Borderlands 3 preorder


I was able to sign up for the VIP program and have completed most of the activities, however, I’m having trouble claiming a preorder bonus. On the activities page “step 1” is to preorder a copy to receive an Early Adopter Pack (which I did via Xbox store.) How do I claim it? It doesn’t check off the box like it does with the other completed VIP activities.
Thanks for any help.

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It doesn’t say you get points on steps 1 (buying game) and 3 (logging into game). You get the rewards of step 3 if you log in within 14 days of release.


Thanks for the answer. :sunny:

I had this question, too, so thank you for the answer.

I am going to be preordering the super deluxe version sometime soon. Do you have any idea of what the DLC are going to be?

They’ll not be able to say either way due to an NDA.

There’s going to be 4 campaign DLCs, so think along the same lines as the DLC from 1 and 2.