Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

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F*ck no.

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Let me refresh your mind, Handsome Jack is Fcking dead! And if you’re talking about the Doppelganger, he’s Hyperion why the Fck would he be helping the Vault Hunters?!

I agree with you on that one.

Same here.

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Oh hell no! Moxxi wouldn’t be Moxxi if she was a playable character. Claptrap needed to be a playable character because he wasn’t part of the story. Moxxi is a different subject altogether.

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Honestly The Old Vault Hunters should be in it.

As for new vault hunters here’s a few ideas:

  • A Samurai Vault Hunter with Duel Weilding Katana’s that can use all Element Effects

  • A Cyborg with Hand Cannons as a ability

  • A New Siren with a epic new ability

  • A Vaulty Hunter that Brain Washers enemy’s around them to fight/follow them after a certain amount of time they comment suicide

  • A Vault Hunter with throwing knives

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I have a lot of such things and some ideas of how to improve mechanics and gameplay some of them are more detailed and elaborate, and some of them are less, so I need feedback.
This is just a quick example of my ideas(I’ve written it today and it took me like 3 hours or so), but If you are interested I can post more.
My native language is Russian and I am like asian-arab, who speaks British English(Hello, HR! :>) so if you got any tips on how I can improve my grammar, you are welcome.

Skill points and skill trees are designed, so the player can take only 2 minor, 2 major and 1 mixed game changers.
Some skins now change mechanics of certain skills:
For example Bloody Baroness is the default skin of Natalia utilizes bleed/blood based mechanic, but Plague Hunter focuses on corrosion and makes her more versatile against armored foes.

Natalia as The Manhunter

“Back in My country YOU EAT SKAG!”
“Heavy is reliable, If it doesn’t work you can always hit.”
“I must break you!”
“This is an honor to die from the hands of the real hunter, prey!”
“I will eat your liver with backed beans and a fine bottle of vodka.”

Sniper Rifles, Melee, Non-elemental, Bloodbath mechanics

Back in the old days of galactic communism, when space ships looked less like dicks and the comrade could guaranty the outstanding quality of your vodka there run a lot of stories about one Vladoff special Operative, who betrayed the mighty corporation…
Natalia is a stereotypical mix of soviet soldier, KGB agent and those British safari guys or whatever, also she is a cannibal and did I mention that she is a hereditary wereskag? So, it pretty sums up her tough, sneaky, ferocious, thorough and educated personality, also she consumes human and alien flesh, but these are just unnecessary details, right?
She is a heavy “tanky” sniper, who prefers close to middle range combat in spite of being a sniper. Her active skill “The Hive” can be used to outnumber enemy forces and draw fire from Natalia, as her experience grows The Hive will allow player to immobilize enemy to make a good shot or spread its feral might to make bleed even more enemies. Her blood thirst makes her an unstoppable power on a battlefront as more blood she senses the more feral and wild she becomes. She feels no pain, every blood spilled, even her own, only makes her stronger and eventually this thirst turns her into The mighty Beast.
Even if her survivability heavily relies on her melee damage and the number of bleeding enemies around, she still can sustain severe damage outside melee combat, especially comparing to Zer0, Aurelia or Maya. However, it doesn’t mean that Natalia is just some another mindless beefcake as she is a cunning and swift hunter, who can quickly escape enemy fire as well as chase and assassinate low health enemies.

She synergies well with No Scope sniper rifles and No Scope/Hip shooting technique.

Natalia’s melee strikes have additional melee damage bonus, and 30% chance to cause bleeding, which increases with the Bloodbath stacks.

The Hive – active skill of Natalia, which temporarily summons a pack of skags(3-7 skags in a pack) on a battlefield. Skags can be killed. Skags of the Hive cause bleeding damage to all organic enemies.

There are 3 mixed game changers, which represent the synergy between two skill trees.
I can’t make reference jokes (Manhunter-Wereblood) Critical Strikes with any weapon cause bleeding, Critical strikes with a sniper rifle instantly increase Bloodbath stacks, when bloodbath stacks are at maximum Natalia can sense her enemies with her nose, in other words see them through walls and highlight their weak points.)
More blood for the Queen (Wereblood-Beastmaster) When The Hive is active press F to make skags find and attack as many targets as possible and search for new target, when the current one starts bleeding, if all targets are bleeding or all targets are immune to bleeding The Hive will be operating on a regular basis, but skags gain bonus speed and damage.
Get him, girls! (Beastmaster-Manhunter) When The Hive is active press F to immobilize enemy target with skags, which will focus on the immobilized target until its death. The critical kill of the immobilized target increases the duration of The Hive.

Manhunter- skill tree focuses on long range combat and use of sniper rifles.
Minor game changer provides ability to sprint and shoot without accuracy penalty, passively increases accuracy. Increases critical damage, while sprinting.
Major game changer makes the use of sniper rifles more decent in a close range combat. The closer you are to an enemy the more damage you deal with a sniper rifle. Critical Shots knockback your enemies, knockback range depends on bonus damage: more the bonus more the knockback. Critical strikes doubles the bonus damage and therefore the knockback, also stuns the target if the target is close enough. Knockback increases diminishingly. Adds weakened knockback effect to non elemental pistols and non elemental shotguns without damage bonus.
Wereblood-skill tree utilizes Bloodbath mechanics as well as Natalia’s survivability and utility in melee combat.
Minor game changer opens Bloodbath mechanics and significantly increases her gun damage, damage reduction and melee damage near(actually not) bleeding targets. Stack additively. Every applied bleed effect adds 1 Bloodbath stack. Every foe killed in melee combat adds 2 Bloodbath stacks. Bloodbath stacks deplete when Natalia doesn’t kill or cause bleeding damage. Maximum stacks is 10, investing in Wereblood increases the stacks.
Major game changer allows Natalia to turn into Wereskag when her Bloodbath points are at maximum and the Hive is active. She gains additional speed, melee damage and damage reduction. When in form every applied/reapplied bleeding effect restores the cd of Devour(Melee override increases melee damage by 5% for each bloodbath stack and restores 15% in the next 3 seconds, if an enemy is killed by devour its restore is doubled. Instantly kills enemies below 30% hp)
Beastmaster-skill tree empowers the Active skill of Natalia, moreover improving her close range combat capabilities.
Minor game changer decreases the speed of skags, decreases the number of skags in The Hive, but tremendously increases their hp, damage and mass index. In oppose to other game changers this one can be invested with 3 points, instead of 1.
Major game changer doubles the number of skags in The Hive and adds a 30% chance to spawn a Slag Skag and 10% chance to spawn a Badass Skag.

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Bl3 will be a nice chance to kill most of old vault hunters in order to show their penance for the old sins, also they will die as heroes or something. This is gonna be war and war without casualties is not a war, but some weird history cosplay con, where fat people socialize and create some strange hierarchy based on their ability to put psychological pressure on people. The best part that I have never tried drugs or alcohol.(Hello, HR :>) I do it with the eternal power of human imagination, also I will never die.
In Russian we have a phrase “To become a hero.” Which means “To die”, mostly it is applied, when someone died for something really stupid.

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How about male siren known as Raven.His action could be a energy ball called phaseball or a continuous energy beam called phaselaser.His 1st skill tree could be based around his action skill,second skill tree based around lasers,third skill could be applying and dealing elemental status affects and elemental damage.

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Siren’s are female, it even states that in the game that all Sirens are female, and also Sirens in Borderlands are based off of a Female species in Greek Mythology named Sirens, so it wouldn’t make sense for there to be a Male Siren.

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Can I be a siren?

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If BL 3 is to be a mmo type thing I’d imagine there’d be a set amount of playable classes that you’d be able to customise accordingly.

All previous playable characters would be npc’s much the same as they did with the BL1 characters in 2.

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War is coming, we need a army. :laughing:

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No. Just No.

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Honestly I think all great borderland games had a siren to play as and the siren is by far one of my favorite classes but now I wanna propose this little idea. What if instead of a female it’s a male siren with powers based around the ability of telekinesis (or play around with name and make it psycho-kinesis). I don’t believe that there was some reason that sirens had to be strictly male story wise and I know I would love to see one of my favorite character concepts in the testosterone filled body of a man (not to say that there is anything wrong with females because as I’ve said before siren is my favorite class). And maybe in addition to making him a man you could have skills based around the power of leviathan but this mostly a throwback the sirens and their Phoenix abilities which do mostly fire damage but I think using the male siren to represent a new aspect or mythic creature all on its own would be a great refreshing new look on his beloved class.

I also wanna pitch in with saying that Mister torgue should be brought in as a character because he’s just an awesome character who happens to love explosions but if your going to go that route it be pretty cool if you included tiny Tina in the action skill. If you remember tiny Tina was small enough to piggy back on brick who has a similar body build to mister torgue and seeing as to how they are both demolitions experts in their own respects it would be cool to see this duo get the spotlight they deserve. Mister torgue and his explosions while using your action skill makes a lil assistant ( Tiny tina) appear on the battle field to do some extra explosive damage.

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Well there are always exceptions to the rule a taboo if you will if you make the story then a male siren is very much possible there would simply have to be an explanation for his existence

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It came across my attention that there are some restrictions on the siren gender to which I will reply with this. If you control the story then anything is possible. There are always exceptions to the rule for instance what if this male siren was just a mischievous man living with his tribe or whatever they are called and finds a way to steal the powers of a siren for himself. Which would also reclassify him as a siren and maybe the siren he steals the powers from happen to be one of the other sirens jack mentions who might have been like a dying lover ( or something). But because this has never happened before he gets labeled as a taboo and is exiled onto a planet where one of the vault hunters happens to find him in search for a vault. It could work you just have to play with it a little.

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What if it was the crimson raiders and hyperion vs the eridians.

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I think reusing existing Vault Hunters is an excellent idea. I also like reusing Athena and Aurelia from the Pre-Sequel. Borderlands has typically strayed from “class” to identifying more with “character”. I would like to see them explore these options more in the third installment.

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Yes tinaaaa

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I hit search “Eridian” and search “Tiny Tina” the moment I entered the thread as I instinctively knew that it would be in the BL zeitgeist.

I also had a feeling that there would be a demand for a GREAT deal more playable characters than usual.

I would be 100% for all of the surviving VH becoming playable characters, as this essentially gives me an excuse to play Krieg over again. I think there is an inherent execution issue in that though, and the producers may be aware of it. If you keep the skill set the same, it’ll be received negatively, if you change it up, it will be received negatively.