Borderlands 3 preorder question

So I preordered Borderlands 3 on PS4. Unfortunately I cant download it. So I have decided to buy a computer and rebuy the game on pc. Is there any chance my preorder bonuses would transfer over or is it bound to my ps4 version of the game?

Tied to your PS4 account/version, unfortunately.

Why can’t you download it?

When I downloaded it I was in a good place with fast wifi. Then I moved unexpectedly to a place that went install wifi in my area. And tips for maybe getting it to download on my ps4? I’ve tried mobile hotspot from my phone but it’s too slow and would take forever

If you know someone who has decent WIFI or a good broadband connection, you could ask if you can bring your PS4 over for the download. It’s around a 40 GB download.

Well I’m kinda screwed there :/. Since I moved I dont know anybody. Thanks for answering my question though