Borderlands 3 pre order

so i pre ordered bl3 during the epic store $10 off sale then they pulled the game, it says i own the game but im worried i wont be able to play it at launch and get a refund if i cant, i know everyone hates epic store blah blah blah but can we not go there? this is a serious question

I believe Epic and all other companies are upholding the sales carried out due to the Epic Sale.


There is nothing to worry about.

i just have a quick question, i pre ordered my copy of borderlands 3 in a physical store how would i go about redeeming the gold weapon skins pack vip thingy thingy.

Have you signed up for a VIP account on the website yet? It’s under the “Insiders” tab. Once you are signed up go to the “Activities” tab (part of the Insiders drop-down once you are logged in). From there you can fill out the pre-order survey and then you’ll just need to log in to the game with your connected SHiFT account within 14 days of the release to claim those rewards.

Some people need to turn off adblock or other browser privacy extensions/settings/whatever to get the “Activities” page to show correctly.

I think you get the gold weapons skins just for pre-ordering without having to do the VIP thing, but yeah there’s the Early Adopter pack (and more) that I think you’re wanting, too. :slight_smile:

oh good i believe ive done that , thanks for the help was just like what do i do lol. thanks again.