Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"


I would love to play as an ex-Lost Legion Eternal, his action skill would be some mix between Release the Beast and Vault_Hunter.exe. I should create it myself like @BanditNation did with the Nomad !

(Also thetruejack) #205

I would love to see Tiny Tina as a playable because she is just so great at blowing things up :grinning:

(nizar_2002) #206

My wishlist for the new playable characters are the 4th siren, Tiny Tina, Fiona, and Rhys.

If Tina did appear as playable character, I’m expecting one of her skill tree focused on explosive, like Claptrap’s “Boomtrap” skill tree.

(zkidz) #207

Heh, and some kind of explanation as to why, with only six sirens alive at an point in history, there is such a bustling trade in siren class mods.

(GT: The Lone Arch) #208

Playable Butt-Stallion.

(Rekimaru069) #209

How about Una Baha? She seems feisty enough and has a profound hatred for HYPERION

(Rekimaru069) #210

Or maybe finally utilize that suspended, hydrogen bomb-looking thing by remote.
Sidenote… she should have a “ROLAND” tattoo on somewhere visible like neck or leg

(heathermarshall0) #211

Loader Bot and Gortys as a tag team would be neat- not only could they both have combat callouts, but Gortys could be the action skill, turning into a smaller version of her final form as a deployable like Deathtrap.

Different class mods could affect Gortys’ form to reflect different vault hunters, efffectively a more controlled version of vaulthunter.exe. Class mods would also change her colour scheme and patterning.

Normally she would just hang out like a backpack while Loader does the shooting, but when summoned Loader tosses her not unlike a pokeball.

(zkidz) #212

It just occurred to me that a lot of character ideas would annoy other players, and that’s fine… it’s established by claptrap in TPS that there will be annoying PCs. A PC rat might annoy people by sucking up loot. Healers might not be welcome by a team that likes to do its killing from FFYL.

So what may might make things interesting online is if the host was able to only allow certain classes into the game… this would reduce annoyance, and also give people more reason to level up multiple classes.

This should go without saying but these days who knows… if this is done the matchmaking should handle it automatically, based on your loaded character, not give you a list of games you keep getting denied access to.

(Talon1021) #213

Tiny for sure, and she could have a skill called roll for initiative which increases movement speed after a reload like Axton. Torgue should be playable and have increased Barrell explosions and size of explosions as a kill skill. I would also like to see a team phase effect game changer for Lilith and Maya in the same team. I think Team action skills would be a great addition to the game with specific teams like Brick and Mordecai, and only occurs if both people hit the action skill button within a second or two of each other. It could pop up with a notice or something hit action skill now for team action skill. Like if Brick and Salvador did a team action it would raise defense and health regeneration for everyone who used their team action skill at the same time. So it would encourage cooperation versus run as fast as possible and do your stuff while I do mine attitude.

(Parzival707) #214

I think it would be cool to be jacks son if he has one or a guy siren if that could happen

(Dolphinator1458) #215

It would make no sense for Eridians to be hunting the vault, so why not one of those Lost Legion Eternals instead?

I also think Mordecai should come back as a vault hunter, I don’t think Lilith would because she seems to be leading the Crimson Raiders now, and Brick still has his Slabs. Mordecai could maybe go back into the vault hunting game so Talon could get some combat experience, or something like that. He doesn’t have a group of people to lead like the others.

If the game skips ahead a few years, I do think it’d be nice to have Tina playable too, she could be focused around explosives and the like. I also want Krieg to be back too since he was such a fun character, but his fire skill tree replaced with a tanky one, and as he goes down it he gains some armor like an armored maniac! Lastly, another combat-ready Claptrap unit would be awesome as well.

(cubekingthe1) #216

I am pretty sure Wilhelm was more machine than man.

(cubekingthe1) #217

Duke Nukeem should be a vault hunter. My point is made

(nizar_2002) #218

Yeah, it would be ironic for an alien that suppose to protect the Vault to hunt for it instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I’d love to play as Claptrap again. He isn’t really that bad for me (but the “Psycho” package is really useless), but make the complete version of the .EXE, and maybe even add a package that let Shadowtrap to temporally take over Claptrap and become very badass (somehow).

(nizar_2002) #219

So, I look up at the wiki and found a canon Siren from the comic named Asha. I wonder if she’ll be playable in BL3.

(Dolphinator1458) #220

I’d still have one of those Lost Legion Eternals instead of a siren, I really don’t want every siren we see become a vault hunter or something like that. Plus the Eternals could need some damn explaining on how they have Eridian/siren-like powers.

Another idea I’ve had is that a character should be able to choose between two action skills that are similar, but one does something different than the other.
Say, a character can choose between two action skills, but they are relatively the same and have you throw out a turret. However, the 1st action skill you could choose would just throw out a regular turret that stays and deals damage, but if you choose the 2nd action skill instead, the turret will now walk around and follow you instead of staying in one place, while dealing less damage. That make enough sense?

(nizar_2002) #221

That sounds awesome, but that would force the rest of the skills that
involve the action skill to be able to adapt to both (maybe have a slightly
diffrent effect). But still, it’s a great idea.

(Dolphinator1458) #222

That’s why I think each action skill would remain basically the same thing, but one is slightly different than the other to avoid making two versions of a skill that does something to your action skill.
Like, if Krieg was playable again, his 2nd action skill could make it so that instead of using a Buzz Axe you use Sledge’s hammer, dealing more melee damage but attacking slower. Each action skill basically works the same away, you go into a rampage with a melee weapon, but one has some different effects on you than the other

(Jsymochko) #223

What if there was a pirate/marauder like class where your action skill is to wield a harpoon gun and a futuristic cutlass, left trigger fires the harpoon which can attach to walls, solid objects, enemies, etc. and pull you in to it, right trigger attacks with the sword and your melee dmg would be increased as well as melee speed. Your movement speed could also increase. Left skill tree would be cannonneer(dual wield pistols, hip fire accuracy, explosive dmg…) , right tree would be savvy(increase melee dmg and speed, faster movement, longer harpoon reach…) and middle tree I don’t know, maybe something to do with looting, as he is a pirate, so like increased ammo/money/loot drops when you harpoon someone or something