Borderlands 3 (PC) Player list

Epic Id ;
Steam Id ;
Time Zone ;
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ;
Mic ;
Game/DLC version (Basic, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) ;
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ;
Other information* - ;

*other information

Party restriction (same VH, all different)
Loot restrictions (Only Found Gear “OFG”, Rare/Epic maximum, no legendaries)
No skill points / no AS runs
Other assorted challenge runs

~~delete Id as appropriate~~ = delete Id as appropriate


Epic ID: Angel_of_Lives
Steam ID: Angel (level 91)
Time Zone: CEST
Frequent online times: first week 10 AM - 10 PM.
Later 3 PM - 8 PM.
Mic: Yes.
DLC State: Super Deluxe Edition (All)
What You Want Online: Playthroughs.
Other: Language (Basic English / Native Polish).

Epic Id ; Derekfro1776
Steam Id ; DerekFroman
Time Zone ; JST
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; extreamly flexible on bopth hours and days
Mic ; yes
Game/DLC version; super delux
What you want online for; playthroughs
languages; English
Type of run; all sidequests, listen to all dialog, no skipping

Epic Id ; korben44
Steam Id ; korben44
Time Zone ; EST
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; flexible
Mic ; yes
Game/DLC version (Basic, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) ; super deluxe
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; farming, playthroughs
Other information* - ; 1200 hours in BL2… this is going to be awesome!

Epic Id ; babyst3aks
Steam Id ; acSlayt0r
Time Zone ; PST
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; 5 PM + Weekends Sporadically
Mic ; Yes
Game/DLC version (Basic, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) ; Basic
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; Boss Fights, Farming
Other information* - ; None that I can think of.

Hey all I’m going to be buying bl3 on pc and it will be one of my first game purchases on the epic games launcher and I would love to play coop a majority of the time. If anyone wants to leave there epic games name I’ll add them

Epic game tag: Rimaxo14
East coast time zone


Won’t have the game on PC right away. After a sale I will.

I’m interested in playing though.

Epic game tag: hybrid_birth
Central US time zone.

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added you bud! See you at Sanctuary :smiley:

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User tag: Onikage-056
US Eastern time zone.

Please add me as well (anyone). I am not sure whether I will play with you or not since I have a buddy as well but maybe we can mix and match :slight_smile: My gamertag is: BehindUAll

Eastern time zone and Epic launcher. See you all in sanctuary.

hi guys, i live in the Netherlands, no idea what time zone it its there :stuck_out_tongue:

user tag for epic: FringelV87

Epic Username: Angel_of_Lives
Timezone: CEST (Europe).

You all can add me even if not for coop then for a “friend” bonuses in BL3 such as selling/buying weapons someone sold in vending machine or find a secret boss fight etc.

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Added all you guy’s. I’m also from the Netherlands.

My epic id: Grimmreaper_30

Sup guys, add me Epic: Yipikayo looking forward playing with yall.

Also looking for people for friends list, feel free to add me :slight_smile:

Epic Username: The OG Wizard
Timezone: UK

This seems pretty useful even if you plan on playing mostly solo given all the friend features like bounties and such.

Epic Username: StoneSquidge
Timezone: EST

Sorry accidentaly deleted some of You -.- Hate to using this thing.
I sent the friend request again :confused:

Sent a friend request to all of you guys, looking forward playing with you. (CEST +2 Berlin time zone)

Epic game tag: DIME_94

Feel free to add me as well.

I’m not really interested in co-opping with people too often, at least at the start, cause my friend and I are doing that, but, I’m Sammantix and I think we should all be able to benefit from the weird benefits of having ‘friends’ in game =] sending friend requests

EGS game tag: UkyoSonoda

I suppose I can add more people on there for the implied friendlist benefits this game is supposed to have.