Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

I’d like to see some sort of old English knight character. Action skill would be that he digistructs a suit of armour around himself, on the HUD it would be displayed as a yellow bar above the health bar, but below the shield bar. The armour would have the same traits as armoured enemies have; resistance to non-elemental damage, fire damage, explosive damage, no resistance to shock and a weakness to corrosive damage. Basically he would take over as the tanking/melee type character, but with honour and chivalry. Some of his skills could modify the armour so that he digistructs a shield that reflects bullets, or a battle axe(laser battle axe?) for some melee damage buffs.


If like 4 completely new to the franchise characters that have never been in a Borderlands game before.

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I would love some utility skills as well. I also would like for a siren to be able to use her wings in a constructive manner, it has always annoyed me that the sirens could not use their wings to fly, or hover, or do anything other than burn all those around them.(excluding Lilith’s ammo saving ability) With the vertical expansion in TPS it might be feasible, but there is always the problem of balance to consider. The closest thing to flight we have had was Zero’s Execute, which if used on a flying enemy you could fly up to them (I have killed many buzzards this way and it is very satisfying), and Athena’s dash, but that one worked better horizontally. And I guess the air boost counts too…

So far the worst part of being a sniper is getting to suitable places to snipe from, and some form of alternate movement would be wonderful.

I’ve always thought the wings were an innate sign of Siren powers being tapped, [hinting at there divine nature.]
{the wings are kinda like dbz aura’s when they power up.}

It is REALLY hard to explain how my brain works, and this was a perfect example. I literally had both of these as simultaneous endings to that sentence, and got confused trying to right them. and they both need to be there. Yeah, i think multiple things at once. really hard to explain.

I may make a thread for just this^

Jacque as The Mole
“I repeat that Jacque is not a “Girly” name!”
“Did you see that? I refuse to do this once more!”
“Right. In. Your. FACE!”
“Accent is coming!”
“[Maniacally Laughs in French]”
Elemental damage(Electricity), Chemodan(Melee), Active skill utilization.
Corporate espionage is a dangerous and very, very illegal job to take, but we are talking about Pandora, am I right? So, this business is just business, but as it was mentioned earlier things can become ugly pretty fast and what is more importantly things can become so accidentally, very accidentally.
So, yeah, “The Accident” happened, and, Jacque is out of this business now, but, this is an understatement: just the whole industry wants this guy dead and usually in such a case people won’t stay alive for long, however, Jacque is an unusual person.

Prefers high burst elemental weapons, which allows him to deal high critical damage and vanish from enemy vision as fast and as effective as possible.

Jacques uses his briefcase(chemodan) in melee combat. Never drops his briefcase.

The Sabotage– when active critical kills turn Jacque invisible for a brief duration. Turn invisible only when Jacque is visible. When invisible Jacque has increased movement speed, weapon swap speed and damage reduction. Can be empowered with the additional damage reduction or increased critical and elemental damage in exchange of Jacque’s survivability.
There are 3 mixed game changers, which represent the synergy between two skill trees.

Agent (Diversion-Gentleman) Chemodan kill restores 0.8% health points per second for the next 12 seconds. Stacks indefinitely. Every new stack refreshes the duration of the previous stacks. 33% of stacks are depleted whenever Jacque receives any significant damage (more than 12% of his maximum health).
Tactician (Viva La Resistance-Diversion) Any elemental damage caused by Jacque restores his shield for a certain portion. If target dies by any elemental effect it activates The Sabotage’s invisibility effect.
Spy (Viva La Resistance-Gentleman) turns diversion into a passive ability. Now activating the active skill instantly turns Jacque invisible.

Gentleman skill tree improves Jacque’s close range combat capabilities.

Minor game changer significantly increases Jacque’s critical damage for a short duration after the chemodan kill. Each stack lasts 10-25 seconds. Stacks indefinitely. Stacks multiplicatively. Each stack lasts individually and gaining a new stack doesn’t refresh the duration of the previous stacks, which means that critical damage bonus as well as the amount of stacks are capped by the 10-25 seconds buff duration limitation. Investing in Gentlemen skill tree increases the stack duration.

Major game changer changes melee Jacque melee mechanics and now every “Backstab” is counted as a critical hit as well as every gun critical damage bonus also increases the melee(!) critical damage.

Vive la Résistance skill tree improves Jacque’s elemental damage output.

Minor game changer significantly decreases gun damage, but improves elemental chance and damage, moreover, enhances the base elemental damage bonus multiplier, for example it increases the bonus damage with corrosive weapons when applied against armored targets.

Major game changer guaranties that the next shot or melee hit after Jacque turns invisible applies elemental effect and immobilizes target for up to 6 seconds depending on the target’s mass index. This ability can’t immobilize a target for less than 3 seconds. Critical strikes twice the duration of both elemental effect and immobilization.

Diversion skill tree focuses on the further improvement of Jacque’s ability to vanish from the enemy vision.

Minor game changer every time Jacques turns invisible for the duration of one Sabotage he gains additional critical damage, speed, melee damage and accuracy. In other words every new invisibility effect adds a stack of this minor game changer, which increases critical damage, speed, melee damage and accuracy for each stack. All stacks are lost in 5 seconds after the sabotage ends(20% of stacks per second). Stacks indefinitely.

Major game changer significantly decreases Jacque’s max hp and max shield capacities, however provides player with an opportunity to activate The Sabotage whenever he wants(cd becomes 0) in exchange for Jacque’s shields or hps (Jacque can sustain The Sabotage active as long as he wants, but it constantly drains his shield/hps). Significantly increases damage reduction bonus, when Jacque is invisible.

Also, I got some ideas on new siren, wizard and handsome Keith Moon characters.

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Also, some ideas on new guns.

New Weapon manufacturer Artech utilizes all ammo at once mechanics. Best manufacturer for One Shot – One Kill mechanics. High burst damage, high accuracy but compensated with slow fire rate, high recoil, low elemental damage/chance and average reload time.

When 6 bullets are not enough.
14 ammo per magazine.
Consumes 7 ammo per shot.
Shoots 7 projectiles with low to no spread.
Always at maximum accuracy. No splash damage.
High recoil.
Average reload speed.
Slow fire rate.
High damage per ammo.
Outstanding critical damage.
Always elemental.
Always comes with a DAHL barrel.

Fancy Pants
Sniper Rifle
For Interesting Meetings with Interesting People
10 bullets per magazine.
Consumes 1 ammo per shot.
Extremely high accuracy.
Extremely low recoil.
Shots as fast as you pull the trigger.
Medium damage per ammo for a sniper rifle.
Medium critical damage for a sniper rifle.
Critical Hit throws a target into the air. Instantly kills air targets, if critical hit is performed.

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This would be epic. Jack takes over. Throughout the game Rhys keeps poking through. Eventually you “cure” him of Jack only to find he’s become just as corrupt. Thus a new villain is born.

I hope Flyboy from bl2 I a new playable charactor. Like he survived Pistons blimp but now has robot limbs. He can use his limbs to fly and shoot for his ability and he can have his weird ass slang to make the game even more humerous. But this is my opinion

I also hope people like moxxi aren’t characters. You can’t play her for a reason.
But tiny Tina can be a charactor though she does have an EXPLOSIVE personality. And torgue

1 Like This video says much of it all - the good, the bad, and some points of possible improvement with new elements - in my opinion, even though this is not my video.

I’m especially keen on the create-your-character-from-scratch idea presented here. I’ve always been a big fan of making my very own protagonist, with my style of hair, face, etc a la Saints Row series by Rockstar.

I’m all for the different Heads and Skins, but I’d think it more appealing to find / buy / get rewarded separate pieces of clothing and headwear. The attires and hair styles could be changed in the New-U station or the installment’s equivalent (has Blake sucked up enough to the Hyperion Big Chair yet?), or a hair dresser and clothes boutique / vending machine could take the stage.

I just got done with “tales from the borderlands” and at the end Rhys asked Fiona about being a vault hunter and she said maybe. So we might get Fiona as a possible vault hunter

Might want to wrap that in spoiler tags

Added tags.

Are there any other threads about B3 speculation or news? I’m getting the itch for something related, and kind of surprised we haven’t heard anything from Gbx yet about it. Safe to say the world is due for something!

There hasnt been any news on BL3. Last news I remember was that Gearbox are/were hiring to prep for its production.

There was news of a Borderlands movie though. I know its not BL3, but still exciting.

But samus isn’t a cyborg, and that’s not a hand cannon…

it was an example. and yes, technically its an arm cannon.

I feel that if gearbox and 2k want to make Tales canon having Fiona and/or Reese would be a good addition to the team

with that said a guardian being available to play would be cool but i doubt it would happen as well as tiny tina being really cool and all as an idea of being playable but with her being introduced in bl2 i dont think she will i would like some 100% new characters as well ones that we haven’t even heard about ones that dont resemble any of the others stuff like that as we saw alot of the bl2 characters had very similar play styles as the BL1 ones did TPS was unique in characters which was cool but the game was a bit lack luster overall

Personally the possibility of Fiona and Reese being in the game are high but i assume Reese would be the head of atlas bringing back atlas weapons and Fiona would be a guide but would be great if they were playable

sorry for any spelling errors, I typed this quickly without proofreading

But it’s not, it’s a blaster, s hand cannon is a weapon that is small enough to be carried and powerful enough to put a 5 inch hole in some one…

Examples of this can be seen through borderlands with the Luck Cannon being a prime example of what a hand cannon is

Other examples can be through various video games like destiny, but yet your depiction of a hand cannon is rather accurate of being a pistol generally slow that packs massive heat behind it