Borderlands 3 - Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck Official Reveal Trailer

Ready to say goodbye to sanity, Vault Hunter? Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, the 4th campaign DLC for Borderlands 3, will send you on a savage and surreal journey into madness starting September 10!



Finally, the meat bicycle master returns!

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Looks really nice. Can’t wait to play it.
Will there be new level cap increase too?

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Just today i was farming headsplosions and i thought “mh… maybe i should stop until i get the DLC date”. In 15 days from today.
A lvl cap is due, as it always has been so i’d asume so. There goes my perfect annointments gear!


Claptastic Voyage with Krieg? Count me in!


Going up to 65 according to Joltz, and supposedly it’s the last increase they have planned.


Never really been a fan of this enter mind/get shrinked theme but this looks rather interesting, reminds me a little bit of American McGee’s Alice Madness Returns.

I think at the end that is Dr. Zed? I really hope we will see more returning characters.

My only fear is judging by the “evil” looking Lilith that this DLC’s turns out to be a rehash of Tina’s coping with Rolands death. Like how Angel was made evil in TTaoDK.

And like others have said weird that it’s already coming on Sep. 10 but we still have no level increase, well maybe thursday.

BTW: Congratulation @GrzesPL for the promotion, you’ve earned it.


the doctor looks like to be in Hyperion, probably the guy who turned Krieg into the psycho he is now


Based on the reveal trailer, I can tell the dlc will be a trip. But I also feel like it will be kinda sad given the circumstance of Maya and Krieg. Maya, as we know is dead. Krieg liked Maya and we aren’t sure if they saw each other beforehand. Now we know (based on the echoes left on the map) that Krieg spent months if not years in isolation trying to better his mind (for her perhaps) but was in the end unsuccessful. Not sure it ended well for him. I only say that cause I myself wasn’t sure if I had missed another echo. But I am overall curious to know what exactly goes on in his head.

And hope we get to ride that poop train and he is the conductor

There is an ECHO in Splinterlands with Maya and Krieg. It was recorded before Maya moved to Athenas.


65 and it be level cap then as they dont plan on adding more unless 2nd season pass they make has level increase which i hope not and they focus on better content and balances more then level increase.

Aww. I most likely missed it or can’t remember it. Idk why I thought about a baby of theres. A psycho siren. The unstable siren of the universe.

Wasn’t there going to be more done with Ava? Almost forgot about her.

You mean Ava? Boy, that would get a bunch of people all riled up!


Yeah, in first(?) Borderlands Show was mentioned that we should wait for her development in future content. I hoped for it in one of DLCs, not BL4.

We might get more of Ava in this DLC as Maya will for sure play a major role. Theoretically they could let Ava tag along for a part of the DLC where she is confronted by the “Psycho psyche” version of Maya. There is a great character moment in there, they just have to make it happen.

@VaultHunter101 well we know the entire 7th siren exists thing. Something that sounds like an epic raid boss.

@GrzesPL yeah, understandable. I know she had just started learning to use her powers. But feel like she’s been left out for a while now. Even with all the hate she got, I hoped for her to come out again in a dlc after.


I am quite excited to see how psychos/bandits become that way, because I have been wondering for a while if we are watching Vaughn become a psycho. If GBX does NOT jump on that particular story line (in DLC4 or BL4), it’s a big swing and a miss in my book.

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id rather not see her stand out in bl3…let content focus on better characters…and let her be in bl4 or somthing as the big thing.

Will reserve judgement on the DLC - trailer looks good but it’s easy to make a good trailer.

A 5 level increase after all the farming events is going to rub a lot of people’s rhubarb the wrong way.


Doubt it. Based on the trailer it will be only about the Krieg mind and Vaulthalla, also Krieg’s memories about Maya are pre-Ava.