Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"


I could very well be mistaken here, buuuut I believe that the war mentioned is what takes place in the story of the TellTale game: ‘Tales from the Borderlands’. I made this conclusion mainly after noticing the same aliens are present in the game, thereby connecting the scenarios. The game also has a large roster of characters (…many vault hunters…), unplayable to be sure, but still all depicted as vault hunters. Again, I could likely be wrong here, as there are simple points that I noticed in a widely unplayed game in regards to the BL community. If I am right then I will certainly be disapointed, as the Aliens quote got me excited for what potential the sequel to BL2 had, I am hoping for better but I have mostly accepted TftBL’s story as the one mentioned.

(Steven Langer) #144

My top 3 on the playable characters wishlist:

  • Tiny Tina
  • Torque
  • Crazy Earl (I like his attitude)

(SolusHD) #145

I feel like your wrong. You make some good points with sound reasoning, but I believe what we got in tales was a build up. With the return of Atlas and as well as introducing new vault hunters and eliminating other characters we have the makings of a force to be reckoned with if they are able to ally themselves with the residents of sanctuary, and any other force the vault hunters have created.

In all honesty with the build up we were given I feel we will see every characters we have had before, but we will not get to play them, Instead we will get a new roster set that will round out the Vault Hunters as a whole. I feel this will happen because 1 they will not want to reuse characters and action skills again. As well as wanting to keep those who are not available to play just to be fan favs instead of adding skill trees and abilities that could ruin our perspective of them.


I hope you are right, and if you remember the end of TofBL, it was left kind of wide-open with the whole abrupt teleportation thing

(Dedpooljiinx) #147

I’d really like some of the characters from Tales of the Borderlands to show up. Rhys, Fiona, and a pairing of Gortys and Loaderbot!!!

(Dedpooljiinx) #148

Hell yes!!


It would be neat if we could make custom vault hunters by mix and matching pre-set skill trees and action skills. I think this would be cool DLC content but kind of strange in the vanilla game.

(matthewgarmsiri) #150

I actually made a topic about a very similar idea


Oh, cool! I’ll go look at it

(Bencristopher) #152

hey i have a good idea ,what about A NEW MALE AND FEMALE SIREN AND A MALE AND FEMALE CHARCTER FOR THE ASSAIN BERSERKER ECT… What could happen is that a lady got pregnant, she some how found a peice of eridiunm, when she about pick the eridium up LILIF AND MAYA are walking and chating ,notices the pregnat lady picking it up, theyy run up to her but its too late the eridiunm goes through her and the twins mutate into sirens, meaning its created a MALE SIREN and a FEMALE SIREN , this could mean if 2 players were to choose to play as the SIREN SIBINGS they could be very destinkt and could have comletely diffent powers and WHEN BOTH ACTIVATED IT COULD CREATE A CONBO! i hope you like the idea it just came in to my mind PLEASE DONT HATE IM ONLY 13 XDDD

(Dweller) #153

Dream cast for me for playables include Salvador, Krieg, Mordy with his new Bloodwing, Brick, Timothy, and Sir Hammerlock, out of the playable characters either they don’t interest me in playstyle/skills or their personality didn’t interest me, Sir Hammerlock is included because he amuses me and his sister was a playable in TPS so he could conceivably be one if they wanted. If Tiny Tina is a playable character at least I’d never have to hear since I play solo or in a private party since random online has been unplayable for me in every Borderlands either because of hackers or people using cheese gear. As much as I liked Claptrap in 1 and 2 I disliked him in TPS (his personality seemed off to me) so I don’t care if he makes it as a playable character or not.

(Epicjirachi) #154

i think bringing back old characters is kind of limiting on creativity

(matthewgarmsiri) #155

I want a fresh sets of new charecters in the vanilla but maybe also have a dlc(s) that bring back older charecters, you could have character packs
Brick and sal and kreig- berserkers
Maya and Athena and Lilith- sirens
Zero and Aurelia and mordecai- snipers
Axton and Gaige and Timothy- pets

(Irondefiance11) #156

Honestly, does anyone ever wonder who the next “Angel” will be? Besides, of course there will be another siren. Angel died, so that means another siren will appear soon. I hope they make someway to bring back Angel as a playable character. Because wasn’t Angel just a program? What if Handsome Jack gave ANGEL A DOPPELGANG?

(Artistrecovery) #157

An argument for LESS EPIC characters:

I think the character development might have painted itself into a corner. If we just keep getting wilder and more powerful, we might end up with a play-style that is just too weird, even for Pandora. If you think of all the characters already made, its a lot in terms of variety.

If we were to get a true PREQUEL about how things were just prior to BL1, then we could use all of the following characters:

Helena Peirce
Shep Sanders
Nine Toes
Bone Head
Mad Mel
Jaynis Kobb
Taylor Kobb
Hanz and Franz
Baron Flynt
Wee Wee

And they could be less epic. Meaning, that they could hold inventory, use communications, and interact in a world with more NPCs that you can have optional assistance with. You could hire cronies, scout territory, get mercenary contracts…and more basic things. Then, perhaps around level 50, you might start to unlock a few more interesting abilities.

But if the whole game is "tornadoes of acid with teleporting lightning bolts", I think we will end up with a game that we don’t really enjoy. We need to make sure that this game isn’t pushing into BATTLEBORN territory, or any other game out there either. Those games already exist, so BL3 (or BL 1/2) shouldn’t overlap.

(What does it all mean!?) #158

The possible characters things is one of the most difficult decisions the design team has to make imho… The open up the possibility of bringing back old characters at the end of TPS and allude to it further in TFTBL… However, if we’re playing the same characters with similar skill trees, aren’t we playing Borderlands 2.5? If we have the same characters but different skill trees, are they even the same character anymore? If we have completely new characters, will people just be clamoring for the old ones again?

I’m torn on these myself, I really want to play Maya in new settings and levels, but it’s also probably time to create some new folks with new awesome skills and play the crap out of those… How do they top Krieg though? one of the most masterful designs in all of the games I’ve ever seen or played… just brilliant on nearly every level even with a couple of fails in the skill trees, they took some risks and had some crazy ideas that mostly worked… I think this challenge (new v. old vault hunters + new trying to top the previous ones) may define the game either way, whether we go down the Assassin’s Creed route of variations of the same, or the Borderlands 2 v Borderlands 1 route which was similar but significantly more awesome

(matthewgarmsiri) #159

Action skill: phase storm
You channel the maelstrom and while active you levitate above the ground and unleash elemental barrages, your right hand has the ability to throw lightning bolts and your left hand can hurl fireballs.

1st skill tree
Focus on the action skill
Various skills affecting skill duration, cool down, a skill to increase movement speed, halfway down is a skill that generates an acid cloud around you that will be given to an enemy that gets to close the cloud deals constant corrosive damage to the enemy and has a chance to spread to others nearby, cloud disappears of the host does or the action skill ends. Capstone your lightning bolt becomes a chain lightning and the fireball becomes a firestorm

Skill tree 2
Focus elemental and survival
Skill boost stats such a s elemental effect chance/damage/duration, buffs to health and healing, a kill skill that heals you if an enemy has a dot
Capstone: maelstrom Phoenix, killing an enemy gives you Phoenix wings dealing large amounts of electric, fire, and acid damage to nearby enemies while increasing movement speed

Skill tree 3
Skills buff grenade damage and all other aspects of grenades from damage to blast radius to a skill that changes their delivery to longbow
Capstone: when an enemy is killed by a grenade or explosion (i.e. Launcher or barrel) a large “maelstrom” nova erupts dealing shock fire and acid damage

(matthewgarmsiri) #160

Skill tree 1 (WIP)
Suggestions and ideas welcome!

Tier 1
-Inferno: increase fireball damage 0/5
-Surge: increase lightning bolt damage 0/5

Tier 2
-Channel: increase cool down rate by x% 0/5
-Unrelenting: increase duration by x seconds 0/5

Tier 3
-Caustic cloud: when you activate your action skill you generate an acid cloud around you, it will be transferred to an enemy that gets too close dealing constant acid damage them with a chance for corrosion, the cloud disappears when all affected targets are killed or the action skill ends. 0/1

Tier 4
-Slipstream: increase movement speed by 10% per point while phase storm is active 0/4
-Whirlwind: while phase storm is active whirlwinds surround you slowing down nearby enemies 0/1
-Calm before the storm: while on cool down you regenerate Health up to 2.5%* per point the lower your health the stronger the stronger the regeneration 0/4

Tier 5
-Eye of the storm: while your action skill is active, allies that are nearby you are filled with a calming sensation, increasing their accuracy and reducing recoil by x&y% 0/5

Tier 6
-Perfect storm: your lighting bolts and fireballs get a power boost and are transformed into chai lightning and firestorm respectively 0/1

Also help with the names of the skills would be amazing

(Coolluigifan123) #161

My suggestion would be a sort of class where the player is a were-skag. His skill would be to turn into a skag if his skill was activated his skill tree can be updated to make his powers more threatening. The player’s skill tree on the other hand would be varying from elemental abilities, melee/projectiles or armor. i think the player should have the appearance to look similar to krieg but not as psychotic as him. My second suggestion would be a Hyperion GUN loader gone haywire much like MAL from BL2 where his skill would be to Heighten all of his gun’s to a max efficiency and if some skills are acquired the skill could last for a long amount of time. His skill tree would be Combat & execution(the title makes it obvious also it can add miniguns to it and activate it when it’s skill is activated much like a badass loader), efficiency (focused more on his skill to heighten gun damage, reload and accuracy much like krieg’s bloodlust skill) , and conservation (can conserve ammo, health, and can summon a surveyor to help boost it’s shield) anyways those are all of my ideas and i really don’t care if they get implemented in the game or not i just want to share my ideas!


I’ve made one farily detailed character idea thread in the BL2 forum… last year, because I didn’t know back then that this thread existed in Gearbox Talk. So now that I’m getting somewhat active on this forum, and now that BL3 is being worked on, I thought I could repost it here to add it to the discussion. Hope I’m doing it right.