Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic FusterCluck (DLC #4) Maya's Ramp not solid

Aye so i stumbled upon this post for the same reason but I was able to parkour on the rocks to the right of the 2nd ramp. I’ll let y’all know if any further ramps cause issues or fix like the first ramp did

Nevermind gearbox decided to put ramps everywhere in the area and I can’t even go through em lol

Has the latest Oct 14th hotfix fixed this issue? I ask because my series X BL3 game wont even update the hotfix and I’m having this same issue.

A hotfix is very unlikely to fix something like this - you’ll want to watch the BL3 News section for an Update (rather than Hotfix) announcement. Unfortunately, there’s no regular schedule for such things, so I have no idea when the next one will drop.

Same issue here, playing on Series X, though my friend playing with me is on Xbox One and he phases right through them as well. Only way we made it past the first block was my speed Zane build. Disheartening to see it’s been over a month and the issue is not resolved.

Still broken as of 10/18, gearbox doesn’t seem to care about the Xbox platform at all.

still broken as of 10/25