Borderlands 3 Queries

Does BL3 have the ability for characters to exchange weapons as with Claptrap’s store in Sanctuary in BL2? Similarly does BL3 have a weapons storage area aka the BL2 Safe in Sanctuary? Finally how do you kick the barrels without them blowing up in your face?

Your personal bank on Sanctuary is shared by all characters, I think. So that answers the first two. As for the barrels, pretty sure sliding works for launching them. Though I tend to forget about using them, so not 100%.

The bank does this, while serving as the safe at the same time.
Everyone can access it, unfortunately that means the bank limit applies to all.

Slide kick them, or melee. If they crash into anything they’ll explode, so be careful of blockages, barriers or enemies on the ground.

In addition to what everyone else has said thus far regarding the barrels please note that there is a Zane specific wrinkle. Zane’s barrier, with the Deterrence Field augment, will trigger barrels if you get too close.