Borderlands 3 *possible plot*

I feel that on the way that Borderlands 2 ended, Borderlands 3 should be based around the conversation that Brick, Lilith and Mordecai had about whipping Hyperion “off the map” and hunting for the other vaults, But if this where to happen the game would be very bland, so I feel that while they are trying to take down Hyperion once and for all they run into a new problem as the Eridian warrior suggests in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, there would be quite a bit to make off of that BUT! it would fit best with the ending of Borderlands 2 and The Pre -Sequel, Thank you for reading this, and I hope Gearbox reads this aswell!

~Simon M.

Also, any ideas are greatly welcome to be posted in the comments!

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Maybe it could be both, like, say, the VHs start on wiping out Hyperion presence on Pandora, but, I don’t know, maybe some company makes a comeback and now the VHs have to hold their own against the company whilst trying to gain closure from BL2.

Very true, Though in Tales from the borderlands Jack takes over Rhys so possibly we might see the return of jack but in a new body as they show…

What if the other two Sirens in the universe found out about what happened on Pandora and were the ones bringing the war to the Vault Hunters?

I want the entire game to be like the recent Warner Bros. game Mad Max or T-Bone Junction from General Knoxx I think Gearbox really got away from what made Borderlands I great which wasn’t necessary alot of guns and slot machines that spew out guns but just making a immersive game.

I would add realism to the game just to make it look more modern I thought Borderlands I was alot more fun then Borderlands 2 the reason LESS = MORE.

I hope that they take some inspiration from mass effect 1 and make it semy space like going from planet to planet finding the vaults and looting them.

I like the idea of them hunter for other vaults. They could do like an rpg style thing like once you complete the story they have various missions and raids they can do with other players. The raids could be 8 players or more. I mean it’s kind of a typical rpg style that is used often even in gunner rpg’s like defiance and destiny but it works. Even when you reach max level they could still have equipment that makes you stronger as you play the game. And it would make sense for borderlands and the vaults because vault hunter hunt them down for the purpose to gather the power and riches hiding away inside. And each vault seems to have some kind of guardian protecting it which would make great for a raid boss. It would give borderlands its own unique rpg feel. Plus it would be different from repeating the story over and over

Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping happens, too.

Maybe fight Blake from hyperion

Jack doesn’t survive that game though

How about inside all those vaults we find shadow trap versions of all vault hunters

I want something as big as those elephant things from Lord Of The Rings to fight yeahhhhh and blow it up.

I honestly Hope Lilith goes crazy and we get to kill her. If anyone was evil in Borderlands, it was her and Moxxi. Hyperion may be a crooked corporation but Jack wasn’t really evil. It’s pretty much Lilith and Moxxi’s fault that Roland is dead.

We already see Lilith’s decline in sanity from when she tried to execute Athena for no reason.

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Lilith got herself captured in bl2 (which killed Roland) she made Jack crazy, she tried killing Athena, she tried killing you in the Pre-Sequel, etc.

You mean rahk hives like captain Scarlett’s pet rossko

She tried killing you in TPS because you were working for Jack


Not to mention that her and Moxxi’s attempt of killing Jack and Co. involved opening a black hole over Elpis, which could have killed a fair number of the moon’s inhabitants.

The meme “that escalated quickly” is applicable.

I disagree about realism. That’s not the games strong suit. It’s good characters and the ability to make fun of itself.

That’s the largest necro I’ve seen here lol

Jack wasn’t pure evil. He was completely insane at that point. He abused his daughter, possibly killed her mother, and killed hundreds of people. He is not innocent. Additionally, he ran Hyperion. You can’t say it’s just the company that is crooked, he IS the company. And Lilith had a reason. She had worked with her before, and then a second time, and she sided with the (at this point) insane person twice, once after being he was proven crazy by the idea of power. Lilith and Moxxi in presequel didn’t handle the situation well, but their intentions were pure. In 2, Lilith messed up real bad, but she wasn’t evil necessarily. Her sanity is questionable, but so is literally everyone on Pandora. Last, Moxxi didn’t do anything bad in 2, so no sign of evil.
She did have a great part in it, but Jack was already on the way. Shown in the Meriff arc. And ofc she tried killing someone proven to aline with a crazy person.
Although that wasn’t the best way to do it, Jack nearly became all powerful. He was never too stable (Meriff shows this), so letting him have unlimited power? Not a great idea. She went about it slightly wrong, but to save the universe? Perhaps worth it. Look at Super heroes. They break stuff on a small scale constantly. The threat is larger here, so are the consequences.