Borderlands 3 Repeatedly shutting Xbox down when joining someone else's game

I have no error code to report, all I know is my Xbox REPEATEDLY gets shut down completely when trying to join my friends games/campaign. I have no idea what the root cause is as it seems to be random. My xbox one x is suuuper slow upon reboot and takes forever to load the game again, along with other normal xbox functions (party chat, navigating home menu, etc…) Please look into this and issue a fix when possible. The games long load times on console make this part of the experience a real drag.


I’m also getting this.

BL3 is turning my Xbox off? – you aren’t alone.

Platform = XBOX One X
Main = Amara

Same, sometimes it happens when someone tries to join me while I’m in Sanctuary or playing in world. Sometimes when I invite via XBOX invites, sometimes when I invite via Borderlands party system.

Also a lot of lag lately on menus as well, especially when I get a new skill point to add and try to pull up the skill tree.

I am also having this issue I am using a xbox one x console and only happens when I join another friends game it doesn’t happen all the time maybe 1 out of 3 to 4 times also when it shuts down it shuts down so quickly that my controller still thinks its connected and I have to pull the batterys out to get it to restart .

I’ve had the same issues, but sometimes my Xbox One X does not restart. I’ve had to unplug it, plug it back in and COMPLETELY WIPE IT in order to be able to use it again (multiple times). Will switch over to my backlog of other games till this gets resolved.

Gearbox has no intentions of fixing this, that has become evident.

Getting this a lot , as is a friend. Still not fixed?