Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotfixes [10/03/2019]

Love the updates, now if I could just get Clay to move out of the damn crates I could keep playing. You can’t follow a guy that doesn’t run anywhere.

Please take a look at the start of Gun go Reliance quest. If you start to follow Clay and then quite the game he just gets stuck and never moved again

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Working as intended means something. Those specific builds were not intended hence, the nerfs.

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This not the bank bug?? It something else? JUst want to be clear as yesterday I started some bank alts as i did not want my limited event loots to vanish. I would rather play the game versus level and progress some bank alts if they are not needed.

I don’t see the point of ignoring a clearly unreasonably large nerf. There will be praise from players who feel the buffs really help them (and there has been) but players will write about what they are concerned about, there’s really no point in forcing some quota of what they are allowed to care for.


Stop nerfing fl4k into the ground please


More nerfs for fl4k even though moz and amera far superior at every aspect of the game except graveward. Nerfs in general getting out of hand this is borderlands ffs. People running around with every skill 99,999,999 cash, guardian points, eridium. And fl4k killing graveward 2 seconds faster then amera the problem? How about fixing duping, save editor(Ps4) , and the actual problems in game before “balancing”.


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If the game were a pvp I could understand nerfs like this. But it’s not. Why have a game that can have so many different options for so many different play styles. Then handcuff and run one straight into the ground because “they wont play with me” (whinny toddler voice)


Did the 6 seconds to guirillas in the mist get fixed?
It said 5 seconds in the live game.

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Lol is there a different Borderlands 3 game that I don’t know about that has a Gigamind boss with “a little too much health”?! Because I’m sorry, during my first playthrough on Normal mode, playing an Amara with DECENT weaponry, I burned through Gigamind in less than a minute. And it has only gotten quicker in TVHM and Mayhem 3.


What is the downfall to the game or community if I can melt a boss in 2 seconds?

I am leaving the game and will never play a game by gearbox again. did enjoy it for about 50 HR’s so i really got my money’s worth time to move on. Just a thought. the reason they are doing this is because 80% of the players where playing Fl4k so now after said nerfs there will prolly be like 30% and the other 50% quit out of frustration of having no control over what is happening here. Really wish i would have played another toon but didnt and i am not spending the time re leveling so they can just nerf that toon as well. I am out and likely never to be back and even more likely to never play a GearBox game again.


Same, Gigamind was incredibly easy to burn through. I’m guessing we just got super lucky with weapon drops or something.

I myself was running FL4K without any specific build, just what I felt would be helpful at the time and it happened to be down the Skag tree.

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Has the issue of the game shutting down the XBox been addressed as far as WHEN the patch will be out? It happened 5 times last night before I gave up. I bought the game to play coop with friends and it’s been an extremely frustrating experience.

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Wow guys good work, im LOVING the new rakk buff to fl4k, so glad you nerfed fade away builds just so you could force us into another build even though they’re not that great, love the leave no trace nerf too, sure does ruin my hellwalker fun. Maggie is still bugged also, so yeah ill be waiting on a fix for it. but good work on all the nerfs though.


I was going to post this as an edit to my original post but I feel it deserves its own space (and would make my previous post unreasonably long):

Whatever happened to just allowing people to find and have fun with broken boss melting builds and OP guns? That was what made the first Borderlands a sleeper hit in the first place: grouping up with your friends and finding ridiculously broken guns and character talents that made you feel like a vault hunting, mob killing, boss obliterating god.

You’re ‘balancing’ the game like it’s an MMORPG, not a coop ARPG. To be brutally honest, it was this kind of nerf/buff cycle that killed my interest in end game BL2 farming a few months after that game came out because it made me ask: ‘what is the point?’. We’d farm to find stuff to make us feel OP and then you’d just come along and slash gear and talent effectiveness like Zer0 through Maliwan shield walls. And it looks like you’re doing the same thing all over again.

Some characters do need buffs from their base state (the aforementioned Iron Bear issue, Zane is still weak, some of FL4K’s pets need help) but already nerfing characters (multiple times in the case of FL4K) in the first month? C’mon. I’m playing Borderlands, not World of Warcraft.


Nefr my class to be utter garbage in endgame nice.

Stop nerfing fl4k into the ground please.


Sorry, but i dont unterstand anything. I really like the game
and the last years i looked regularly for news. I was happy to play the new part and i like the lovely characters and the story.

I dont care about the nerfs. For example i dont think that Gigamind or Katagawa Ball were too strong. I did them on mayham 3 a lot and i was fine. I dont care
about drop rates as well. Its a lootshooter and im fine with it.
(my opinion)

But you havent fixed the performance problems or the bank bug
since release ???

How can you play a lootshooter without storage ? Now you rolled out the events. With the bank bug its just ironic.

Congratulate for making a lot of money. This is just how the gaming industry works.

Edit: Didnt see you fixed the problem with the bank bug. I hope it works

I don’t see the relevancy of the sexual orientation of your character to what build you use.


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