Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

(Man Of Low Moral Fiber) #21

Zer0 has 4 fangles. That’s good enough.

(Stormstalker777) #22

IMO eridians are creepy enough haha :scream:
those distorted bodies and limbs, theyre not these common grey aliens
with armor and wings they get pretty unique tbh

(samdorsa702) #23

Calling Tiny Tina as a character this time around.

(Unblock Minecraft) #24

Yes, keep Tiny Tina (maybe an older version) and Torgue… if possible I’d like to see some more Handsome Jack

(Play Minecrafts) #25

Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford has recently spoke with Polygon, and, chosen the pertinent quotes about where the company is just with one of the most famed franchises during the 7th generation of gaming.

(Hum3) #26

I agree i want zero back and i also want scarlet to be playable , they could also make a playable cybrog , i mean like we haven’t played with robots yet i think it would be amazing i also want better customizitions i know i spelled that wrong but like i want heads torsos gloves etc i want my character to be completely diffirent from all the other ones so yeah more things to customize your character with and please make all the characters have there own ups and downs borderlands 2 had some “unplayble” characters that had no reason what so ever to choose over the better one axton for example his ■■■■ in op8 levels compared to the other characters like zero or maya , salvador etc

(Tomhet) #27

It’s a new gen title, I want to see ALL the Vault Hunters that are still alive plus a ton of new ones.

(Epicjirachi) #28

in my opinion that would make the game feel cluttered and weighed down and plus gearbox has enough time balancing 6 characters at a time without one being too overpowered with upwards of 15 characters it would feel like six or seven get played more often than others. also i want to see new characters in the universe instead of old ones

(Man Of Low Moral Fiber) #29

How do you know how much Vault Hunters weigh? Is there an official lore that states how powerful Pandora’s gravity is?


After finishing up Catch A Ride episode of TftBL: I suspect that Rhys and Fiona could be two of the new VHs in BL3. What do you think?


I think not, maybe 1 of them at most. If i had to pick one of the two, i would pick Rhys, assuming Holo-Jack stays in his head.

(Matīss Lociks) #32

I prefer to create my own character. I hope there is “custom character” option.

(Mangoloo) #33

Agreed! Totally picture Rhys and Fiona being in Borderlands 3.

Fiona especially since she seems to be training with Athena to become a vault hunter.

Although for Rhys… with Jack in his head… I see him probably becoming the new “Jack” or antagonist

(also known as brandpanz) #34

Personally I want all of the playable Vault Hunters (the vanilla game ones at least) to be entirely new characters. Bringing back old characters is too fanservicey for me, and I enjoy the experience of playing as someone entirely new more. It worked in TPS because TPS was by nature a fanservice game, but I think the next big BL should be represented (at least pre-release) by four or so all-new faces just like how BL2 was.

(Evo4g63t) #35

I think we should have the best of both worlds, half returning characters and half new characters perhaps 6 characters in the vanilla game plus 2 more as dlc characters.

I absolutely do not want the returning characters to be copy pasta, they need to be refreshed (action skill wise).

Eridian character would be rad assuming they don’t drop the cliffhanger we got from the presequel.

I personally find it quite impressive that 16 characters later the characters still feel fresh in the action skill department, I mean there are only so many ideas you can have without repeating them but gearbox has managed quite well so far. Every playable character thus far has felt unique. As long as they can do this in bl3 I would be fine with whatever character they throw at me.

Let’s face it bl3 is going to have to be huge and groundbreaking to be successful. Gearbox certainly made this a challenge after bl2 was so awesome.

I think rethinking the game play is going to have to happen to break through the success of bl2. They’re going to have to change it enough to make it a fresh experience.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #36

How much I like Mordecai and Gaige, I have to say that I hope for completely new characters.

(Captain Cernando) #37

I really don’t see that happening because why would an Eridian be hunting a Vault? Didn’t the Eridian’s make the Vault’s?

I agree with you on that, I kinda want it to be where you create your own Character, but you choose from a roster of 4 classes.

(Andrew Sartain1987) #38

janey springs

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(Andrew Sartain1987) #40

maybe after maxing out 4 stock characters u can unlock a special legendary character