Borderlands 3 PS4 Save Data

So I was playing split-screen on a friend’s account, he has the deluxe edition. I recently bought the standard edition with the season 1 pass and transferred my save data to my ps4 via PS+ Cloud. The save data is there but I can’t make it active. It just creates new data all together and ignores my other data. Is there a way to get my save data to work? Or no because of the Edition difference?

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It could be the edition difference. Hard to tell for me as I never encounter that situation.
Is it only the user settings or characters too?
If you can use the characters but not the “original” user settings than it’s most probably the edition.

If possible I would try it the other way around. Create a character on your machine and try using it at your friend. See how it behave.

Another question. When you try to upload the current saves on your machine. After downloading the saves from your spiltscreen. Does it show 2 user settings files or only one? Date can also help to figure things out but not always. They are often rewritten.

Out of despair I would try using a usb key to transfer the saves. If they are still available on your friend machine. Probably won’t do any better but worth a try.

Deluxe is just vanilla+season pass plus some minor items, so that shouldn’t make a difference. When you say ‘playing on a friend’s account’ does that mean you were game sharing but signed in on your own PSN, or you were actually using his PSN at the time? If the latter, the saves technically belong to your friend and not you, and they can’t be transferred from one account to another.

You can’t play two characters on the same account on the PS4. You could on the PS3 but not on the 4. Plus he uploaded the save to his PS+ so…
I hope it was on his account. :wink: :man_shrugging:

Would not being fully signed out on one console when trying to sign in on the other make a difference?

It automatically disconnect the first one so I don’t see why, Unless he was uploading at the same time…

Sorry it took so long to get back. We both live together so the Playstations are in the same vicinity. Through split-screen he started the game and I joined his game with my account. The files I have copied are User Interface, Level 52 Zane, and a Level 34 Siren. I’ve tried everything I could to “overwrite” the new data it makes but it absolutely ignores the files. Currently there are two Borderlands 3 save data files on my ps4. One with the files I want and One with new files. The new files are current but the ones I want are a few months old (at most 6 months). I suspected date might be an issue because the characters weren’t on the most recent update.

There should be a ‘profile.sav’ file there somewhere, which you also need. PS4 is not my system though - maybe @GrzesPL knows what you need to do.

On the PS4 menu Files are labeled as

Character save
mm/dd/yyyy h:mm size
character name


User Settings
mm/dd/yyyy h:mm size

User settings are the one with … of course your settings but also the profile info. Bank, guardian rank ect.
The actual files names are just a number for characters and profile for the settings. They both have a second file (.bin) which I guess is some sort of back up or validation key.

So I’m kinda lost with “user interface” and data files.
What I think could had happen is once you started Bl3 on your machine it created a setting file and won’t recognize the one you had on your brother machine.

Are you able to access the characters? If you can but only with the “new” settings I don’t think there’s much you can do.

Not a problem. We may live in a connected world. I don’t expect everyone to be connected on their gaming forum at all time. :wink:
As long as people do come back. I’m good. :+1:

Make sure both games are for the same region, if they are different like EU (CUSA08025) vs US (CUSA07823) your copied save will not work.


I’ve been like crazy wondering why is it not working for me… I’m trying a saved file that I copied from a European version into a Mexican version (which I believe is the same as US) and it just ignores the data… Anyone knows what to do in this case? Is it just impossible? :thinking::pensive: