Borderlands 3 PS4 character data to PS5

We just received our PS5 and have transferred our games. We noticed it has a section for PS4 BL3 and PS5 BL3 on the console. How can I play/move my characters from the PS4 loaded section to the PS5 section so I can play them in the PS5 and then uninstall all PS4 data to make more room for other options.

Thank you

You need to use in-game option. Upload character in PS4 version, download in PS5 version. You can transfer only one character at time.

OK thank you I will give that a try.

Does this require PS Plus subscription? Been using the PS for over a decade without it…don’t plan on paying for it now.

Answered my own question…no, don’t need PS+ for this. Go into the PLAY menu WITHIN BL3. Only issues is the repeated SINGLE CHARACTER at a time issue. UGH. 5 characters, across 2 users, means 10 times I have to do this. What a frackin pain! Hope this info helps someone else.

Is there no way to move character from ps5 to PS4? I play on both consoles from different rooms… I can send my PS4 saves to the 5 but not the other way around. Please help?

No it’s not possible. You can only transfer from PS4 to PS5.