Borderlands 3 - Patch and Hotfixes [11/09/2020]

In terms of duct tape mod: for those of us on console, this actually sucks–self inflicting damage so you die and respawn made farming killavolt for the monarch simpler. Having to now save and quit adds so much more time.

In the obviously limited amount of time to test the other changes, I don’t like them. My clone does not do as much damage and does not stay activated as long (I base this on how long it took me to defeat Wotan–two to three times longer) and I still have zero incentive to use any other class mod. The “problem” with Zane was not that Seein’ Dead was too OP, but that the other mods just aren’t any good. E.g. the Antifreeze buffs sliding and airborne damage, which very few people use and those anointments are no longer in the game. The others really don’t add anything useful either. Rather than nerfing Seein’ Dead they really needed to rework and buff the other mods. I don’t understand why they didn’t make significant changes to those mods instead.

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There are numerous bugs of things that are not included on the patch notes for Moze, please see below list;

FitSD - only x7 on MH scaling on M11
Big surplus - MH Scaled on Xbox but not on PS4/PC (scaled x31)
Iron Cub - Not showing getting MH damage (all)
Running on Fumes - IC still consumes fuel firing weapons - whereas it says it does not consume fuel
If you go into FFYL using flare class mod then you appear to loose this bonus while using Iron Cub

Also i would like to add some skill issues that for me need to be addressed

Never going to give you up diminishes so far that even appling 1 status effect gives only 1% - of fuel back and it wont build IC back up, unlike how zane can do it with his skill good misfortune

Big Surplus is pointless - the entire tree is about IB up time yet this skill directly opposes that, and you have no way of getting this to be regularly active other than jumping in and out of IB constantly.

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So if you wanna max out Terror, you have to execute your AS multiple times? Before with Moze, one exit from IB puts me at full stack of Terror.

yeah, that is not going to work anymore with IB either

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So far FitSD still feels strong. Are you asking it to make it even more OP by restoring back the previous scaling or are you just noting it wasn’t in the patch notes?

I’m disappointed on IC’s dmg even though it has been discovered by their content team of streamers. WTF is the purpose of them doing a prerelease test.

This is similar to what I have observed today.

I agree wholeheartedly and made a thread on it

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anything i have extracted is not in my bank :smiley: where the hell does it go then?

It also looks like a not worthwhile annointment in general. A universal AS damage boost would be far superior if the boost was going to be a mere 100%. But no, instead all the improvement from when Gearbox rightfully cut a chunk of annointments is going to be reversed if not worse do to the new ones being even more limited in use-case scenarios.


Yup. Still need seein’ dead more or less.

They should’ve switched seein’ dead and red around. Then you wouldn’t be largely reliant on a COM. Activating kill skills by busting caps is what makes Zane good. Activating kills skills on action skill start is… nice, but doesn’t make or break Zane.


You sure it isn’t? Sadly it just gets thrown in there instead of all ending up all the way down, meaning you might have to search around a little.

I’d like to point out that the patch is now officially overdue on PC. We got the DLC and the Hotfix but not the patch.

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my skills aon zane arestill same i went through 7gb of updates and did save quit as advised but all my skills are same.

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I also had that visual glitch on all characters months ago. No idea what caused it or how it was fixed.

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Yeah, that one didn’t get patched in yet. The consoles got the change but PC didn’t


FitSD being x7 is kinda fine, but if they are going to do it then it needs to be noted in patch notes, otherwise it’s classed as a bug .

Quite frankly if zane gets to keep his 2000% weapon damage skill then moze should be able to keep her 450% bonus skill


Can anybody confirm that Epic Alien-Barrel pistols are dropping?

EDIT: as I posted this, less than a minute later, I get an Epic Carbuncle to drop lol. Sadly it came with the new “Grasp” anoint. :confused:


I just looked and it’s back to normal. :slight_smile: Thanks.

More Moze bugs though:

  • If you go FFYL, you lose the Harmonius Havoc (the 10% per matching element item bonus). You need to switch to another gun to reactivate it.

  • IC gets stuck on an enemy. If you are on M11, he is basically stucked trying to kill that enemy. So let’s say you move to 3 blocks away, he will still engage the first enemy he met. We need an attack or follow command

I’ve been getting some problems on PS4 this afternoon. Two crashes during Arms Race runs… Up from usual. And lost good runs with good loot in the process.

Haven’t made my mind up on all the changes, but I appreciate the devs trying to address long standing core skill and balance issues.

Oh no no no. We don’t need a more cluttered anointment pool.