Borderlands 3 randomly restarts PC

Borderlands 3 (epic games store) keeps making my PC restart at random times and I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t matter what I am doing at that moment or how long I have been playing. It’s happened about 10 times now but doesn’t happen an any other game so i don’t think its a hardware issue.

Just out of curiosity, are you using Direct X 12, or DX 11? :thinking:

For whatever reason, people that are using DX 12 seem to have a lot more glitches with this game in general. :confused:

If it’s acting like you yanked the power cord out and then restarts like you pressed the power button… I suspect it’s a weak/defective power supply.

Sorry, not sure how to test but when it was released there were many posts about PC’s shutting down/off and…
was a bad/weak power supply

finally got on and it was already set to DX11 so im going to try DX12 and see of it maybe helps?

it doesnt happen in any other game and i have a 750w pcu so i dont think its a hardware issue.

Yup. Switched it to Direct X 12 and played for 5 hours straight with no restarts. Guess switching it to the thing that other people are having problems with worked oddly enough.