Borderlands 3 - Replay Value, and Online

Borderlands 3 has a lot of replay value, we all know that much. But starting a new character is still so painful to progress to the real fun.

Skippable cutscenes were very nice, especially to shave off those boring minutes. Another option should be skippable dialogue scenes (we’ll say)

Having to stand around hearing about the same, “blah, blah, blah,” and, “I hate this dusty library!” Holy crap, it’s so incredibly boring.

We should have the option to skip it/immediately be directed to our next objective.

Another thing - getting off of that bus should be labelled as a tutorial, and we should have the option to skip it, alongside the first boss fight. Cause let’s face it, everyone hates tutorials, especially when you have the just of how to play the game on your second playthrough.

This would probably take off an hour+ of stuff nobody cares about on their 3rd or 4th playthrough, and really cater to the replay value.

With that said - did everyone see the stream? Cool stuff. Hell, soon we’ll be able to play with people on PC. Well, for those of us playing on the Xbox One X - still no mention of the embarrassing multiplayer crashes. 6 months down the road, and not even a, “We’re aware of this, and working on it!” Lol

Thanks for reading, and please share your opinions guys/girls.

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BL3 isnt like previous games where the objective marker doesnt appear until every bit of dialogue finishes (for the most part). Before, there’d usually be a few lines of dialogue, then the quest marker would activate, following more lines that could either be listened to or skipped depending on if you go to the objective or not. They should’ve kept that in mind when designing the missions.

even going through tvhm feels sluggish because of that. esp combined with the long campaign, its a yikes

I believe if you run thvm you skip the tutorial. The decision to make the tutorial with a new character is legit to me.