Borderlands 3 PS4 Trophies Broken

As may people have experienced, there are multiple broken trophies for Borderlands 3 on PS4 and I am no exception. However, I cannot seem to find any solution to getting the trophies that I am missing.

I want to start out by saying that, while I did have issues with named locations and Eridian writing, I have already completed those trophies after I found their respective work-arounds. The trophies that I am still having issues acquiring include “I Hope You Didn’t Tea-bag” for winning a duel, “Barreled Right Over Them” for killing an enemy with an exploding barrel, and “Feelin’ A Little Stabby” for killing an enemy by knifing them with a gun blade.

I have won duels multiply times, I have killed multiple enemies with exploding barrels (yes I made sure that it was the explosion and not the elemental d.o.t.), and I have many melee kills with bladed weapon. I simply cannot find a fix to any of these three trophies.

Is there anyone else having issues with these three trophies, and if so, have you found a work-around to get any of them?

hello here I have a problem I have done all the places of the games thanks to your recent patch I have unlocked trophies places planet designer but I still miss the one of all the places my ps4 id joey0176 its blocking me the turntable it is boring thank you to do something