in 5 seconds while casuals in co op need 30 min.

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Crutching? LOL

Moze requires these “OP builds” to compensate for the fact that her action skill might as well not exist in end game. I get a chuckle matchmaking TVHM/MH CoS or Proving Grounds and getting paired up with Moze players who still think they can use Iron Bear, only for them to rage quit when IB gets two shot by a Badass Corrupted Rakk in the Cistern of Slaughter.

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So any word on making the UI text bigger on consoles? I’m not talking about dialogue/CC I mean text for EVERYTHING else. It’s a pain in the ass to try read cause it’s so damn tiny.

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Literally nobody is ignoring the nerf. I’d go as far to say as people are focusing on the nerf to the exclusion of all else, and are exaggerating about its impact before it’s even live.

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It’s disappointing that you keep nerfing stuff without any kind of fixes for other issues. Fl4k’s pets need help in Mayhem, Moze’s Iron Bear needs help in Mayhem.

Ah well, I’ll be over on Destiny 2 until you get this all sorted out. (If that ever happens, anyway)

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I will. I just hope LNT is on none of my fl4k mods lol.

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Ponyo opens all kinds of doors, even irl.
Perception & common sense are somewhat subjective things tho. Of course I get what you’re saying and yes, for example Fl4ks ability to generate ammo was extreme with certain builds. But now Leave No Trace lost alot of value if you don’t use very slow firing weapons with a high pellet count. Didn’t add much diversity in my opinion. 3 Skillpoints to get one free bullet every 2 seconds, my perception & common sense tells me “well that’s pretty darn weak”. And if this is an acceptable nerf by gearbox perception & common sense, I’m getting kinda worried. That’s all.

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Give the community an ETA on an update to address the performance issues. The approach you’re taking to address the situation is brutal.


??? I never said they are ignoring the nerf, I’m saying they shouldn’t- which, well, they aren’t.

I mean, unless it works completely differently from what is suggested in the patch notes it is basically terrible now. Instead of complaining about people complaining, I think it would be more helpful if you were to explain why the skill is still good/viable.

This… Exactly this. The only reason I can pump out any damage anymore is because of Leave No Trace. The uptime on Fade Away is so low now that I could get maybe a single clip off of anything that has a slow reload time. This skill made it so I wasn’t forced to just use my fast reload speed/small clip to get the most out of my fade away. I solo’d Tyreen last night on normal Mayhem 3 and with the nasty modifiers you almost always get, -50% gun damage for example, only because of this skill. Had this nerf been pushed out yesterday it never would have happened, and since none of his other Action Skills are worth a flip right now… Not much we can do about it except hope for some FL4K buffs soon…

It’s definitely a rough time to be a FL4K main.


I use moze in tvhm mayhem 2 at the minute playing solo, and all IB is good for is to help regenerate your shields …

To be honest though I was never a player to invest heavily into my skill, much prefer to take more passives to make my character better, this time round I’m specced into infinite ammo and shields , and have artifacts that boost damage longer I go with out reloading, I don’t use anointed weapons cos I’m not using IB … Except maybe to fall back into cover and have it restart my shields