Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes [10/03/2019]

Still no fix for the Phasezerker mod exploit? It would be much more balanced if the mod’s effect only triggers once the Action Skill’s cooldown is triggered to prevent people from abusing this loophole with fake-grasping to build stacks.

@Noelle_GBX , I play Borderlands 3 with friends on Xbox live and we have multiple level 50s. We are at the phase where we are farming bosses for loot to support end game builds. When we try to join each others game after we have saved and quit we run into issues with either the game crashing or our Xbox One Xs crashing entirely. I have a buddy that traded in his Xbox One for an Xbox One X even though another console generation is around the corner just for this game. All of my friends and I with Xbox One Xs suffer from frame rate drops when we play Borderlands 3. I beg you, please tell the right people at Gearbox to hold off on balancing hotfixes and focus exclusively on the performance issues that plague this game. We are die-hard Borderlands fans that have played every game and we really don’t want this game to turn into another Anthem. Please.


Well, it certainly not MOST USELESS while levelling up. On lvl 50 M3 I can imagine it being ■■■■ (Still have to get her there, myself).

They stated, that the 2 sec cooldown only counts for the grenade part.
But seeing how Leave No Trace has a 2 sec. cooldown… who knows.

edit… and of course it also affects the ammo part of the skill… god damnit gearbox

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What about weapons randomly changing damage any one else notice this?

Uh-huh, completely not broken %-)

Does this just imply that return of ammo has a 2 second delay or the skill trigger itself?

Well now i have to play the game again to lvl up a new character since they nerf flak so much,
that he will be useless. You nerfed the gun, which was good without leave no trace and
now you nerf leave no trace, so that every replacement gun is useless because we need to reload
after 2 seconds and so we are only to able to use one small magazine for the action skill because the rest of the action skill time is used for reloading

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Well I just meant in terms of she can use her action skills and they are mostly viable and whatnot im sure she has her own issues.

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It implies, that there is a cooldown of 2 seconds between the first trigger where you get 1 ammo back and a second trigger. Which will probably result in getting 1 ammo back every 2-3 seconds depending on your weapon of choice.

Yea it loses all effectiveness in the 40’s and only gets worse as you increase Mayhem levels… sad really considering this was supposed to be Moze’s whole entire thing as a character. LOL

Re-read it, and you’re right. Hope it’s stays true in-game %-)

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Most are probably due to the game connecting and disconnecting to no fault of your own aka hotfixes being applied and unapplied etc. Or if you are talking about the Nighthawkin it is designed to do that every time you load I believe.

Can we please stop nerfing the crit build already?

I don’t even run GITM because it started to bore me, but I always make sure I can quickly switch to it because running into several Anointed enemies in TVHM M3 is ruining the fun in this game otherwise.

All this change did was making melting bosses slightly harder while making a much bigger impact on mobbing with Fl4k, which is generally 10x harder than fighting any boss in the game.

I still appreciate the continuous support from Gearbox and the attempts to balance the game out.


I find all those adjustments appropriate and not too harsh on the nerf side. The Rakks now applying a DoT will help for sure, especially on flesh enemies. If it is enough has to be seen. Good stuff. Means of Destruction having a slight buffer time should definitely help with the spam without making it completely useless or even weak. It will still be a pretty good skill. Barbaric Yawp is still not great, but maybe it will at least be alright now, especially coupled with the health regen of the Spiderants and the damage from the Jabbers. How about adding pet damage to it to make it more attractive? 10% per point would make it a pretty good boost for the pets. And it would help making the pets just overall better.

One question though: Have you guys looked at Zane and his various bugs and inconsistencies?

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They’re literally buffing FL4K. These kinds of reactions make me think some people don’t actually care about the work Gearbox are doing here.


Pumpkins soon?

you are not alone and it’s starting to get depressing tbh

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BTW do you see nerf more important that fix a time restricted event that do not work currently ? that the fix is probably as simple as change the drop % is one number

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