Borderlands 3 potential flame throwers

Now by now im assuming most saw Randy Pitchfords post on twitter to in response to Elon musk about Elon’s flamethrower being released and the possibility that it could find its way into the next borderlands instalment as a unique weapon and i would assume as a side quest reward. Now im assuming that the weapon would be either an assault rifle or a rocket launcher however im cant be sure but im interested to see what the rest of the community thinks ill drop the image of the tweet for those of you who have not seen it.


It could be a new class of weapons. Borderlands 3 is going to ‘bigger and crazier’, which means lots of new stuff hopefully.


I’m still hoping for that old bow concept to resurface, meself. That had a lot of potential.


Old bow concept?

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Not mine, don’t remember where I found it


Imagine a class built around this. Be my all time favorite. They need new
weapon classes.

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I recall a Torgue bow in Tales of the Borderlands… If I recall correctly. Made me go whaaaa?

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Yeah, there was a Torgue crossbow. Crossbows would be cool as hell.


Heh… I thought about posting something along these lines.

I picture it like Tannis’ Laser of Enlightenment (basically a flamethrower); add a voice and you’re basically there. I don’t think BL3 will include a separate class of flamethrower-type weapons when they already have the functional equivalent in beam lasers developed that are strategically the same (except they can come in different elements, because why would you waste an entire class of weapons on a single element)?

Mostly what I take from this: mild anticipation of beam lasers in BL3.


I haven’t watched the video yet (MentalMars uploaded one yesterday), but based on what I’ve seen comment-wise in this thread - perhaps a “specialist” weapon type, that differs per manufacturer?

Maliwan - element-throwers.
Jakobs - Crossbows.
Torgue - Firework launchers? (similar to the Chinese Nest of Bees)
Tediore - ???
Hyperion - ???
Atlas - ??? (remember Rhys might have revived them in TftB, before he went through the Travelers vault of course
Vladof - ???
Bandit - ???
Dahl - ???

(I haven’t put much thought into this actually, so if anyone wants to fill the gaps why not)


And it was on that day, that one of the world’s premier businessmen changed the lives of millions by adding hours worth of loot farming for the right Flamethrower parts in to it.


What do you think it will be called?

I’m guessing Musk Launcher.

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Or Elonio Muskavez

Depends on who it’s made by - if it’s Vladof, then it’s gotta be the Muskovite.

Longbows, hopefully, or maybe equipable melee weapons.

Grenade launchers. Please.


This is just a stepping stone fellas.

Cue the Caitlyn Jenner gun where it transforms to another gun every reload.

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Why is it only now registering with me that Elon Musk was inspired by Tales From The Borderlands when he launched his Roadster into space?

Intro from TFTBL Episode 1

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Is a fire beam laser really an equivalent to tannis’ enlightenment though? I get that it’s similar in that it’s close range massive elemental damage. I would prefer to see all fire beam weapons replaced by versions of the enlightenment, and that style of projectile makes sense with corrosive and ice too. As well as slag. Though I imagine slag and corrosive to be more like the projectile vomit attack that the slagged psychos and caustic Goliaths have.

Also I don’t like the argument of "we already have “a” so we don’t need “b”. Variety is the spice of life and one of things that makes these games so interesting and replayable. With that being said I would too, love to see crossbows and melee weapons and (functional) grenade launchers.

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Flamethrowers could be fun have diffrent elements with it. Then again. Im not much of a flamehrower maybe fireballs but not much on spraying. Would love to see a vending where you can add or unadd attachments such as bayonet, grip, etc. Something i dont know.