Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

(cwkirchgestner90) #224

I LOVE this idea!!!

(Rekimaru069) #225

Should’ve be able to make our own vault hunters and have us select whichever 3 skill trees we want. Could even keep this feature locked until after O.P.8 for example

(Watcher on the wall) #226

Having a future like that locked behind op8 completion isnt cool. I ■■■■■■■ hate op8 and never bothered with it. Because simply put, i suck.
And it was no big deal because i wasnt missing out on anything.
It should remain purely optional to complete.
But locking something as big as character creation behind it sucks.

Locking something like that behind anything probably wouldn’t go down well in general.

(Mazjosh16) #227

hey so this is my idea and opinions so if you dont like please dont be rude.
So i think in borderlands 3 should be called Borderlands the final war or something like that.

So my idea for possible characters are add Lilith and Mordecai back to the game but make there ability different and have lilith be able to like jump and smash the ground and cause a firey explosion.

My other idea is add 1 or 2 characters that you can customize from like 10 different and 1 can be a guy and the other can be a girl with different abilities but have them be related and you can customize them how you want and change there clothes and what you want them to look like but have the guys ability be like hes a teleporting ninja with 2 blades kinda like Athena but when he teleports depending on his abilities he can cause a explosion or shock and then stab or slice the enemy and kill them. and for his skills when you level up more like to level 15 he can teleport to more than one enemy. And then for the girls ability she can have a magical power where she can either shoot like beams from her hand and have the beams bounce of enemy to enemy or off the walls or ground and hit enmeys and cuase them to bleed and eventually explode.

If you like my ideas message me or like this thank you


Didn’t he die so claptrap could live?

(Freezeki773r) #229

I would love the idea of moxxi being a playable in BL3 but I wouldn’t much care for the idea of her skill of singing to seduce enemies sure it would be funny but I think immobilising all enemy’s on screen would be way to OP and well as get boring after a little bit

(Freezeki773r) #230

on the note of tina coming back she herself could be a variation of the gunzerker but only using explosives a Boomzerker if you will…normal action skill be dual chucking grenades then one tree ha ing a skill that changes it to tina specific rocket launchers. that’s something to build on. have her sound all the funny kinda stuff she says while it’s active

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #231

thread necro

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #232

My idea for a Tiny Tina character.


FRAG FRENZY – Tina gains an unlimited pool of grenades and a 25% increase to throw speed for fifteen seconds. Grenades are unmodified grenades with increased damage based on Tina’s level.

Focuses on improving explosive based damage and reducing incoming explosive damage. Game changers would include modifying grenades during frag frenzy to sticky longbow grenades and an effect that adds stacks of increased damage for every kill with a grenade, up to 500%.

Focuses on changing the mechanics on the battlefield. Increased movement speed, further increased grenade throw speed and grenades that heal allies. Capstones would add singularity effects during frag frenzy and provide grenades over time to allies.

Focuses on increasing elemental damage with guns, grenades, and during frag frenzy. Capstones would include adding random elements to grenades thrown during frag frenzy and all elemental effects would spread to enemies within a few yards from the primary target.

I also want an actual tank character. The game needs it. They have almost all other archetypes of character in the franchise except an actual tank. Here’s my idea.

Name: Sh*t Mouth

ACTION SKILL: Brass Balls (60 second cooldown)

Sht Mouth uses trash talk and offensive hand gestures to provoke all enemies within twenty meters to direct attacks toward him for twenty seconds. During this time Sht Mouth benefits from a reduction to all damage by 60%, healing at 3% of max health, and complete immunity to all elemental DOTs. Allies nearby also benefit from healing effect. While Brass Balls is active, Sh*t Mouth cannot use guns or throw grenades but deals 150% melee damage.

I had some ideas for tree skills but haven’t ironed them out yet.

(coltonmphillips) #233

I think that there should be a new character in Borderlands 3, kind of like Mordecai. The character would have a pet dog for his special ability, that will go around a kill enemies. There could be things in the skill tree, that would give the dog armor, and eventually put missile turrets, and machine guns on the armor. I have not decided whether or not the character should be a sniper like Mordecai, or a tank like Brick. I think this would be really cool, because you can have that companionship felling that you felt with Mordecai, but want to play the newer games.

(SixtySicksShooter) #234

Most of all I want a completely new set of characters with their own unique personalities and backstory and no actual connection to any of the previous games,so no returning playables, no playable former npcs. Completely new ones, that weren’t ment to be a vault hunters so the old ones will be like “Who the hell are these badasses?”

(LootHunter_twitch) #235

…that may be pretty hard if the story continues from B2

(SixtySicksShooter) #236

I’m speaking of the playable characters.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #237

My sh*t mouth character idea should also have a healing ring of 20 yards for himself and allies. The ring would also indicate AoE for enemies that are forced to target him as well.

(DarthUchiha47) #238

I would like to see Captain Scarlett as a playable character. That would be an interesting one.

(Retropikax34) #239

I definitely want A wide variety of character customizations, and if its taming this long its gonna be a beautiful and amazing game!

(Fluffy10125) #240

Roland is still in the respond system from the first game so isn’t he technically still alive. And with that theory Roland could be brought back.
Also I would like to see tuns more raid bosses.

(Fluffy10125) #241

Could make it to were someone tamed a scrakk.

(Branwestisbest) #242

I don’t really care what characters we get but here are some I would like to see. An eridian, Johnny waffles (he is in sanctuary), a robot, and a new siren. I would like to see a melee weapons equip section so you can choose between using your melee weapons or your guns. New manufacturers for the melee weapons would be awesome. I think we should be able to choose what weapon parts you want to put on your gun. Also the melee weapons could ha e certain element types on them