Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

(Sam) #123

As many here I have to agree with Tina. Explosions everywhere!

Also I remember a youtube comment claiming Bossanova (from the Telltale Game) would be a great base concept for a Vault hunter. He used a Subwoofer as a kind of “Sound gun”, which would be a nice action skill and music could be turned into a Skilltree focused on Buffs as well.

(reachfan2) #124

What about Michael Mamaril? I can imagine his title being “The Gunsmith.” His skill trees should be about mastering the different types of guns. One tree involves high power weapons like sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and shotguns, another would involve low damage weapons which are assault rifles, pistols, and SMGs, and finally, a tree that gives his special ability boosts and new features. His special ability would be him using an explosive laser gun (Torque Industries would be proud) that can be used only temporarily.

Also, in my opinion, Steve “The Zombie.” Regenerates health faster than any other character ever, and skill trees should be about regenerating health, increasing stats and adding temporary abilities after biting someone (Melee), and adding features to his special ability. His special ability would be increasing his weapon, grenade, and melee, while being literally invincible. Temporarily of course.

What do you guys think? Is this too much to ask for?

(Petererdei72) #125

Borderlands playable character idea

Scate –
Story: Scate is the son of Scooter. His mother, Tessa, was one of the only women that had a somewhat longer relationship with Scooter. Scate’s mother died when he was 11, which forced him to wander the streets as an orphan for 3 years. When he was 14, General Knoxx found him and accepted him into the atlas army. He was trained to be a supersoldier by Knoxx himself for 4 years. During his first mission he lead a group of assassins to take out a Dahl commander, however, after the mission failed he was rescued and all the other soldiers, assassins and even some civilans were killed when General Knoxx bombed the small village they were in. Later he met Athena, and they became close friends. Athena was like a big sister to him, which he never had. Scate was 20 when Athena turned on atlas, he was forced to make a choice between her or General Knoxx. Unable to make a decision, he ran away.
He traveled to Elpis in search of Athena, but instead, he uncovered evidence of a weapon General Knoxx made for him. He found it in the hands of Dahl soldiers who thought it was a useless artifact. They captured Scate but he escaped and stole the weapon. As soon as he touched it, it expanded from a metal rod into a massive double sided axe. He also stole a atlas ship which he used to get back to Pandora. He wandered pandora for five years, stealing eridium and trading it for money. After he saved up enough, he started looking for his father. His mother gave him little clues on who his father was. When he heard that Handsome Jack died and the vault was opened, he went to sanctuary and met the vault hunters, who tried to encourage Scate to join him. However, he refused and said he needed to find his father. Later he met Moxxi who recognised him. She had a picture of him when he was a kid with Scooter on it. At that time Scooter was away promoting his car merchandise at a bandit death race. Scate went of to find him, however, days later, he received a message that Scooter sacrificed himself to save a group of people from exploding in space. After his greaving, he decided to become a vault hunter and join his old friend, Athena.

Skill tree:
Action skill:- Voltaic edge : Equip your double sided axe. Press LT to throw your axe, press RT to swing it and press B to start blocking. Blocking reduces 50% of all incoming damage.
Left side: Bulwark
Skill ideas – Main skill: when you activate your acion skill you immediately regenerate all your shield and health and gain a 25% damage reduction and 100% melee damage. You also become immune to all damage while blocking with your axe.
Other skills: Melee kills restore shields, shield recharge delayed shortened, health regeneration when shields become depleted
Middle: Collaboration
Main skill: Your axe matches the element you were last damaged by. Only one element can be can be active during one action skill. Allies can also charge you with elemental damage by shooting you.
Other skills: dealing elemental damage heals you, the axe has a chance to slag when thrown, increased elemental chance and damage, killing an enemy has a chance to regenerate health for you and your allies
Right side: Incursion
Main skill: when your shields are depleted instead of preforming a normal melee you throw your axe and create a singularity where it lands, than it explodes. All damage dealt restores health and starts shield regeneration.
Other skills: kills give 50% extra movement speed, when your shields are depleted you reflect bullets that hit you, melee kills restore health

(hikaru007) #126

:smiley: ive read this topic again, ive think Mad Moxxi can olso fit but DLC charr

Mad Moxxi as…Seducer
Melee weapon Kick(Because Slaping are used by Auriela)
(With some some skills switchblade from heel give bonus to damage and melee crits)
Active Skill Seducing song

Mad Moxxi start sining songs :smiley: and enemies start dancing(Yes even creatures and bosses, but not vehicles :P) and taking damage at same time, after acton skill goes off explosions occurs.

As we know Moxxi hide her true orgin :stuck_out_tongue: ive think give some quips durning active skill
For example…

durning action skill
(Sings in southern accent)
Just’a good ol’ boys
Never meanin’ EHEM! (clears throat)
Sorry! (sings diffrent song in her sexi voice)

Skill tree,s

Money are her buffs
Power are weapon skills
and Respect are Support

Some skills and Referances

Boobie Trap Moxxi throw second grenade from her br…emm i mean coat :smiley:
Ref.Nice Booby Trap from Who framed Roger Rabbit

Eridium are a girls best friend.Scoring crits give chance to drop eridium
Ref.Marlin Monroe Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

I’m not mad(To replace bad).Increase fire rate
I’m just drawn that way reduce reload time durning if action skill are active
Ref,Who Framed Roger Rabbit again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Moxxi Lady
Increase time of action skill
Ref Jimi Hendrix song Foxy Lady(or Foxey Lady)

Colors Refs

Lady in Red.
Jessica Rabbit red dress or woman in red from Matrix
and other female persona wearing red dress like Bella Goth from The Sims games :P.

Adam (Ice blue color)
And evil(Green color)
Batman & Robin, (Ice blue color to Mr Freeze amd Greeen to Posion Ivy)

Rakkgirl (Black and yellow)
The Batgirl colors

Till Death Do Us Part (Gray and blue)
Corpse Bride Tim Burton film

(Black Axon) #127

That quest would be amazing

(killmey16) #128

my idea for a possible character is have Maya or Lilith have a brother or have a planet that has sirens but have a guy have a cool power like a siren but i know that sirens are girls but if there was a guy siren or something that had a badass power like phaselock or phase shift that would be so cool.
also i would like to see Lilith in borderlands 3. but have her phasewalk ability be so much more badass because you know how in borderlands 2 how the erudim changed her power how she was stronger and everything do something with that make her so she even more powerful make her the firehawk she is.
so those are my ideas.

(SolusHD) #129

The Planet of sirens cannot be done for 1 reason. A quote from Handsome Jack stating that there can only be 5 sirens alive at any given time in the universe.

(Is this thing on?) #130

6 sirens, but otherwise perfectly correct.

(SolusHD) #131

Yep your right i just looked up the quote but either way the theory is still the same

(Brian5) #132

Ok here it goes.first of all I really have to hand it to gearbox for such an awesome game .i have always loved borderlands ,only thing I found negative about this game was the language from time to time.the game in itself has always been awesome to me.i loved everything about this game and was just contemplating on buying battle born yesterday .i want to be truthful in what I am saying , having a character in bl3 acting as Jesus is totally out of the question for me.i am totally against it.if stories do not line up with his name being totally from the bible I will not participate in it.i know other people have been named Jesus and you maybe thinking in those reasons for your character you want to make but the line is drawn with me when it comes to that.i do want to say I enjoyed playing borderlands.thanks


As far as playable characters go, I’d like to see a midget on a scag (special could be dismounting with benefits and /or drawbacks) and a synthetic, male siren ( maybe sick, and hoping to find a cure in the vaults)

(Enemy of Thunder) #134

Or it could just be the Spanish name Jesus…

(outernet1993) #135

I feel Gortys would be a good addition to the vault hunters seeing as she’s technically out of a job now.
If anything I’d also love to see an expansion on Krieg’s past with a new character that can fill that part for him in terms of backstory or just let Krieg be part of the lineup again.
Otherwise… Let’s see more of Zero’s race in borderlands. He seems to be getting coverage in both BL2/TFTB so it’s a given hopefully

(Austen) #136

What about Ted the forbidden brother of Zed and Ned as mentioned by T.K Baha Zombie in the first Headhunter pack. I am quite curious of who this person is and if he’s gonna make an appearance in Borderlands 3 or as a playable character.

(chepewh1998) #137

Guess mate, take it sweet.
It was only the spanish version of Jesus, which is very common here. Also, thanks to ThatOneGuy23 for provide my point.
I mean, we really need to see more mexican references in the game besides Salvador (who is awesome and my big brother play him). You know, something that shut up the talking hot dog racist from the pre-sequel.

(Mcore) #138

So there are a lot of awesome ideas her but I haven’t read them all. Someone else on the forum had mentioned possible adding wall jumping/running. I remember before the presequal came out lots of people wanted it while others were opposed to it. What if it were just one character that could? The characters skills could be focused around melee damage and speed. I aging the action skill to read like this:
"character can run on vertical surfaces for 20 seconds, gains full sheild, extra movement speed and melee damage. "
One tree could give him or her something like an Oz kit. With skills that enhance it to give it knockback when (s)he butt slams, or extra aoe, etc. Another tree for movement speed, melee damage and shield stuff, with a third focusing on ranged attacks.

(KodyofBear) #139

Character: Kanati as the Savage (Hunter/Packleader)

Backstory: being the illegitimate child of sir hammerlock and a particularly charming lady-psycho he was left as an infant in a skag den with his fathers revolver and knife to fend for himself. There he killed the pack alpha and became the pack leader himself. For the next 34 years he would live with the pack learning to hunt both prey and predator all while developing a healthy love for cannibalism and even engaging in some rather disturbing acts of beastiality. Until one day after hunting down mid-day meal a (exceptionally good psycho midget) he heard a echo transmission advertising the wealth of the vaults hidden across the galaxy and headed to sanctuary to become a vault Hunter (with the help of his pack of course).
Also thought maybe nine toes as father instead open to thoughts on backstory.

Character design: size of Wilhelm (buffer), rugged beard, longish ratty hair, tribal tattoos, melee= hunting knife

Outfit: varying pelts (rakk, skag, bullymong, etc.) decorative hunting knife strapped to chest, sleeveless, handkerchief sticking out of pants, stalker-talon necklace, glass eye (optional), claw scars on face, arm, chest

Action: summon 2 skags to fight by your side 1 spit (Moqwaio), 1 normal (Rugaru)

I didn’t fully flush out skill trees just a general idea with the cap stone or mini caps within the tree

Skill Trees: (Left) Beast Master: upgrades Rugaru (attack dog) damage, health; upgrades Moqwalo (healer dog) healing speed, medical spit range :: Tree Cap: Alpha, Beta; Turns Rugaru into a fiery alpha skag (fire elemental damage and major boost to health) and turns Moqwalo into and electrical beta spitter (attacks enemies shields exclusively to wear down enemies for alpha to easily dispatch) when not healing Kanati

(Middle) Native Predator: upgrades shotgun damage,reload,magazine,etc ; melee damage: Mini Capstones: 1. Waste None; instantly collect ammo from dead enemies:: 2. A hunters blade: whenever holding a pistol carries knife in offhand (better melee speed and range)

(Right) Animalistic: upgrades health shields: Mini Cap: Wounded Prey: when in fight for you life gain a family revolver in off hand (deals double main hand) Main Cap: Silence of the Lamb: eat killed enemies to regain health

Name reasoning: I like names with a purpose so I chose the name of the Hunter to be Kanati because in Native American culture Kanati the first man and guardian of the hunt

(KodyofBear) #140

Borderlands character ideas: Bubba
(Lab rat)
Human Mutant
Backstory: After being sold as a teenager (Along with his little brother Beaux) to Hyperion by his hodunk parents, Bubba was subjected to slag mutation slowly driving him insane. As a result of this experimentation Bubba was given incredible strength (at the expense of more than one of his appendages). Following the chaos of the vault hunters raid on the Hyperion wildlife preservation compound he was able to escape with his little brother Beaux by further modifying his genome. Now inspired by the vault hunters who gave him a chance to escape and an ever evolving genome he joins the search for the vaults in hopes to find a better life for him and his brother.

Character Design: Tall very tall, patchy or mohawk hair, lean muscle build, purple slag veins, DNA modifier crudely screwed onto chest (over heart) that joins with his graphene (material layered to be hard as diamonds while maintain flexibility of muscle sinew - real thing) composite arm, multiple stab wounds and surgical scars.

Outfit: Hyperion military pants, knee pads, sub-dermal graphene plate (Replacing part of his side lost during mutation), spaulder (right shoulder)

Action Skill: Mood swing- quickly analyze the battle field and mutate you DNA to infuse your arm with the best element (slag,fire,shock,etc) for the job giving a melee 300% increase and elemental damage and imbues all weapons with element selected w/ a 100% effect chance

Skill Trees:
(Middle) Bio Mechanical Boxer
-Increase melee damage
-Increase melee speed
-Movement speed
-health regen
-punching enemies cause stun
Tree Cap: permanently assign element (of your choice) to arm/melee when action isn’t active

(Right) Wrap your Willy
-Health increase
-shield increase
-shield break weapon stat boost
-damage resistance
-element resistance
Tree Cap: It Broke…
At start of fight for your life cause element shock wave damaging near by enemies

(Left) Compensater
Increase damage with high damage weapons (rocket launchers. Shotguns, hand cannons)
-better reload/fire rate
-larger magazine
-lower recoil
-chain kill bonuses
Tree Cap: Double team when shield breaks baby Beaux fire rockets at enemies for 18 seconds (while giggling maniacally)

Not set on their names or backstory open to suggestions

(SlyScy) #141

Maybe a blob monster whose special involves a lunge towards enemies to dissolve them and give it a massive health regeneration HoT? You can’t shoot your own gun while eating, but you can control the convulsions of your victim to use his gun or melee until he’s nothing but an undigested pile of gloop.

Oooh, I like this idea. A blob monster vault hunter with a spec tree in lasers and rayguns and dissolving psychos for regen.


There could be a character who’s action skill is to materialize a big mech and go about punching the things, couple ideas for what could be contained in the skill tree:

  • chance for shock damage
  • chance to deflect bullets back
  • Melee skill for a power stomp, turning your foes to giblets (and knock back nearby enemies)
  • health regen while inside mech
    Also a Gunslinger who’s action skill would be a bullet ricocheting from one enemy to another, possible skills could add a health steal increase the number of enemies it hits before stopping, increase damage etc.