BORDERLANDS 3 Restart Event in game

Do you plan to revive in-game events? Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more …

Welcome VH. I haven’t heard of any official word but let’s hope so. Plus it would be nice to have the current ones available to turn on or off at our disposal, something like the headhunters in bl2.

You mean change them? Probably not…

They just recycle them (they didn’t even fix a common bug from the Halloween event so why would they change it if they can’t ev3n bother fixing them)

So hope we’ll get another shot at the valentine event and can get a max level wedding invitation

No, just re-roll them to give the player a chance to do them.
forgive my english…

oh yeah, season events should be active every year :wink:

we where allready asking GBX to just have them active all year round hahaha

Yes it would be good.