Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

(Salvadorez) #1

Spoilers be ahead:

So, At the end of Pre sequel the alien said there was a war coming and we would need as many vault hunters we could get and i took that as more than just the four characters (Six if counting the two dlc ones) in the game and instead of all new vault hunters the ones that survived. Lilith, Brick, Mordicai, All of Borderlands 2 including Kreig, and Gage and Athena claptrap Doppleganger and Hammerlocks Sister. i do not think that would be a thing but, its my guess at the characters i would like to know what you guys think. Also i have no clue how this Shift thing works but it said i was supposed to get a code for 75 keys for both games and i didnt get any. If you guys could help i would appreciate it.

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(Skibum N) #2

The Doppleganger was killed in Borderlands 2 if you do not remember. As far as any new characters I suggested to make an Eridian Guardian as a playable character where the guardian from the end of the Pre Sequel assigns him/her/it to help the vault hunters. The guardian would have a blade frenzy ability, similar to Krieg but more focused on speed and agility and of course make it dual wield katanas… On the skill tree where you focus on melee abilities would be a teleport ability where your blade frenzy allows you to teleport to the enemy. Other skill trees could be focused on team support and elemental damage.

(Lictea) #3

In Borderlands 2 it was said that Jack has more than one Body Double, so it probably wasnt him as the real appearance of the one you kill also changes to an Hyperion Engineer.

(hitman45504) #4

Agreed. And the Doppleganger also has a voice modulator installed in him to make him sound like Jack. The body double killed in Opportunity sounded remarkably like Anthony Burch instead.

(Del) #5

The cool thing about dopplegangers, is that there is always more than one. Honestly, Handsome Jack himself could have been a doppleganger that leaned a little towards miscreant and imprisoned the real Jack. That’s some shamalan shiz right there.

(samidawaigher) #6

One playable character I would love to see in Borderlands 3 is Tiny Tina…I would assume she will have grown up a few years but still has an interest for blowing things up…that would translate to a great player character…

(Enemy of Thunder) #7

I know it’s like, way late, but I have to say that it wasn’t Tim that we killed in BL2, it was an Engineer with a form changer thing and the pocket watch

(Demoon) #8

Well with games now a days being all about custumization i would say Custom character creator, failing that male/female versions of each character types, save for sirens of course. Example, explosive type play through, Mister torgue/Tiny Tina. Commando playthrough Axton/Axton’s exwife.
On that note perhaps the Quick change station could have a new tab. Outfits. So you got changable heads, changable color scheme, why not outfits?
Alright that’s my two cents.

(Alpha X Wolf) #9

There are three characters I want. I want a new siren of course. I want a playable Eridian character. And I want Tiny Tina to be playable.

If the game doesn’t take place long enough after BL2 for her to be old enough to be playable, then I have another idea. Krieg, with Tiny Tina riding on his shoulders. :smiley:

Or another idea that I have heard that might be pretty neat. Where you create your own vault hunter, choosing out what your action skill would be from a variety of choices.

(9pmg-5665) #10

I like the idea of having the ability to create your own character. An idea I thought of once you had mentioned that and the variety of doppelgangers from more above, what if there was a second Corporation war? In TPS, it’s mentioned that the founder of Hyperion or a big name, was a super sniper for Hyperion in the old Corporation Wars. If there was a second corporation war, it gives us the chance to have a humongous variety of not only characters, but weapons, areas, Corporations (New and Old), and customization, as well as story and quests. I think it’d work well with a huge galaxy/universe that we have had just opened to us, especially with the superb warning from the Eridian Guardian at the end of TPS. We could have a character devoted or contracted to the different companies, or independents. I’d personally like the mix. Or if it would be an actual prequel, going back in time to the first corporation wars with corporations that had died out or something. I apologize for the long post, but I enjoy the belief that each company has their own great personality, and desires, constituting them as characters within the universe.

(SSJ Ltn Tweak) #11

I feel it would be awesome if they went a route similar to what Army of Two does; where you can create a custom mask on the site and then use it in game. I really feel like it would draw more people to the game that don’t already know the joys of the Borderlands series.
It would allow the huge community of artists, game designers and gamers themselves to work together. Millions of guns & millions of skins and heads fit nicely together. Plus it would bring more people together sharing ideas and skins and such. I know the co-op clans out there would love to put their logos on characters.

(Silverkhaos) #12

I’d like a character with non weapon based skill trees.

Like, say, the Action Skill shows enemies through walls, show enemies outside of your FOV and behind you, weapon trajectories, enemy health, weak points, stats, etc. Action skill is basically a tactical scanner.

Left skill modifies your mobility, allowing you to run/stand along walls and ceilings, make it so you can perform long jumps, dash in any direction, with the final skill being a grappling hook where you can instantly zip to wherever your crosshairs are aimed. This way you can bounce around the environment for maximum tactical mobility.

Middle skill modifies the action skill to provide buffs, such as increased crit on weak points, reveal invisible enemies, or wherever the first bullet in your clip hits is their new “weak point”. Middle skill lets you “focus” your tactical scan on a single enemy, targeting them and applying all buffs to allies targeting that enemy as well. Final skill could be like a reverse adaptive shield - If your gun is non elemental, it automatically switches to the most effective element against the last enemy shot. (Switches to electric rounds if a bullet hits shields, then switches to fire if a bullet hits health, switches to Corrosive if a bullet hits armor, etc, etc).

Far right skill tree…not sure. Maybe this could be the Sniper class to accomodate the environment hopping and tact scan. But how to differentiate from past snipers? OOH maybe allow shots to ricochet, but like Deadshot in Arkham Origins. That is, you can see a trajectory line as you move your reticle. And rather than homing in on the enemy, you can use Tact Scan so the richochets automatically home in on a single “tagged” enemy, and beyond that, it automatically targets Crit points.

Waddya think? Could something like that be the next “scout” class in BL3?

Wait adjust the Action skill so when you initially press it, it reveals all surrounding enemies, but then you can press it again to tag a single enemy to focus all debuffs on.

Also, I’d like to see Nisha and WIlhelm return. Easy enough, by saying Nisha has been Brick’s prisoner, and fell for him after he tortured her, and Wilhelm uploaded to a fully robot body.

(jasonalston612) #13

Just a random thought, but what if we introduced new characters, sort of like the existing ones, but make them villains? Then someone how at the end of the story, make an epic battle between the villain vault hunters and the hero vault hunters?

(jasonalston612) #14

Where the villains and heroes are both trying to reach the vault, and make it where you can play as both sides. Make the same characters, but only they are villains.

(Hovado98) #15

Tbh. I would like to see a more speed based character in the game.
Action skill: You go so fast that all surrounding enemies become slower. While this is active, gain 100% increase to weapon swap, reload speed, fire rate, and gain a tremendous movement increase between 150-200% (in addition to gun damage and so on).

1:Have a skill tree based on movement and increases while moving.

2: Have a skill tree based on lightning. Ex: everytime you kill with shock damage, gain increased movement speed. The last skill would be summoning lightning and would be able to automatically drain all shields in sight (including raid bosses).

3: Skill tree based on general speed like weapon swap and reload and so forth.

I just h8 being slow

In a nutshell, hust combine Zer0 and Nisha


I think everyone would like Dr. Ted class as a playable one.

(Stormstalker777) #17

it would be awesome to play as an eridian
A character with magnetic (or telecinetic) powers, im here for someone that can deflect bullets, reload faster using his powers , attract itens, repulse enemies or objects and specially control the bullets to make them hit the target (i know gaige and may has some of these)
unfortunatelly i wouldnt use it because im always the sniper

(Man Of Low Moral Fiber) #18

Captain Scarlett should be a playable character.

And Zer0.

(Htbswag521) #19

A new Shadowtrap would be pretty awesome to play as.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #20

An alien would be nice, this is a Sci-Fi shooter…just saying.

Oh and don’t give me a humanoid (2 legs, 2 arms) alien, give me an alien please.