Borderlands 3 purlpe goliath mini boss is broken af PLZ FIX HIM

I was fighting the Purple goliath mini boss in jakobs manor. I had issues to where he would go out of bounds and even kill me in spawn multiple times. on certain deaths no enemies would spawn making it a bit difficult for me to get a second wind. the mini boss was too fast and to aggressive already a struggle with him dash through out the theater. I spent an hour dealing with this mess of a boss I will provide video evidence of the mini boss killing me in spawn and going out of bounds

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I have also had this issue, but it sounds like at least that you have killed him, I have not however, as apart from downing me dozens of times with no way to get a second wind, he has also got stuck in his teleport animation as purple smoke making it impossible to finish the fight, I’ve quit out and restarted and this has happened twice now:(