Borderlands 3 pre-order

Hi, i have pre order Bl3 and i get a e-mail of my order confirmation but i dont have a link or a activation code. When or How i can get it

When the game releases in September. If you preordered via Epic however they provide the game on launch, same for the PlayStation store or Microsoft store, when it releases however they provide it.

If in a shop, then you should have the receipt which, I’d imagine, the shop will request on the release date before handing your preordered copy over to you.

i have pre order on and I find it strange not to have any evidence on the site of my purchase

It’s probably because that’s not actually the on-line store front itself. As long as you have the confirmation email, you should be fine.

I hope so, but is there a site where I can see my purchase?

What does it say in the email confirmation - is there a link, or the name of the actual store that completed the pre-order?

No link, iit’s 2k store that sent the email but i have check 2k store and nothing of my order

I’ve just opened the pre-order page, filling in the details as best I can tell from the link you put up I see this.


I believe this means, upon the release date you’ll get an email with the activation code, which you’ll need to redeem via the Epic Store and the game will download.

Your confirmation email should have a reference number (which is probably a unique ID which they may ask for when you redeem the code - I don’t know how Epic is doing their redeem function, honestly I don’t even know if you can currently redeem games via Epic) and probably a way to identify the transaction (for a bank statement or invoice to prove you’ve paid).

Beyond that I don’t think there is a way to check, but there might be something in the Take2 EULA or ToS documents which is a lot of reading.

Do you know where I can talk to someone who handles the sales of the 2k store?

The only contact I know is through the 2K support desk.