Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

(Evo4g63t) #184

All I know is that I want fresh vault hunters would like it if they could avoid bringing back or borrowing from previous vault hunters skills.

I am pretty impressed with the way they come up with fresh skills in the games and even more amazed how balanced they are. It really is amazing how they do this in tps, I mean every vh in tps are pretty well even if the correct play style is used with the character of choice.

(Cptn Jajem) #185

The Siren is Angel how anyone can forget that :p.

(Bdsnikolai) #186

I’m keen on a character based on sort of a Hawkeye/Green Arrow/Robin Hood archer type VH. Action skill could be a rapid-fire arrow skill, a little like Nisha’s, but with Arrows.

One skill tree could be similar to Zer0’s cunning, with the capstone skill being like Death Blossom; each arrow is fired with a different element, like his Kunai.


They should also do a Corrosive-based character, since we have a character for each element (Non-elemental = Axton, Explosive = Claptrap, Fire = Krieg, Shock : Gaige, Slag = Maya, Corrosive = jack shiet).

(Hfd Jeff) #188

I tought the same thing. With the death of bloodwing this makes a great opportunity for gearbox to re model mordecai as the same for lilith now that she is a eridium junky. Doppleganger wont return as he’s killed in the main mission the man who wanted to be jack or something. I hope to see the origional fault hunters and others to be playeble while adding new ones 2 so that there can be a wide variety of multiplayer combinations

(Bdsnikolai) #189

Doppleganger wont return as he’s killed in the main mission the man who wanted to be jack or something.

That wasn’t Timothy, that was a different doppleganger.

(Hfd Jeff) #190

Even so i still doubt him havibg the courage to take on hyperion as he is already a bit of a sisy but it could be so

(Jermolthomas123) #191

I would like to see a male siren on bl3 he had like telekinetic powers but can also control the elementak powers of the game such a corrosive electricity and fire and his name should be malici and be the lost lonh brother of maya but she never met him before

(zkidz) #192

Fink, I think, would be great if you have grown to hate rats enough to want to turn the tables. (He’s the rat that runs the arena on the way to the fridge.)

He’d be a small-hitbox, character with lots of dodgy and drop-focused skills, like incredibly fast sprinting to the nearest ammo pickup, overjamming clips, stealing ammo (borrowed from Nisha), getting more out of health vials, crouching to further reduce hitbox, sucking in loot before it hits the ground, jump boosts, jump melee, and aim maintenance assist during many of the faster maneuvers.

But then a more tank-like R.O.U.S. special ability would be slow moving and extremely damaging with a built-in absorb shield.

Team buffs would be reducing team hitbox, increasing team footspeed, team pickup efficacy (more ammo or health to allies)

(Samuraith) #193

True he had more than one, don’t forget.

(Samuraith) #194

Hm character ideas, of course the originals coming back would be huge on my list along with the ones from 2. A Eridian maybe, A new gunzerker with completely different mechanics, Timothy returns but not as we remember him, new sirens good and bad whether playable or not up to gearbox. Just a few ideas I was thinking about.

(Rekimaru069) #195

How about Ellie??? U know she not gonna take Scooter being dead lightly. That just wouldn’t be the Hodunk way of doing things. And would be great if they added more verbal interaction being that she does have quite a way with words.

(Rekimaru069) #196

A not so tiny Tina would be fun but only if they increase playable character dialog EMMENSELY.

(Rekimaru069) #197

Am I the only one who cant understand why MIG MIG doesn’t have a role? I mean he has only been there since I don’t know… the begining???:thinking::thinking::thinking: come to think of it, has that been mig on the cover this whole time? Other than a couple of one liners and the opening sequence of bl2 his character has been sh*t upon. His squeaky voice and kamikaze style would be a nice substitute for Krieg. Come on Gearbox. MIG claims to have seen the light. Give the little fella a chance…

(zkidz) #198

I was putting some thought into what skills I’d give “Tiny Tina (not so tiny anymore)”.

  1. Bullets do splash damage. Bullets do more splash damage the longer they stay in the air.
  2. Decrease bullet speed
  3. Splash damage resistance, Healing spurt after splash damage
  4. Grenade beacon melee override – throw spikes that attract homing grenades and mini-grenades, even those of enemies
  5. Rocket/grenade ammo regen
  6. Increase splash radius/Team increase splash radius
  7. Primary ability: A powerful singularity, followed by a long lasting slo-mo field like the UT3 slow/stasis field jello cube thing, followed by a powerful explosion.
  8. increase child grenade count for mirvs/transfusion and bullet rate for betties

(Rekimaru069) #199

Yeah but for that singularity explosion would have full field range, a much louder than usual drawing in sound for added suspense. Follow that with some weirday squeaky toy noise for initial explosion to throw everyone off. With princess fluffybutt animation cause Tina never will be right in the head after what happened to her parents and she still plays with toys. As they look puzzled it grows into a true supernova like Ultima spell from Final Fantasy 3/6. Hope your listening GBX… we’really giving you gold here​:laughing::laughing::laughing: oooo let’s call it FLUFFY BUTT BLAST lls


I imagine her Action Skill to be like Krieg’s Light The Fuse skill, she pulls out her grenades, she does more Grenade Damage and she doesn’t consume grenade ammo.
God, imagine this with the Fastball :o

(zkidz) #201

I wouldn’t expect Tina to need to do an action skill just to toss huge number of grenades.

I was kinda thinking the slo-mo field could be a neat multiplier on the “bullets do more splash damage the longer they are in the air” part. She could deploy the field, enemies get sucked into it, and then unload a full spinigun clip into the field… then back the heck off before the whole mess blows.

Oh hey… I just realized Tiny (…not!) Tina abbreviates to TnT.

(Maya Harvey) #202

That wasn’t Timothy. Timothy underwent reconstructive surgery and had a voice modulator surgically implanted into his body. The body double the Vault Hunters kill in BL2 to get the voice modulator was just a Hyperion employee with a holo-disguise generated by the pocket watch/voice modulator.

(Cosmic Brownie) #203

I want there to be some kind of half man half amphibian creature that you can play as, and one of his skills would be to jump super high.