Borderlands 3 PC - Upgrade from Standard to Super Deluxe

Hello, I was wondering if anyone happens to know if it’s possible to “Upgrade” my version of Borderlands 3 from Standard to Super Deluxe version, right after the game comes out.

This is because I want to preorder a physical copy, which only comes in Standard version for PC, and once I have redeemed the code that comes with it on the Epic Store, upgrade it to the Super Deluxe edition, obviously, preferably without losing any of the preorder bonuses.

I currently have a preorder on the Epic Store for the Super Deluxe version, but would obviously much prefer to have a physical box for the game, and the preorder on my retailer comes with the small psycho mask, so that would be amazing to have too.

In other words, what I want to know is if it’s possible to:
· Buy physical version of Borderlands 3 for PC, which is the standard version.
· Redeem the code on the Epic Store when the game comes out
· Upgrade my copy to the Super Deluxe version through the epic store to get the bonuses.
· Not lose any of the bonuses I would have gotten by just preordering the Super Deluxe from the start

I have already contacted Gearbox support, who redirected me to Epic support, who redirected me to Gearbox support again, so while they answer, I figure I might as well ask here, if im lucky someone has had the same issue and knows the answer.

I’ll update this with whatever answer I get from Gearbox support if I get a definitive answer, if no one here knows.

Thank you so much for reading.


Its sep 9 and i would still very much like to know this answer

I guess you can just buy the season pass on the EGS. But it will miss some bonuses for sure. Currently there is no upgrade. But i recommend to ask EGS directly.
Maybe, if you wait till after launch, you can “upgrade” when the Store knows that you have the standard edition. Then, if you buy the Super Deluxe Edition, you may get only the missing content for less money

Sorry about the lack of update, I was told there is currently no way to upgrade, so if you don’t want to miss anything, you have to get a digital copy of the game.

Really sucks that pc players got the short end of the stick with all of this.