Borderlands 3 preformance on Xbox One X is killing the game

Having played (according to Xbox) 17 hours over 2 saves, the game is already becoming not fun any more. Firstly, the two quality modes, “resolution” mode is almost unplayable, the easily sub 30 fps even in non-combat zones is ridiculously bad and i’d hate to see it during a boss fight, “preformance” mode at least is playable but still runs poorly considering how well other titles run on the console, i’ve had; noticible frame rate drops in large engagements, aweful delay within the Echo menus, npc enemies and friendlies bug out and phase into objects and the multiple crashes are the cherry on top.

It really bugs me that the game just seems so un-optimised considering the power of the console, from talking to friends, those who have standard Xbox Ones have had none of these issues and those who have X’s share my views.

After waiting for so long for this game, it really pains me to see it in the state that it is. Hopefully there will be some preformance/bug fixing patches coming soon

Attached is a screenshot from ingame on preformance mode to show how bad the quality is


I Just started and cant continue man, it’s sad games are still being released like this.
Especially on a console.


I have to say the lot of you having issues whether you’re on S or X model seem you’re all experiencing the same symptoms despite model. I had to get on and chime in for proper variables here. I came to see if anyone was having a slight problem with map control input. Then I saw these posts about performance issues. I have to say this is something possibly wrong with the installation or perhaps your connection and maybe even the xbox itself if it’s memory is super full, there is a recommended amount to leave unused. I’m running on Xbox X, Resolution mode, hard wired internet at roughly 500mbps and a rather empty hard drive. I have absolutely no performance problems even playing with a friend and during boss fights no latency or stuttering. When playing multiplayer echo device feels a bit slower due to the fact the game is still live opposed to when solo opening echo pauses real time and thus performs smoother. That is the only difference I have noticed at all and the reason is known and understandable. I suggest contacting support possibly rather than a post. Good luck.


It’s the game,blaming a HDD is stupid.


I was really looking forward to the game but the performance in general is an issue.

Digital Foundry claims that the resolution mode (4K/30fps) is the way to play but I don’t agree. I use Destiny 2 as my point of reference as it too is 30fps on X. But, BL3 feels very sluggish, input lag/motion blur maybe? I can’t put my finger on it but it just isn’t a pleasurable experience for me, at times making me nauseous.

Performance mode does provide increased fps but is entirely erratic and non-dependable in it’s delivery. Busy combat interactions destroy the frame rate, basic traversal also provides significant frame drops.

This is all too common with game releases these days, symptomatic of developers trying to provide experiences that are beyond the limits of current gen hardware. I can’t blame the developers entirely though as they have merely responded to Microsoft and Sony’s hardware refreshes that aren’t fit for purpose.


Digital Foundry is even " vouching" for the performance, THE EXPERTS lol.

Yeah I guess this many people complaining about this are wrong? SMH

Not responding to you because I agree, that 4K/30 really hurts my eyes, it has no motion blur at all

I’ve found that putting it in Resolution mode on the Xbox One X, and then, if your TV has the option, turning on a motion smoothing effect. I then can play in 4K, while the smoothing effect makes it seem like it’s closer to 60FPS then too. The occasional lag in the inventory menus and the map is still there, but honestly, it’s not that bad in my experience. Yeah, there were a couple times where I went to my inventory backpack menu, and it was blank for 5-10 seconds until it loaded what I have, but that’s not as big of a deal as some people make it out to be. Yeah, it definitely should be addressed, but it’s not game breaking or anything. I’m just extremely happy to finally be playing this game!

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What do people mean by unplayable? I have the impression that folks exaggerate like crazy. Considering i have it on pc and xbox and both work fine. It has performance issues, it is a very demanding game. But unplayable?
I start to believe that their setup suck very hard.

I also watched many streams, there were nowhere near that kind of problems.
Nevertheless, it still needs optimizations.

I remember having that, gonna try that tonight when I get home, thanks. I’d rather have 1080p with better framerate though (even when 4k/30 seems more consistent) but thanks anyway.

Used it really? I’ve had no issues, external Hard drive Xbox 1x. I’ve had no problem in multiplayer either and other than some weird slowdown with multiple vehicles and some slight slowdown on Eden 6 it’s working fine.

Yeah did help a lot,thanks… never considered using it.

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Just shut my xbox 1x down had a decent day of gameplay tho…laggy but not too bad… since I did the update after game was downloaded…otherwise game was unplayable before patch… but now has crashed my xbox 1x 3 times in 15min only game to ever do this…fix it or fix my xbox when it breaks thanks