Borderlands 3 refund due to nurfs

Is anyone else getting tired of all the nurfs? We work so hard to get that perfect build farming countless enemy’s to find that one powerful weapon yet gearbox goes and destroys you our build cause they think it’s to good they act like this is pop or something why cant they just leave the gameplay alone and just fix the bugs in the game. I would just play offline yet all the bugs they hav and fixed online are still there offline. They are making this a boring useless game the first 2 week of the game was awesome now it’s just getting stupid . Cant make a good character without them destroying it a week later. I am bout to the point I want a refund it was an awesome game yet gearbox keeps making it suck more and more


Please keep all hotfix related topics in the hotfix thread.

It makes it easier for feedback to be seen.

The exception is one per character thread.

Thank you.

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