Borderlands 3 progress loss

My friend started a new game and i loaded my character into his game logged back into my game and all my progress has been deleted and its stuck on my friends games progress

Fix this please kinda sucks and I don’t wanna restart

I’m having the exact same issue and I truly doubt gearbox cares about this issue with all the whiny 13 year olds complaining about the nerfs.

Gotta back up your local saves. Gearbox has your money though so I guess it’s time to wait till whenever they fix it. I don’t think you can get it back either man which really sucks.

Difference is I’m on Xbox one not pc

Xbox still saves locally because you can play it offline. Meaning that you should be able to go to “Manage game” and copy the save onto an external drive then keep that drive unplugged while you play online just in case of an issue. Then just back it up every once in a while so you don’t lose too much progress, just in case.

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Well issue is it shows me I’m on chapter 11 when I look at my character when I look at my characters but when I start game it acts if I’m on chapter 1 and ive tried to play through but it won’t even save my progress idk if it’s still a save issue or just a bug

Hmmmmm, I’m also on Xbox and haven’t noticed a save option unless you actually log out of game back to the main game screen. I’m pretty sure it saves at that point. Since launch the only issue I’ve had is being hard kicked out of the game back to the Xbox dashboard. Luckily I didn’t lose any progress.


I have exactly the same issue as you had. Say, did you managed to solve this somehow?