Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

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I agree with you. She’ll probably have that same personality. If she is actually made to be a playable character, I expect her skill tree to focus on demolition.

(Uninspired) #104

Well I’m assuming you mean one skill agree dedeicated with grenades and explosive damage, because all 3 sounds a little boring.

Any idea what the other two might be? Because I want to guess that at least one might be dedicated to receiving damage and inflicting it back to the enemy, cuz of her backstory and all.

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I agree, I love the old characters, but I have played so many times their skills have lost their luster, but I could see them reworking the original Borderlands characters, excluding the deceased of course because it’s been such a long time and they had about half the skills that the characters in Borderlands 2 had

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Tiny Tina Potential Build

  1. Demolition: Pure damage dealing tree with a high focus on grenades, rockets, and overall everything that explodes. Shoot enemies with non-explosive weapons will cause them to be more susceptible to explosive damage.

  2. Revenge: High risk/high reward branch based on benefiting from those who try to harm her. Potential skills involve reflecting damage done to her back on the enemy; regenerating grenades based on percentage done to her shields; debuffing surrounding enemies at the cost of drawing aggro to herself.

  3. Sugar Rush: Skill tree that augments Tina’s overall spazziness. Benefits things like movements speed, melee speed, fire rate, and reload times. Melee override provides crumpets for her teammates that share any speed related buffs from her skills for a limited amount of time.

(Darklava) #107

When talking or think of new characters and possible action skills your mind runs wild and sometime good things appear so not long ago I was talking to my friend out new characters for future Borderlands games and here is what we came up with.

So throughout all the games there’s been a pattern with the characters and we continued with that for example Roland had a turret and so did axton so why not have a new vault hunted with a turret drone that follows you on wheels future upgrades to this action skill can cause the mini turret drone to send out a sonic wave blast which stuns and damages the enemy for a short period of time, more upgrades include a second mini drone, longer duration, having a shield, picking up ammo and cash for you and different weaponry from machine gun to rockets.

The second new vault hunter is a hunter himself and is well fond of the wildlife too his action skill allows you to call upon a wildlife either a skag or a rakk anyway which ever wildlife Gearbox wants to pick and the upgrades for set action skill increases the size, duration, how many, able to call it out during fight for life and one of the final skills at the bottom could be king of the wild which is to call upon not all but mostly all of the wildlife to aid you in the fights.

The third vault hunter a siren for this character being that the siren has the ability to create phase bombs which she throws causing there to be a mist effect or slag like air which can be shot at with a element weapon causing it to become a electric cloud or fire storm or corrosive mist damaging enemies within the area further upgrades creates random mist instead of just slag, longer direction, bigger area of effect, allowing the mist to move, and the ability to heal the team.

The forth and final vault hunter has a gun/turret attached to his back which appears over his shoulder. This ability only shoot when you shoot and aims where your aiming, upgrades include in a second gun on the other shoulder, duration, damage, recharges your shield whilst activated and can be used during fight for life giving you the ability to walk around.

So there are my 4 new vault hunters ideas it be nice to see some of these characters abilities as a few are quite different from what we have now.

(Ponte) #108

A character that has good skills and its are a mix of a siren and a turret/soldier/weapon class. Dunno what the name of this character is but the Action skill is something of an ice tornado, which further skills would increase radius of the range of the ice tornado, and the left skill tree has bonuses and skills for team, weapons, health, shields, and skills for solo too, and the bottom skill could be that the team gets 15 seconds of invincibilty and everyone in the team can use each others action skills for like 10 seconds.

The middle skill tree is focused on the action skill itself and the character. and skills in this tree could be new things for weapons like a revolver or shotgun that starts to shoot different things from it and starts to behave like an AI. Then other things like new abilities for the character one could be so the character begin to fly, invisibility, turn enemies into friendlies. And the two final skills could turn the character into a Badass beast mutant soldier and create a copy of itself so it could be two with dual weapons of choice. And the other last one could do so the ice tornado deals all elemental effects and turns it into a Monstrous super cloud with increased speed and new attacks like homing in on enemies, gets a copy of the characters shield, and grenade mod, and even a copy of the characters one weapon to use in combat.

The last skill tree is more focused on survival and different damage options and some sort of elemental, So one skill this skill is top tier one can give “Super health” this skill requires 4 points with the first point gives 100% more health and the 4th point in it gives 400% more health. And the second skill is only a one point skill which gives archers, everytime the character shoots an enemy or reloading or changing weapons or walking it gives 2.75% gun damage per stack no lose of accuracy but recoil reduction is increased. Then it is the middle skill which give the character zombie grenades which spawns deadly living zombies that attacks enemies and the character gets health regeneration. And the last skill is a one point too which has make a bigger version of the zombie that spawns from the grenade into a 100 meters long zombie with cannons on its both shoulders and it can shoot out mini zombies and mini nukes at its enemies and the characters XP is increased for each kills and health bar is increased by 700% and so the health regeneration, and ammo regeneration, the character also regenerates rockets and grenades and gets heavily increased shield capacity, and the characters shield gets all nova types added to it for 30 seconds and the character can trigger all novas when the shield is depleted this skill does not end here even the ice tornado gets the “Storm suck” ability which sucks enemies in its tornado spin and kills them, and gives the character 100% chance of looting legendaries, pearls just by open a container for 30 seconds. This skill can only be activated once 5 minutes because its cooldown is 300 seconds.

Idk if this game have four or five skill trees but here i have a fourth and a fifth skill tree:

The fourth tree is more focused on different stuff like stacks and enemies. So the first skill gives the character 10x stacks of engaged which decay slow when the character is shooting an enemy they lose interest then a timer starts to run down from 8 seconds so if the enemy still has no interest or if the character has lost all stacks a bomb jumps up from the underground into the enemies hands and explodes immediately, but if the enemy gets interest back and the stacks is still at 10x or lower no bomb jumps into the hands of the enemy and the enemy starts to shoot the character again and the character kills the enemy the enemy drops 5 skill points. This skill works only on humans and robots and this skill requires 5 points. And the middle skill in this tree is a one point which the character can taunt or like enemies so if the character not shooting only looking at an enemy they gets friendly and be on the characters side for quiet awhile. But if the character kills the enemies then they dies and spins around and shooting bullets out of its bodies until the body is completely eliminated all of the enemy`s body bullets homes in on other enemies.
So the final skill have i no idea about and the fifth skill tree is coming when i have ideas for it.


(RaposoDesu) #109

Class Ideia :

ClockW0rk / CW0
Gender : ???
Age : Unkown
Specimen : Alien

ClockW0rk have an special abilitie he can STOP THE TIME (ZAWARUDO TOKIO NO TOMAWARE) but in lvl 5 is soo weak and the projectiles you shot stop in time too ( like Dio Zawarudo) , but he gonna have habilities can augment this time like 2.15 seconds , But the max is 1.05 minutes (with class mod obviosly) , his gonna have 3 skills tree , at once you use the special abilitie he stop time;

It´s W0rk ?
This skill tree is focused on Stop the time duration and buffs u can have duranting in this time like health regen , more dmg , shield regen , and the range of this abilitie

Cl0cked focused on elemental damage and resistence

Time Problems this skill three in special can debuff you and enemies around , and transform enemies in other enemies like : Skag turned into an Goliath.

OBS: Iam Brazilian and sorry for my english and i dont have much ideias for skills and skill tree and perks name :>

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i like it

(gwilkinson2021) #111

had an idea. Fiona could be the sniper class, and here gun thats up her sleeve pops out as her action skill and she gets three shots. time slows down, the gun has 100 percent accuracy, deals tons of damage, and you can choose which elemental damage type by swapping weapons.

skill tree one: focussed on elemental damage. adds five shots to action skill gun. at the end of tree you get another bullet per critical hit. you get less time in action skill.

skill tree two. focussed on conning enemies. gain a ton more ammo from drops, money and guns. Enemies have a chance to not attack you n action skill.

skill tree three: sniping, buffing critical damage, very focussed on jakobs weapons. Actio skill bullets drill through enemies.

(Treverclark9) #112

I agree but instead of just melee how about the guardian character can have those slag like discs as a long range that can lock on to enemies. It should also have the ability of at least one of it’s skill trees to be able to absorb or deflect oncoming bullets back at its enemies for double the damage. It would also be good if it had a kind of skill to increase the damage of the blade frenzy or if the teleport could make you deal more damage after it or if it inflicts a status element while in use.

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What if you make two different campains for the heros and villains but in a multiplayer game if half are heroes and half are villains you can play both story missions but they intertwine with one another

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I’ve seen a lot of folks on here asking for a custom character creator. I feel like that would be almost impossible for the developer to pull off in anything more than a completely superficial way though. A choice of skills could easily be game breaking, making characters either godlike or impotent depending on the chosen skills.

I remember watching some developer vids from BL2 and the skill trees are meticulously thought out, tweaked, and balanced as I recall. Being able to pick and choose offers way too many variables for this to be a practical use of the developers time in my opinion.

TL;DR: If you just want to pick what your character looks like and then pick a pre-mapped skill set, that would work. Custom skill trees, however, are not really possible as far as I can tell.

(Dsgorski) #115

Not really a character idea, but for a new siren action skill I’d like to see an attack reminiscent of the Biotic Charge ability from mass effect.

(godslayer900) #116

that would be cool if we still got her comentary on all thing like in the pre sequel

(godslayer900) #117

one of the most likely characters would be the siren asha from the origins comic for borderlands. she had the ability to control the creatures of borderlands. so maybe her skill tree could be to take control of a enemy creature or something along the lines of being able to summon one of three different creature.

(godslayer900) #118

i have to disagree if she was a playable character then we wouldn’t get the same amount of amazing commentary out of her so i hope she remains a npc

(chepewh1998) #119

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I have been reading all your fabulous theories about the future characters in Borderlands 3, so I decided to join the party.
In my opinion, the next game will be focused in a war between the many factories in Pandora (Dahl, Torgue, Maliwan, etc).
Some companies will be good and others not. Four companies deciede to join with the vault hunters in order to avoid the new vault (the begin of this war) fall in wrong hands.
Jesus as the Demolisher.
Jesus is a heavy player with big muscles and a big heart.
His special consist in deploying a armor suit that slow him and replace his weapon with hand canon and rockets in the back.
His trees skills are based in Damage, his special, or shield.

Astrhit as the Siren
Who can be better to elemental damage to maliwan than a Siren? She is cold and sometimes emotionless, will put the mission over any other circumstance.
Her special consist in canalize after a few seconds to deploy a energetic barrier around her that moves with her and stop incoming bullets. She can reactivate the skill to shoot the stopped bullets to the same direction they came from.
Her trees skills are based in elemental damage, non-elemental damage, and her special turning the bullets into different elemental bullets.

Anastacia as the Greater Hammer
Vladof have one of the best weapons when you want to empty them, little are those who still fight in melee.
Anastacia is one of those heroes in the motherland.
Her special consist in replace her weapon with big hammer that allows her to do more damage in melee and recieve a high mobility after hit, similar as Brick, krieg, or Zero.
Her skill tree consist in Magize size, speed movement and heal regeneration after kill, or awesome adds to her special.

Hyperion (assuming is not completely destroyed, if not Atlas)
Jose as The Medic
Jose is a charismatic character that find pleasure healing and hurting (not in that order) others.
Decided to provide honor and glory to his faction, he decided to join the vault hunters.
His special consist in using his nano-technological gauntlet in the left hand to shoot energetic balls that impregnates in the enemies a new element that heal based in the damage you do to them.
As the only support in the team, he as habilities as own healt regeneration, presicion/damage, and allucinant adds to his special.

Well, that is all for now, please let me know what you guys think about it. Give me sugerations or tips and don’t forget to share if you liked it, or not.


(...) #120

If we are going to take this seriously/not seriously…

ANYTHING is a possible character in a game that hasn’t come out and no news about, other than reading something about it being made in Canada ( Quebec ).

SO… I vote for Hansel and Griddle…an angst-ridden teen to beats his enemies to death with a frying pan.

A piece of celery is also a viable option.

Did I mention it was omniscient?
Well it is.

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Agree with Tina but as…Teen Tina
Active Skill.Teeny(Pun of Tiny :P) Airstrike
Tina got 10s to mark target(s if used some skills)) after after active skill timer goes off Buzzard Callsigned Bloodwing fire Roland name printed missle(s if used some skills) :smiley:

Skill trees

Bunkers - Support bassed skills

Tourgedown - Weapon bassed skills

Badasses - Skills for active skill

(Epicjirachi) #122

i like it