Borderlands 3 PS5 Resolution Mode

Hey all,

Recently just picked up a copy of Borderlands 3 while it is on sale on the Playstation store.

Game has been great so far. Since I am playing on a TV, I have opted to go with resolution mode to get the 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

It has been incredibly smooth for the most part, but it does seem like it dips down ever so slightly at times. Has anyone else experienced this? It never dips low enough, and does not happen frequently enough, to actually be disruptive. But was just curious if anyone else noticed dips at times.

Some of the things to try: disabling EchoCast extension and lowering/turning off completely frequency of social checks and notifications.

Basically anything that is multiplayer/social focused - assuming you are mostly interested in a single player aspect of the game.

Are those options that I can change on the PS5? I also currently don’t have PS Plus, so I am not doing anything online at the moment.

Like I said, the dips are far and few between, I was more just curious if anyone else has noticed them while playing the PS5 version of Borderlands 3 on resolution mode.

Don’t know much about PS5, Xbox One here. The basic idea is to get rid of any unnecessary online pings. It seemed to make a difference at some point…

I’ve not found the game itself to lag… but I have found the map in the top right corner to feel quite laggy at times (as if it on occasion dips down to 30fps), this gives the illusion that the game is slowing down if you’re focussing on the map. One way I’ve found to help with this is to switch the map setting to “rotate character” rather than “rotate map”… though it’s harder to read, but the game feels much smoother as a result.

Yeah! I definitely noticed that. I will have to try that out.

I also watched this video from Digital Foundry:

They were saying that the game can dip a bit, and sometimes during points where you wouldn’t even expect. Like opening a chest. I have definitely noticed that. Or at least it feels like it dips when I open a chest

Yes. EchoCast options should be on one tab in the Social menu (you need to be in-game to access this) - turn it off unless you intend on using it. There should also be a setting for Social Notifications frequency - you can safely turn that off (or set it to the lowest setting).

I know this post is about 2 months old but I am having the same issue and just to rule out some things I’m curious about. I play on ps5 myself. Just bought the game on sale I get these same drops but would also like to know if you experiance drops when you melee an enemy and they explode? Also the green barrels if you shoot them up close I also get drops from that aswell. I suppose it’s a special effects thing ? I have done the things stated above and play on 4k resolution mode aswell