Borderlands 3 "Possible Characters?"

(matthewgarmsiri) #163

The saboteur
A shadowy man with a hidden past, he’s great at blending in and striking when you least expect it.
Effortlessly gliding around the battlefield dispatching enemies with arsenal of pistols explosives and his hidden blade
Melee weapon is a hidden blade that extends and retracts rapidly from above your wrist

Action skill: incognito
Constantly active (passive effects), enemies will not turn hostile towards you unless you attack them, melee strikes and gunshots will trigger enemies but moving around and throwing a grenade will not (if an enemy is damaged by a grenade they will aggro)

Skill tree 1: specter focuses around the incognito skill and pistols
Some various skills
-Capstone: supressor, firing guns will not alert all enemies only those you damaged (does not apply to rocket launchers), slight damage decrease to all guns. 0/1
-C-4: melee override- throw a sticky c-4 charge pressing the melee button detonates the charge, cool down 15 sec* 0/1
-Quick escape: while outside of combat you slowly accrue escape stacks, when in combat sprinting will cause escape stacks to decay quickly during this time movement speed is increased by 25% per point invested and you max stacks increase by 20 per point invested. 0/5
-low profile: leaving enemy line of sight causes them to de aggro quicker, time required for enemies to loose interest is shortened by each point in vested 0/5
-fmj: increase pistol damage and bullet speed 0/5
-sure shot: increase pistol accuracy and critical hit damage
-range: the farther you are from an enemy the more damage you do (includes grenades and explosives but not rocket launchers)

Skill tree 2 slice n dice: focuses on melee damage and melee critical damage
Some various skills
-Cloak and dagger, melee attacks don’t alert other enemies (only the one damaged) 0/1
-Deep cuts: meleeing an enemy cause them to bleed, increase bleed time by x sec per point 0/4
-rapid: increase melee speed by 20% per point 0/5
-stronger: increase melee damage by x% per point 0/5
-Fancy footing: when an enemy charges you press the action skill button when they’re close enough to trip them 0/1

  • sudden sharp headache: the first time you deal damage to an enemy if it’s a critical melee strike it deals massive bonus damage +1000% critical melee damage 0/1
    -reach: increase your melee range 0/5

Skill tree 3 grenades and explosives
-Smoke bomb: throwing your grenade will generate a smoke screen hiding you from enemies 0/1
-flash bang: throwing your grenade creates a flash and blinding and stunning enemies 0/1
(You can only pick one)
-controlled demolition: Increase grenade damage and reduce blast radius 0/5
-short fuse: decrease fuse time on grenades by x% per point (a lot) 0/5
-you’ve got an arm: you throw grenades farther 0/?
Capstone: head trauma: after being hit by a grenade all enemies affected boxes confused and will shoot anything thing that moves (includes you but also their friends)

Ideas and suggestion for improvement would be extremely appreciated, let me know what you think, I love the idea of a charecters who dispatched people on by one but suffers in an all out brawl
Also name ideas for the skills would be amazing

(For fun gamer) #164

I see what your onto here, tbh I didn’t read the entire post but like u create the look of the character and then pick the different class u want.


Wilhelm and Nisha both died bro.

(For fun gamer) #166

What is the point of something that shows enemy’s when u can blow them up before u see them?

(For fun gamer) #167

U have to stick with the story bro, which right now is a war with the eridians.

(For fun gamer) #168

But I myself want to see all characters from all the borderlands plus some new ones.

(Silverkhaos) #169

They could say Wilhelm uploaded to a. Full robot body which he’d love and Nisha either wasn’t fought at all or simply didn’t die in thee fight

(Oppenguin24) #170

Idea for NEW character: GUN-Liath

A tanky class which allows you to play as a Goliath, but with a twist. Instead of going into a typical rage mode, he/she creates a mini gun like weapon that uses the damage, fire-rate, and elemental effects of your equipped weapons for the gunliath’s rage mode. Of course the damage of your equipped weapons would be added and then reduced based on character level.

For skill trees you could have a cryo-based one named “yeti” which is a tank skill tree that allows for reduced movement in exchange for tankyness, for the final skill it would turn your “mini-gun” into a freezing beam. You would also be able to have an elemental or Lazer skill tree which is more for damage and would have skills that give bonus elemental effect chance when in “gun-rage” mode and whatnot. For its final skill would be a giant Lazer to replace the “mini-gun.” The last skill tree is up to the game devs cuz I got nothing for it.

Please see this gearbox developers, I love your games and the borderlands franchise and I think that this would make an excellent and hilarious class for borderlands 3.

(Oppenguin24) #171

Golaiths were so funny in borderlands 2 and I think that this would be pure comic gold if it was a part of borderlands 3.

(Mikealkhwon) #173

I would like to have krieg as a character. Mainly concentrating on damage output and reversed buffs. An extreme " it’s all or nothin" krieg, so to speak.

Action Skill: Buzz Axe Rampage (obviously)

Left Skill Tree: “Reborn” mainly concentrates on adding damage reduction and certain buffs to Krieg’s grenades, guns, and his attacks. His capstone skill is very powerful depending on how it’s used. His capstone ability enables him to have invincibility for ONLY five seconds, but give him 75% damage reduction and boosts all damage he deals to his opponents after his invincibility stage. He can only achieve this state by getting a second wind. Hence the skill tree “Reborn”. This also resets the FFYT timer, but it does have a cooldown, so I would be very careful. Also bloodsplosion is the skill tree, too. It has penalties though such as gun damage that he deals is reduced by 25%, but Krieg can handle that.

Middle Skill Tree: “God-Liathion” which mainly focuses on essentially making him a melee god. This capstone is very overpowered just like RTB but with a twist. He has a leveling system just like the Goliath, but in the form of a badass psycho then a super badass psycho and so on. As you already know every kill restores Krieg’s health, but now with the golaiths leveling system he can become a GOD. With 100% melee damage increase and a 50% damage reduction as the base buff, but the those buffs DOUBLES each time he kill a certain amount of enemies. Until krieg becomes a God-Laithion and totally wreck havok upon his opponents.

Right Skill Tree: “Hemophiliac” this skill tree is like “Hellborn” because of the elemental buffs he gets. Whether his on fire, slagged, electrocuted, frozen, or has corrosion; he is becoming stronger by the second. This tree gives him buffs while taking elemental damage and dealing the damage. His capstone is that become a huge everlasting nova of all the elements causing him destroy his enemies in seconds. Although the skill sounds fantastic it probably will not last very long for boss fights. I think it would be for more mobbing.

(I am very sorry for the long post)
But so far I’ve seen some amazing content

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #174

If I had to guess, we’re going to get one more round of new characters, and each of the 6 playables in BL2 will be present in the main story in BL3. If I had to guess, when we get BL4, I think that all the Vault hunters (with the exception of Roland) Will be available as playable characters, in preparation for some weird-ass war against the creators of the Vaults.

(mizorefan) #175

What would you rather have? 6 new vault hunters? For gearbox to bring the old ones back? Or a mixture of both?

(Talionjustice13) #176

2 new and 2 from each BL, personally I think BL2 was way better

(For fun gamer) #177

I’m pretty sure they said bl3 was the last one

(For fun gamer) #178

All old still living and 4 new ( or more)

(JadeCrust) #179

Roland will be back!!!

(MALICAAN79) #180

hey how about in borderlands 3 we have a male siren this time, by that i mean one of the surviving lost legion ethernals, and maybe a female soldier class vault hunter

(Geonessary) #181

I like that after one those VH become leaders and part of the story. I hope they don’t recycle old VH into this one or turn other NPC into VH. I want new ones. Have the old ones be NPC who give you missions. As much fun as it would be to have Tiny Tina be playable, I’d rather just have her doin what she does as NPC and hear about what they’re doing as I progress as a new VH. Occasionally our stories intertwining.

I didn’t read through all suggestions, but spoilers, Roland, Nisha, and Wilhelm are definitely dead. After TPS Anthony Burch said killing Nisha off was his biggest regret in two because he had so much fun with her on TPS.

I’d like to see new characters that have different movement styles. A soldier with a jet pack. A rogue who moves parkour like. A tech specialist who has a grappling hook. Have areas that are accessible by only certain characters, but those areas aren’t necessary. Maybe just loot or something.

The best part of TPS was that the VH you play as actually spoke, so that is a must from now on. That was the most replayable part of TPS for me. I just wanted to hear how Athena would react to certain events and what not.

(drinkingcloud) #182

Just a random thought from reading some of these posts. But What about having one character from each of the games that is linked to your psn account as a crossover.

Obviously starting from scratch, just an idea.


Butt Stallion should be a DLC character. :wink: