Borderlands 3 (PC) Player list

EGS game tag: UkyoSonoda

I suppose I can add more people on there for the implied friendlist benefits this game is supposed to have.

Same here…from (USA) Washington State

Tag: True77

I’ve been getting all your friend request…I cant wait to play lol.

Denver Colorado USA (mountain time)
I’ll add you all that have already posted.

Hey ya’ll my game tag is: Schmu666
(europe time, but I’m often working nightshifts so…)

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Add me Dashizzle1980. Can not wait for this game!!! Not a fan of Epic, But I just can not wait another 6 months :slight_smile:

Where are you located?


Looking for friends as well.

Tag: Nerrf
East coast

Hopefully I see you in Pandora (and other planets)

Timezone Ireland GMT

I’ll probably give co-op a shot later on but there is benefits from having a healthy friends list so feel free to invite


cmpizon1 US EST

MN, usually play late at night

Add Dashizzle1980

“That user don’t exist”. You sure it’s Your ID?

Thought so, I’m at work I will double check when I get home tonight. Will update later.

Your works :smiley: I was replying to @cmpizon1

Feel free to add me, language is german can speak english too. Also new to streaming if someone is interessted in partnering up with a noob on Mixer xD

User: xXxRichiexXx
Age: 36

ID : Koooja

cya in game !

User: gaidin152

Awsome! Thanks bud

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