Borderlands 3 Really Needs an annointment Re-Roll option

So I know many of you already pointed this out. The end-game farm state as it is, (since start) is really getting frustrating at times. It’s hard enough to get a perfect rolled piece of gear (Like Boom Sickle) or since the new DLC 4 an Plus Ultra shield with certain rolls, but with the annointment system it can last weeks before you have your annointment on the gear you are farming for.

Don’t get me wrong I do not dislike farming, but if I finally got a decent radiation Old God drop and I’m playing only with Moze, it almost costs me a controller finding out it has a Amara annointment.

So allot of people in the community are preaching for re-roll gear vendor options. I only think an annointment re-roll vendor at the cost of eridium and cash and whatever else Gearbox finds fair would take out allot of frustration and displeasure of the game. I find it seriously mindboggling that it isn’t already here.

Not allot of people have the time to spend month on a decent endgame build. Adding the re-roll option would still let you go through a random grind of re-rolls at a cost, so although it is easier to get your build with the right annointments it will still cost some time getting the right one.

For everyone who agrees and preaches this change, I just suggest to keep posting threads for a re-roll option hoping they will finally listen.

Thanks for everyone taking the time to read, and let Gearbox know what you guys think would be a fair deal on this problem in the reactions below.


There is a reroll :slight_smile: upon kill

The the details involved in a weapon reroll are trivial, it is the weapon that is of concern and how much one values it.
At what length will you go for Glory?

Some a shallow pond, others cosmic seas [ T]/

Edit: Murder is trivial and the wettest way to reroll your weapon. Revel

If you’re lucky enough to get another drop of the gear you’re farming for. Farm Life. My corn has been dry for weeks.

anointment should just be removed from the game


Anoints should be remove but in this case all weapons should be buff to 1000% or rework and remove useless anoints and make new one like Urad but with Fire/Shock/Ice/Corro bonus

In BL3 you have to ask yourself " Why is so hard to find a good weapon ? " Well … Anoints , Anoints is the issue to this game something have to be made , ther are to many bad anoints and not enough good anoints , everyone play with the same anoints ( 300/90 - CH - Urad - 100% Cryo - Bonus element ) who play with Fade away Accuracy/Mainling ? Nobody

Make 100% Drop rates is not gonna resolve the problem look at the Ion canon 100% Drop rates its almost impossible the find what you seek , x2 - Max damage - 200% Splash damage with the element you want it’s still a pain to farm

And please GBX fix the drop and dedicated loot form DLC 2 , World Drop Old god ? Seriously ? This game have a very good base better than BL2 for me but the decision making from the DEV’s … No


An anointment reroll would be nice, though I doubt we will see it.


u know that downscaling is a thing.

Couldn’t agree with you more.

Please don’t introduce re-rolling or crafting or anything like that.

Fortnite save the world eventually let us collect stuff to upgrade our gear and suddenly all your gear is perfect. It was cool for like a week, then it’s just grinding whatever it takes to upgrade. Getting great drops is suddenly no where near as fun because you essentially already have everything you want.

I mean re-rolling specific factors either element or anoint, would be the only thing that could save the farming experience in this game.

Then you’d only have to worry about just farming the weapon, as it should be.

That or just let us choose the anoint/element directly.
Both have their benefits, but if they did the latter people could actually experiment more instead of sticking to perceived god rolls.

This entire game revolves around farming. There is nothing to do in this game once you’ve completed it the first time except farm for gear. So, knowing that, why would they want to reduce the amount of farming you have to do and make it easier to get what you want? What are you going to do once you have it all? There’s nothing new to play with it, so what’s the point?

Thus, anything and everything they can do to prevent you from achieving that ultimate perfect loadout increase how long you’re going to play the game. Because once you have it, there’s nothing left to do.

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There’s way too much variation in stats to make farming fun.

  • Did the weapon drop/
  • Does it have the right anoint?
  • Is it in the right element?
  • Does it have the right fire mode?
  • Does it have the right bonuses?
  • etc.

I’d rather have a grinding option, where at least I feel like I’m making progress. For example, say the “perfect drop” is a 1 in 10,000 (probably much lower odds with all of the variations on some gear). With the current system you can farm 10K drops and still not have what you want.

With a grinding system that takes some sort of resource, you could still end up farming for 10k drops. But you could convert the unwanted drops into some form of currency that can be used for rerolling some aspect of the weapon (most likely anoints).

You can put in the same amount of work but actually be making progress. There are many variations of posts on how to incorporate a form of rerolling while still making farming a requirement. But they also make the farming feel more productive and perhaps fun.

I ll never be able to agree with this whole farming for the sake of farming because “there is nothing to do.” argument.

I like to experiment lot of builds and gear variations so there is always plenty to do for me.
I personally farm only as a mean to an end because I need specific gear to try on new builds and carry on my experiments. I get that thre should be some farming but right now it is taking way too much time, so having option to make it so you spend more time experimenting yours new builds and less time looking for gear are welcome. Trading is one but you only get meta by trading, so having something else on the table would be good, it does not mean everything has to be immediate but more time using the gear and less time looking for it.

Exemple: I want a brawler ward with a specific terror anoint and 300 melee. Right now it barely drop any, some that drops are only 80 or 180 melee and with wrong anoint. It is a pure waste of time.

That’s a really fancy way of saying you enjoy playing the exact same thing a thousand times.

Which no matter how you look at it, is farming.

Which brings me back to my original point. There’s nothing to do in this game but farm.

There is no need to worry about getting the right gear. All you need is ARMS RACE :rofl:

You don’t even need any skills.

What? How on Earth what I just said is farming? Then define the word “farming”?
For me farming is a deliberate repeat kill of a particular enemy in order to obtain a particular loot more quickly which in bl involves mostly looking at loading screens over and over again.
I don’t see how putting up builds using different gear and skill and trying to make it more efficient and just randomly running through maps enjoying the shooting is farming. For me it is certainly not the same as a rinse and repeat reloading just to spend 10s per run killing Graveward and long minutes of loading.

Then maybe you find the game repetitive because of the lack of content, that’s a valid point but that is still a different point from the whole argument whether or not easier access to specific gear is needed hence the possible rerolling solution.

Just turn anoints into trinkets that can be applied on any weapon or whatever. Easy solution. Gearbox doesn’t want it because you wouldn’t need to grind a million years to get the gear that becomes obsolete anyways with the next level cap increase. Yawn. Nothing will be changed. Modding.