Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes [10/03/2019]

Nice to see FL4K’s Rakks getting some love. Going to have to try a build with those soon–haven’t touched them since lvl 10-ish. But it’s funny to see people complaining about more nerfs to FL4K’s still top-tier Fade Away build. Meanwhile I’m over here with the “Rad Dad” Gamma Burst FL4K build with insane elemental dmg buffs to Radiation, a good Red Suit shield, high crit dmg, and a pet that never dies and constantly draws aggro….they just don’t know.

But Moze, man…still that useless Iron Bear that does pitiful dmg and dies in 3 seconds. :roll_eyes:

They said the bank was fixed

The bank bug has been fixed as outlined in the notes.

There is still the Day 30 patch that they’ve been talking about since before release. Day 30 is on the 13th of October, chances are this is when we’re going to get the huge influx of performance / optimization issues as well as some other stuff I’m sure.


Any news on a fix for the lag in menus while in local coop? It makes the game almost unplayable with 2 people.


Can we also get a fix to FL4K’s psycho head on a stick perk not showing up/working? Fantastic game so far! Really loving it :+1:

It wasnt really top tier at the beginning. Definitely wasn’t after the first nerf. And after the 2nd nerd is guaranteed a third place slot

Love how they immediately block any negative comment to their nonsense. I’m out and never buying another gearbox product.

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So basically in a PVE game just keep piling on the needs like their are so many issues with the game itself let’s just nerf all the classes as one big send off. Like you know what next patch make ever class do one damage. Noone uses rakk attack or gamma skill so my big thing zero in bl3 had almost the same skill as fade away actually it did more % than fl4k and he gets nerfed. Keep the builds tbh. Just give us something like op levels where they are over powered and we have to make the set ups with what we got.vim honestly tired of going every Friday and having to throw stuff together to make a good build to keep up with all the nerfs (my opinion) could careless what others have to say. But the game itself should be fixed before the classes and guns should even be thought of. Rant over

How you feel about the patch is definitely something that constitutes as feedback. Throwing random insults at one another for differing opinions, and calling the developers 4 letter words is neither helpful nor really necessary.

It is also against forum rules.

Listen guys.

To make the old restaurant parallel. If you ordered a nice beef wellington, and you like your meal, give your compliments to the chef. If you do not like the meal perhaps speak to the maître d.

Slathering yourself in Worcestershire sauce and charging the kitchen while screaming obscenities, or slapping the food out of everyone’s mouth who may not be enjoying the meal as much as you are, isn’t so much a way to admonish or support a restaurant as it is a method to end up in the drunk tank with an Alcohol Blood Content of 0.0%.

No more ad hominem.


Man these patch threads are saltier than the Dead Sea, huh.

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Theres a difference between approval, destructive criticism, and constructive criticism. It is ok to point out flaws or disapproval if you’re not bashing the person or group you’re talking to.

Get an xb1

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, the update wiped my bank. Until now I didn’t get hit by that bug, but it seems that updating the game clears the user profile. Well, off to farming I go again, it’s not that I would do that anyway -.-

Stuff being nerfed around cheats just like bl2 was. People see videos of fl4k killing graveward in 3 secs but do not realize that player has every skill in all 3 trees and maxed guardian points. Fl4k not even that powerful amera and moze can easily clear m3 slaughter shaft in multiple specs, go try it on fl4k even before the nerfs in any spec.


I’m glad to see action being taken against people that just come in here heated without fully understanding the patch and it’s effects. Especially when they can search most of their questions regarding if X has been answered yet or if devs are “paying attention to just sitting on their asses counting their money”

The last few Hotfix threads have been a wasteland, much like Pandora and scrolling through them has been a pain to get to actual content. Sure, I myself get into “heated” arguments, but at least they’re civil and without obscenities.


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Ok i hope it works. Took too long. But i dont get it, why there is no good game at the release and the developers intenionally work with day one or day 30 patches. They should make a good product.

You cant sell a car without windscreen or just with 3 wheels and telling you get it next day or in 30 day. No game is perfect. But this is too much

Approval: FL4K’s changes are good.

Disapproval: FL4K’s changes are bad.

Constructive Criticism: “Hey, you should do something about Iron Bear’s low health and dmg in TVHM. It’s just not viable and the only action skill in the game that you’re better off NOT using.”

Destructive Criticism: “Iron Bear SSUUUUUXXXXX!! jUst lik Geuuurbox, am i riTe???! Tehy just want 2 kill are fun and nerf alll the things cuz they can’t maek a gud game. lawl!”


Just to clarify. No action has been taken against any user who didn’t specifically insult other people. However critical they are of the patch, we welcome the feedback. That is why this forum runs.

BL2 had patches with balancing and drops several years after the last DLC. The team listen to feedback and avidly, and saying what you don’t like is valuable.

It is just when people decide that theirs is the only voice that should be heard where we run in to issues.

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Yup easiest way to describe it