Borderlands 3 PS4 download


I pre ordered the game on ps4 and downloaded the game, but it says i can not play it now I have to wait 1 day and 13 hours? When I bought the game on playstation store it said that if I preorder the game I would be able to play it 48 hours before launch?

Can anyone help :/?

You’re only able to download it 48 hours before launch. Sorry dude, have to wait until Friday to play like the rest of us mortals.:upside_down_face:

Thx for the reply.

Still it said that if I pre-order the game before launch I would be able to play it 48 hours before launch. It didnt say that I have to preorder and download the game 48 hours before launch to be able to play it. Plus the game is fully downloaded on to my ps4 :confused:

Post a pic.

13th of Sept - that is still a date in progress

Maybe they just lied or it was a mistake. :man_shrugging:

So when I bought it it was on ps store highlighted on the front page but now when i go into ps store Call of duty is highlighted. As said the game is fully download also seen on the pictures:

Just checked the Store site, there’s no mention of 48 hour early access

Thats why I asked for a picture.
The three posted above are just standard pre-order download etc.

The game is available for pre-download 48 hours before launch. That is done to (a) spread out the downloads so the servers don’t choke and (b) make it possible for you to play as soon as the game launches on Friday.

That’s why it is currently installed but not playable on your PS4.

I pre ordered the deluxe version Sunday, Seeing a lot of people with it pre downloaded already on PS4 but mine hasn’t? And their isn’t anything in downloads either on my notifications tab for it. The theme downloaded tho instantly when I preordered. Really hope I’m not screwed to preload cuz my internet sucks peen

Go into your library, find purchased, select Borderlands 3, there should be a download button…profit.

Yup that did it. Appreciate the help. I’m still a PlayStation noob, finally saw the light and switched from Xbox.

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I ordered the super deluxe, BL3 is already downloading but there is no sign of all the bonuses and DLC anywhere… any ideas?