Borderlands 3, Reviews?

This game was a blast upon release. However, the endgame still feels very lacking. So, I decided to make a new character.

Well, as per the endgame: It was fun. But… what exactly is the endgame?? Gearbox nerfed loot to the high Hells, and… isn’t that supposed to be the point of the game? Lol Dedicated loot pools were a nice a change, though, global drops are still a big issue, and rolls are whatever. It’s one thing to have a 4% drop rate for a loot pool item, but global items are way too low, as they aren’t even in the 1%. That’s just nonsense, imo.

As for farming experience – Guardian Ranks, well, you really can’t. The hard cap is like 16% - I have a few at 15%. But, 10% is pretty much all it’s worth. With the exp nerfs, at Guardian Rank 274 (I think) there isn’t much point, as it takes way too long now.

Lastly - Mayhem Mode 4, regarding the raid boss - It’s crazy hard, like super duper hard, even with 4 people. There’s one thing to be said about forcing strategy upon people (perhaps actually having to change your main lol…) and another to face downright bullet tanks, who can kill you in seconds.

Hell, I tried doing the raid with my main (Moze) in Normal Mode, and I still couldn’t quite do it lol

Yeah. Mayhem Mode 4 really isn’t worth your troubles, as I’m pretty sure that you can just get everything in Mayhem Mode 3, still.

Another thing that isn’t worth your troubles is True Vault Hunter Mode. It just makes farming harder, and I haven’t personally haven’t noticed a difference in exp or the consistency of legendary drops. So, scratch that, too.

Ergo, my best advice is just manipulating the Mayhem Mode 3 multipliers by quitting your game or jumping locations.

– Also, as I’ve seen videos on YouTube - don’t expect the first raid boss to have a, “lootplosion,” like the previous Borderlands entries, because it doesn’t lol

Hmm. So, one might come to conclude that the current endgame is experimenting with different characters, and maxing them out. That was my conclusion, too, until I tried out the online.

Now, I’m no stranger to the Helter Skelter online on Xbox One X. It’ll work maybe 1/5th of the time, without shutting off your Xbox while attempting to join a game. Still, it seems worse than it was before, even while playing on Performance Mode.

As it’s been a few months now since the release of the game, it’s truly shocking to now think that Gearbox wants, and expects people to play online, especially for the raid lol

Mhm. Not great. The most important aspect of the game (online) will inevitably be fixed of course, yet I still find it very unprofessional how they’re too afraid to even mention it, but we can all be sure that they’re trying their best to fix it.

The first DLC will be releasing soon, and who knows what it’ll have in store for the endgame.

Anyways - this is my review thus far. Great game, just a little rough around the edges right now.


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But isn’t that the whole point? They added something really tough – actually they added two things – for people who thought the main game and Mayhem 3 were too easy/they got bored with it because their gear was overpowered for that. The Takedown was advertised as a multiplayer thing (not that it needed advertising, because it’s free) and Mayhem 4 was also added for free, just for anyone who’s bored with Mayhem 3. If it’s too hard, there’s no need to play it. It’s all optional, and all at no charge.

I needed a few attempts too, but it’s doable. Again, it wasn’t intended for soloing, and it’s optional.

The main point of TVHM is that you can play story and missions again. Without Mayhem, it actually becomes very easy once you’ve got a good build and some half-decent gear (easier than the first normal playthrough imo). With Mayhem, there’s no difference to normal, only that you can replay story and missions as often as you want.

I don’t see any of that. The Takedown doesn’t change anything about the main game, it’s just additional content for people who want a dedicated multiplayer portion (or soloists who seek a much bigger challenge). Again, no one has to play it, no one paid a single cent for it. I honestly don’t see how adding optional free content is something to be held against Gearbox.

And of course there are 4 story DLCs coming, and certainly more. If BL2 is anything to go by, we’ve seen at best half of what the game will eventually be with all content.