Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes [10/03/2019]

Cant you wait with the nerfing until you FIX the issues with this game? Nerfing a broken piece will NOT help this game last 7 years like BL2.

The game is already lacking. Esp the inventory and the performance SHOULD BE FIXED.

Do you really think that new legendaries are interesting IF YOU CAN NOT STORE THEM?!

We dont even talk about the story issue… just fix the inventory slots, performance AND MAKE CUTSCENES SKIPPABLE! i dont even want to play a second character, since i have to sit through 6-10 hours of boring unskippable cutscenes and NPC talk.

fix the softlock for pressing e to talk to NPC - when they are doing something you can not interact with them (i.e. idle talk or mission talk)

Buff THE BAD SKILLS first and then nerf the overpowered skills. taking away without giving just sucks. iron bear is a joke and you make us grind more by reducing the high end builds? Same for Pets…

oh and remove the allegiance mail spam once you reached level 5. i get hundreds of useless guns just from playing and have to LOOK through all of them since there could be a important MISSION gun inbetween which i can not filter out.

and please fix the map and challenge issues.



The nerfs ARE part of fixing the issues with this game…

Lmao if the 2 second trigger delay for Means of Destruction is preventing you from playing Moze maybe this isn’t the game for you?? The ‘nerf’ that you’re complaining about basically has no impact on grenade spam.

A lot of it comes from the publisher and their demands to get a game out by a certain timeline.

Think of it this way:

Your Dad asks you to take out the trash and you tell him that you’ll get it out the door by 6PM tonight.

He agrees and walks off to do whatever Dads do.

You’re gaming and enjoying your free time, but you have to fulfill that commitment to take the trash out, however your friends want you to jump onto Modern Warfare for some games and your need to call your girlfriend at the same time.

To fulfill the promise to your Dad, you postpone things for a few moments and while it leads to disappointment, you hope you can move on from it sooner rather than later.

Now this is a wildly unrelated example but it still fits the niche.

Gearbox told their publisher 2K that things would be good to go by Sep 13th. They get all the things they CAN finish fixed up and polished before release. Any other bugs / balancing, etc gets fixed up afterwards. Sadly when it comes to companies you can’t just ask for “more time” things work differently in business and especially in today’s culture of entitlement and raging disappointment you don’t want to upset the majority of your consumers.

Sure the optimization, bugs have been extremely horrible. But they’re actively working on them and making what changes they can before the big ole hurking patch that’s gonna drop soon with all the goodies. How optimization, etc was scuffed is anyones guess. It’s not a “Well they didn’t test this.” sort of deal either considering there are SO many configurations for Hardware for PCs. Consoles it’s a little easier but everything and I mean EVERYTHING change wise needs to be approved by Sony and Xbox’s certification system before it can go out. Hence, you see developers pushing out patches for consoles in bigger chunks and farther spaced apart as opposed to hotfixes that are easily just dropped and good to go.

With live service games such as what Borderlands has more or less become it’s a bit easier to push out hotfixes and get certifications passed.


Oh of course, I should’ve clarified that I didn’t mean action in terms of swinging banhammers, etc. But removing posts, etc and moving them to your secret hidden topics where all the bad stuff goes >_>

Extreme criticism is good, but it just needs to be done better than handing out F-Bombs all over the place.


Not sure what you mean. Things were nerfed in BL2 also yet you’re still playing BL3. Seems like a nonissue outside of complaining just to complain.


I’m sure my favorite hunter com got wrecked by having leave no trace. I got lucky thank God

How come you guys don’t test your games more thoroughly? You have nerfed A LOT of skills for a new game.

I’m angry because you are constantly ruining builds and BECAUSE OF THE REDICULOUSLY SMALL STORAGE. This would be a lot less of an issue if the vault could hold more than 50 items. A looter shooter with 90 item storage? Give me a break here. Use pages for every item type. 50 of each item 50 grenades, 50 smg you get the idea. I can’t believe storage of a looter shooter was released in such a bad state. This is priority #1


The moze nerf does not change the over performing spammable grenades , while hitting all other types of grenades.

Grenades like Storm front and Hex will still generate more grenades than they consume. While other grenades will run out infinitely faster than before. You need to hit the continuous splash damage proc chance not add a cool down.

So far they haven’t taken community ideas to fix broken skills. At least not this community. For those controversial builds anyways

I mean people just need to bring it in for some bear hugs, is the game kind of a hot mess balance wise…yes, does the game have a lot of bugs…yes do I give the most amazing all encompassing hugs……yes.

Bring it in ppl.


Things like balancing are always going to be done in a game, even one such as this. For a game like this it’s about longevity and making things last until new content gets released (at least that’s what I think the mindset is right now)

If you’re a company that’s pushing out a new soft drink and you only have your employees taste it before release as opposed to getting a panel of people to do so and give their opinions you’ll probably run into issues with people liking it.

Same goes for gaming just in a different context. People argue that we’re “Beta testing” the game for them, but if you think about it aren’t you doing the same if you play League or Dota, etc?

They make balancing changes based on how much data they get from their playerbase using skills, not using skills, etc. This lets them know if certain skills are attractive over other ones, why people might not be using X skill, etc.

It sucks to get nerfed sure, but in the grand scheme of things it’s nice to have options in builds, etc. Plus, changes aren’t always final. Who knows, they could gather more Data and in the next patch or the patch after revert some of the FL4K changes because it’s not performing to how they’d like it.

While I do respect any negative opinions you may have of the patch, I can certainly assure you that they look through community feedback rigorously.

To a surprising degree, and with more layers than you’d think.

Now, I fully understand you may not agree with their changes, or you may think they misinterpreted the needs of the community, but it isn’t for lack of listening.

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I’m done working for hours to farm for a decent build just to have you guys destroy it! Last I checked this wasn’t an mmo yet you keep nerfing everyone’s hard work as if it was. If you didn’t want the characters to be this way then you should have fixed it before release, not after players spent hours and hours farming for these builds just to have you rip all there hard work out from under them. I’m done building my characters just to have them destroyed over and over again. This game is no fun anymore. Its 4 player game that I should be able to enjoy with my friends. Build our characters and enjoy the fruits of our success. Yet everytime I get a character to where I want it you come in and take it away. I’m don’t working for nothing. You treat a pve game as if it’s a mmo pvp game and ruin hours of hard work players have done.
I’m not staying over again, refarming for the next build you will just eventually nerf anyways. I’m uninstalling this game and tossing it in the trash. Thanks for a waste of $100. Even though I own the expansions I don’t even have it in me anymore to see them. Keep my money. This is the last gearbox software I will ever buy now that I see how little you care about your community.


They made of whole thread with insane player feedback to fix moze. Both for IB and grenade builds

This. So much this. You’ve completely ruined the skill now. Just lower the # chance. It sucks now, congratulations on less build options.


Moze isn’t done being worked on though. Just because Iron Bear is bugged, not really worth it at the moment doesn’t mean that it’s not being changed.

I’m seeing a lot of complaints that “why don’t you fix my burning M3 issue?” .

If I were to guess, a lot of hotfix/patch prioritization is aimed at the main body of players and I suspect majority are not doing endgame stuff yet. Just because someone already maxed out all 4 characters does not mean their issues should be addressed ASAP.

Pretty sure GBX has plenty of telemetry data (that’s what Shift mainly is for, I suspect) that tells them where the bulk of their players are, their play time, character and skill usage, probably even how full their banks are. Once you know all that, priorities might look somewhat different from the ones voiced on this forum.

Just a hunch.

No it was regarding the grenade build. There was one for IB as well