Borderlands 3 Question Mark

At the end of the day the game has become just a game that has no replay when you get to the end game if the Nerf’s keep coming changing the whole loadout . They Nerf the weapons used in M3 TVHM which now just not fun playing after this, game is great for one run thru but after that just not really worth grinding for anything that seems to be changing every week. Love the game just don’t want to play a game that is not enjoyable to play. We all were working on the God loadout then the Nerf bus showed up to drop off the worst line up of weapons Nerf 's. I play on XBOX so hearing the PC version they have made there way into really working around any Nerf and even able to copy weapons at will. I even heard that PC version they can make save games 20 times then reload the check point to get the last loot chess at the end of the game. Just wanted to put it out there to see if am I the only one that see the Console taking the biggest hit each time there is a Nerf?


I was a big fan, played BL1, BL@, even Bio Shock c=back in the day. Loved this company. But that is over and done. I truly bought Outer Worlds and am moving on. They could care less about our fun factor and game play. They got our money and could care less. What we need to do is now warn others to stay away.


Its now socalistequalitlands 1


You mean Nerflands?

Btw, this thread seems too controversial and critical. Lets make sure mods dont close it or move it to keep the forums a clean biased PR-tool.



Now that is some work thinking outside the box, thanks for the post

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I Blame Particapation trophy Generation.

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You are my hero.Do that with a Mr.Torgue voice and you have a chance to become a moderator one day.Its lottery you never know.Positivity.

In all seriousness the public outcry is huge because of all these uncalled for tweaks.


Game companies seem to all have this perceived notion that we want balance 24/7, 365 days a year. I can tell you that we do not.

We play the game for 30-60 hours, or longer and get to max level. Toward the end as we’re progressing our skills and level we want and need to feel bada$$.

When we get to that point with a build we’ve worked on for hours/days and then to have it taken away they shouldn’t be surprised with our reaction.

It’s the “build us up and knock us back down” syndrome that all game companies use, unfortunately. Bungie/Destiny is a classic example of this. The practice needs to stop.

Voiced as FL4K would be even more fun!!!

Dude, so true. Why do we play in the first place, To put the problems of everyday life on hold and have a little fun. I do not want to come home from work in a bad mood, tired form my day and die 100 times because they feel the game should be harder. Just because some no life streamers post videos of broken combos doesn’t mean the weapons they used are broken or OP. it is the exploited combos that are the issues. Fix those, nerf those, not the weapons i depend on to stay alive.
Game is supposed to be fun, built for the gamers, not the 1% who are streamers.

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Ironically, everyone crying about the nerfs seem to be the ones who want their participation trophies in the form of an easy game and a free win. Don’t worry, there will be another clickbait “NEW OP BUILD OMG SO BROKEN!” build video within the week to copy. That’s how meta progression seems to work now.

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Don’t forget to like, follow and obey.


I want the game they advertised. Boarderlands was my escape from comfomalism.
I play BL because the game bucked political conformity now its sheeplized.
You can only use builds and gear they deam worthy only because they spent years developing 999979 vender trash weapons no player likes.

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To be honest they didn’t lie in the trailers.They got you juicy footage.As a big marketing team would do if they want their game to sell well.They got you a game that they haven’t playtested enough and this is the result.Weapon balancing is hardly a problem.Weapons and items in games are always like that.RPG players know that 99.9% of their drops are either trash or not good enough.Thats how it works.

What about the game is other than what was advertised?

NO where on pre order did it say BETA TEST. Didn’t buy a beta nerf fest. If it were labbled so i would have still bought it but would have been fine with rolling wth game adjustments.
It was as all other finished game were labled.
This is fradulant behavior that needs some sort of reglatory standard.

I guess they missed the beta test part.You got it there.About the uncalled tweaks… they are there just to fill the patch log trust me.They dont matter much but to bait you into something.

If you highly dislike the changes then… I don’t know.Wait until the game settles a little bit.